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    Why Buy WoW Classic: Season of Mastery Gold?

    With the new seasonal server, WoW Classic: Season of Mastery Gold becomes even more important. All WoW players know just how tedious gold farming can be, from camping out rare crafting mats, making pennies on the dollar with professions, or just flat-out grinding mobs: there’s no quick way to get gold in WoW Classic: Season of Mastery (SoM). The process can be long and frustrating, which is why a third-party gold marketplace can be so useful. You get to skip the grind and get straight to the fun: whether it’s Epic Mounts, BiS Items from the Auctionhouse, paying other players for services, leveling up professions, there’s endless potential uses for a bank full of gold.

    What Can you Spend WoW Classic SoM Gold On?

    With so many things to spend Season of Mastery Gold on, it’s difficult to figure out how to prioritize, so here are just a few ways to spend the hard-earned gold that will let you show off to other players, as well as feel a sense of accomplishment:

    • Mounts

    Who doesn’t remember the grind for 80 gold back in the classic days? When that sum of currency seemed like a fortune, one you could never obtain at that. And then came the satisfaction after countless hours of grinding mobs, farming ore, skinning animals, collecting gold at the mail from sales at the Auctionhouse, of finally riding out of the stable with your White Ram, looking fly as heck and feeling like a boss.


    That 80 gold is a pittance compared to the cost of Epic Mounts, which cost a staggering 1,000 gold. Even at higher levels, this was not an easy amount to make quickly, but there was nothing like the feeling of riding into Stormwind on a Swift Stormsaber.

    • Items

    There are many pre-raid BiS items that are purchasable as BoE items from the Auctionhouse. If players have a glut of gold, but not much time to raid or do dungeons, they can get adequately geared just from weapons and armor they buy, which beats having to slog through hard dungeons and learn raid mechanics.

    • Crafting Mats

    With enough Season of Mastery Gold, players will be able to buy all the crafting mats they need to level up their professions quickly, and without the tedium. Without gold, players would have to travel all around Azeroth and gather raw materials, track down rare mobs and find crafting stations just to level. By purchasing crafting mats straight from the Auctionhouse, however, players are able to skip the slog and buy everything they need to get to level cap in a profession. They can skip soft leather farm and get straight to crafting BiS items and making money.

    • How to Make WoW SoM Gold

    There are many ways to make gold, players can farm mobs all day, which is a low-effort method. Mobs will sometimes drop gold on death, and players can vendor any of the trash items they drop. Or players can farm crafting maps and sell them on the Auction house. They can craft items to sell to other players, as well as offer their crafting services for a commission. However, these all inevitably take a substantial amount of time, often repeating the same task. It’s easier by far to buy WoW Gold from a trusted third-party marketplace. This way, players can safely skip the slog and the grind and get straight to the fun.

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