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    TBC Classic US Gold for Sale

    Buying WoW Classic TBC Gold Delivery Methods

    1. Mailbox: This method requires little work for you as you give us your character name, and we will mail the gold to you in-game. You will need to check your mailbox in a city or town, so make sure you are nearby if you need the gold urgently.
    This method is one of the most popular ones chosen by our customers as they like to receive it within their timeframe and do not have to worry about being online. One disadvantage is that there is a slight delay in delivery (about 1 hour) after we have mailed the gold to you due to Blizzard's mailing mechanics.
    While it is very secure, you should make sure you do not return the mail or give us the wrong character name since that may delay your delivery.

     Please be sure not to click the "Return" button on the Mail of the received gold from us.

    2. Auction House: This method is also convenient but requires some additional work on your side to complete delivery. The Auction House (AH) is used by thousands of players, making it a reliable and safe delivery method since buyers are anonymous.
    This method is ideal for customers who want a little extra sense of security while maintaining the convenience of delivery. During check-out, you will need to tell us the item name you will list in addition to your character name. Then we will purchase your item for the amount listed. For example, if you are buying 100G from us, you should list a rare item for 105.26G since we will compensate you for the 5% AH fee.
    An extra tip for a safe transaction is that we require at least a Green Item or better for your list. If you are buying a substantial amount, you should list with a rare or even epic item and set it for max duration, so we can safely buy it.

    3. Face-to-Face: This method requires the most effort from you to complete the trade. When the gold is ready for delivery, we will whisper you in-game, schedule a time and meet at a place to trade the gold for an item. Please make sure you have an item ready for trade and with a rarity of green for extra protection.
    The downside of this method is that you need to be online and meet up in Azeroth, which might require some traveling. If you aren't available, we may email you or request you to change the delivery method. This method is one of the fastest ways to get your gold if you are in a hurry, and we have enough supply of your realm. You can check the updated delivery information made in real-time.

     Lastly, make sure you use your main character for any delivery information. Using an alt or sending to a friend and multiple characters increases the risk of not receiving your gold in-time.


    Trading Information

    Why Buying WoW TBC Gold Matters

    World of Warcraft Classic has been pretty stale, according to the many players that have been consistently playing it since release. It’s understandable, after all, there have been no radical updates or patches that have been put out for it. The developers have been keeping themselves busy with the Vanilla World of Warcraft that they can forget the players who are loyal to Classic. But at last, the time hath come for them. Thanks to The Burning Crusade, there are now loads to do in the otherwise “boring” game. Players can now delve into new races, weapons, and maps to explore and get as much currency as they want. Of course, some nifty items have been added to the game as well. Some are exclusive to the recent races that have been added, and while they cost a lot of gold, Blizzard is looking to address this by keeping the experience of farming the currency fresh--at least, for a few months or so. 

    1.Buy Then Invest

    Buyers, more often than not, simply use the currency to buy the items that they like or just caught their eye. While this is fine, the gold that they bought for World of Warcraft Classic will instantly vanish thanks to their shopping spree. Gold inflation is a very common problem with every release of an expansion in WoW, and The Burning Crusade is no different. If players want to have enough gold for themselves all the time, then they will need to learn how to invest their currency. This can be done by purchasing soon-to-be lucrative items and turning them into the Auction Market when the time is right. 

    2.Understanding the Significance of the Currency

    World of Warcraft has been around for more than a decade and a half. It’s safe to say that the MMO has surpassed many of its kind and has crowned itself as one of the most iconic MMOs that every gamer should at least know about. Now, with World of Warcraft Classic in tow together with its more polished sibling, the Vanilla WoW, more and more gamers have starting to re-live the nostalgia of playing the well-loved online video game for the very first time. Compared to Vanilla WoW where players can easily get gold, the currency is a big deal in Classic. Not only is it harder to get, but items can be pretty expensive, especially when a player reaches the endgame. Gold is used to purchase everything in Classic. From armors and weapons to mounts and consumables, it’s not an understatement to say that players need the currency to play the game. Granted, some materials specifically drop from mobs or enemies that can’t be purchased from NPC vendors, but players would still need to buy the necessary equipment to be able to defeat those monsters in the first place. The weight and significance of the currency in Classic have gotten heavier thanks to the game going back to its old roots. 

    3.It Livens Up the Economy

    Every MMORPG has to have at least a decent economy. After all, the whole point of playing a video game online is to be able to interact with the other players and share a singular system or “world”. Without an economy, the system that’s holding up WoW Classic would begin to crumble and inevitably fall. To prevent this, it’s important for players to always have gold circulating within the in-game world. It truly takes the quote “money makes the world go round:” quite literally. According to the discussions made in the official forums of Blizzard, 10k gold is the sweet spot to hit if players are looking to save up during the start of The Burning Crusade expansion. Even then, that money is bound to run out in the future should the players like to go shopping three times a day. 

    Why Buyers are Getting Burning Crusade Classic Gold

    In preparation for The Burning Crusade Classic, many players have taken the chance to stockpile some of their items that they can sell later on. These include accessories such as jewelry that can be sold at a high price even to NPC vendors. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of doing this as Blizzard has imposed a fee for those who would like to carry over their original character from Classic to the expansion. Should players not opt to do this, then they will instead have to start with a brand new character with absolutely nothing to their name. This in itself is already a huge incentive for buyers to purchase the gold for real money. The price tag of Blizzard’s service is a bitter pill to swallow for many, and while Blizzard did re-adjust the price and lowered it, the damage has been done.


    About WoW Classic TBC Gold

    Mages No Longer Applicable to Farm Burning Crusade Gold

    There’s no doubt that The Burning Crusade Classic plans to change the balance between the classes in the game. This results in certain classes being more applicable for gold farming situations. A prime example would be the Mage class. During Classic, the Mage was touted as the best class for players that want to farm gold, but this is no longer the case for the TBC expansion. Because of the AoE cap that was imposed for The Burning Crusade, Mages can no longer abuse their AoE skills and spam them like back then. This also means that Mages don’t have the power to pull entire mobs in dungeons and kite them. Players have mixed reactions towards the changes. On one hand, change is always a good thing to liven things up, but on the other hand, players who have invested so much in the Mage class will have to start from scratch. 

    Classes Perfect for Getting Cheap WoW TBC Classic Gold

    It’s no surprise that there are classes that can farm the currency better than others in the open world of TBC. but the thing is, the meta is always changing. People forget that World of Warcraft is a game that’s always updating old content. What might be hot for the first few months might turn into a cold turkey after the next patch update rolls out. Instead of focusing on the meta-based classes that tend to have jumpy track records, players must turn to stable classes instead. So long as those classes can deal decent damage on multiple targets and have self-healing skills for a higher survivability rate, then they can easily sustain themselves without changing classes or builds frequently. 


    The Paladin class might be scoffed upon at first, but many players will quickly realize that it’s a perfect class the farm TBC gold with. Any build with the Paladin is perfectly fine, but it’s recommended that players have the “Protection Paladin” build to be able to tank as many hits as possible. Just like the Mage, the Paladin also has AoE spells, but the difference between the two is that, unlike the Mage that has an AoE cap limit, the Paladin does not. This results in the Paladin being broken in The Burning Crusade expansion. Imagine being able to spam Blessing of Sanctuary and Retribution Aura! Should the player pair the Paladin class with the “Petrified Lichen Guard” shield, they can earn tons of gold just from farming dungeons. 


    The Warlock is another class that’s often been overlooked by many players during the Classic era, but things are different for the expansion. Warlocks are the perfect class for farming gold in TBC. Since the class excels in self-healing abilities in the first place, players that utilize this class can drain their enemy’s health and siphon their life away without batting an eye. Burning Crusade will be much more open compared to WoW Classic, making Warlock the perfect class to travel around and get as much currency as possible. What’s more, thanks to the Dark Portal Pass (should players opt to purchase this), the Warlock will receive a character boost. Should players use this boost, they will be given a brand new set of gears to equip that’s the same as their level and four 14-slot bags to store all of their items. For the Warlock that specializes in using bags, they’ll specifically get three normal bags and one soul bag. They’ll also be able to receive a blue-tier mount that’s akin to their character’s race. 

    Perks of Getting the Dark Portal Pass for Gold

    The Dark Portal Pass has been a topic of debate for WoW Classic players due to its hefty price tag. After all, they’re already paying for a monthly subscription to just play the game. Despite this, many players, including buyers, are excited to get the pass thanks to its perks. One of the main perks of having the Dark Portal Pass is that the players who availed them get to have access to all Azeroth flight paths. This will not only make traveling easier, but it’ll be easier for those that love to farm gold from location to location as well. Another perk that has players drooling for the Dark Portal Pass is they will begin with a Friendly reputation with their faction capitals. This makes it easier for the players to talk to NPC vendors and possibly even score a discount when buying items from them. For players who are planning to have a Blood Elf or Draenei character though, they’re out of luck as the boost of the Dark Portal Pass doesn’t apply to the two new races.

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