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    WotLK Classic Gold for Sale

    Buying Wrath of the Lich King Classic Gold Delivery Methods


    We will mail WLK Classic Gold to your character's Mailbox. After we mail the gold to you, we will inform you. There is a slight delay in delivery (about 1 hour), so you can check your Mailbox an hour later in a city or town to get your WotLK gold.

    Note: Please don't click the "Return" button on the Mail of the received gold since that may delay your delivery.

    Auction House

    Please put up one or several items for sale on the Auction House. Then we will purchase your item(s) for the total amount listed. For example, if you are buying 200G from us, list item (s) for 211G as we will bear the 5% AH fee.

    1. Your items listed should be at least a Green item or better for a safe transaction.
    2. Please set your item(s) for 48-hour expiration so that we can safely buy it/them. After buying your item(s) at the Auction House, we will inform you, and then you will receive your WoW WotLK Classic gold (by Mailbox) after an hour.

    Face to Face

    We will whisper you in the game to meet at a place (usually in Azeroth) to trade an item for WLK Classic Gold, so be sure to have an item ready, which should be at least green for security. Please keep your character online after placing your order.

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