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    ELDEN RING Ashes for Sale

    Trade Step

    (1)Go to Church of ELLEH 

    (2)Set Multiplayer Password and Group Password  678321aa

    (3)Use Duelist’s furled finger/Tarnished’s furled finger 

    (4)Waiting for summon.

    Ashes of War for Elden Ring are special items which enables you to replace the Weapon Skills and Affinities of your equipment with new ones. Players can apply Ashes of War to their Weapons and Shields to modify their affinities and grant them new Skills. This allows players to adapt each type of armament to their respective Build and playstyle.  It is important to mention that Unique Weapons such as the Dragonscale Blade cannot be customized with Ashes of War, and not all Weapon Skills are compatible with every type of equipment. You may want to check Upgrades to learn more about upgrading and modifying your equipment. 

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