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    Game News
    • How to Get The Power of Jakobs in Borderlands 3?
      How to Get The Power of Jakob…
      Explore the deadly elegance of Jakobs weaponry in Borderlands 3, highlighting their high damage, critical hit bonuses, and old-western flair. Uncover the secrets of these guns and dominate the wastelan…

      2024-06-08 PST

    • Mastering DAHL Weapons in Borderlands 3: A Comprehensive Guide
      Mastering DAHL Weapons in Bor…
      Discover the power of DAHL weapons in Borderlands 3. This guide covers what DAHL is, how to acquire these versatile weapons, and tips for using them effectively in combat.

      2024-05-29 PST

    • How to Get Hyperion in Borderlands 3
      How to Get Hyperion in Border…
      Explore the advanced tech of Hyperion in Borderlands 3, a game-changing manufacturer with futuristic weaponry. Learn how to obtain, wield, and dominate with Hyperion gear in the chaotic world of Pandor…

      2024-05-18 PST

    • How To Get Vladof in Borderlands 3?
      How To Get Vladof in Borderla…
      Explore the powerful weaponry of Vladof in Borderlands 3 and learn how to obtain, utilize, and maximize its firepower to dominate the game.

      2024-01-15 PST

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