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    ELDEN RING Talismans for Sale

    Trade Step

    (1)Go to Church of ELLEH 

    (2)Set Multiplayer Password and Group Password  678321aa

    (3)Use Duelist’s furled finger/Tarnished’s furled finger 

    (4)Waiting for summon.

    Talismans in Elden Ring are accessories which can be equipped to acquire a variety of offensive, defense, or utility effects. Talismans may be obtained as an item drop from Enemies or Bosses, looted from chests, or purchased from Merchants.

    You can increase the number of Talisman Equip Slots by obtaining Talisman Pouches. These are often dropped by Bosses.

    Talismans cannot be upgraded, however, some more powerful versions are obtainable. These stronger Talismans are often recognizable by their bolster text (i.e., Talisman Name +1), though with exceptions such as the Great-Jar's Arsenal being a direct upgrade to the Arsenal Charm.

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