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    Ergo is a category of Items in Lies of P. These are items that players can use as a form of currency to gain new equipment from Merchants or skills and abilities or other services. As well as exchanging with Special Boss Weapons from Alidoro. Small Ergo fragments and chunks can normally be found from enemy loot or through exploration around Krat, while the Rare Ergo can be obtained through defeating a boss. This page covers a list of all the Ergo that are featured in Lies of P.



    While ergo is what grants movement to puppets such as Pinocchio, it is also a form of currency that players can use to purchase new equipment, materials, or other services from Merchants. Each type or size of Ergo grants players a different amount of Ergo Currency, so the brighter and bigger the Ergo, the more Ergo Currency players will be able to obtain from it. Rare Ergo on the other hand is different, it can be used to exchange for a Boss Weapon or to gain a large amount of Ergo.



    When players pick up Ergo it will automatically be converted into Ergo currency, while players can choose to exchange Rare Ergo with a Special Boss Weapon from Alidoro, or gain a large amount of Ergo Currency.

    Afterwards, players will be able to speak to any Merchant and purchase Items and equipment.



    There are 2 types of Ergo in Lies of P that players can obtain. Ergos which are smaller fragments, chunks, and crystals, and Rare Ergo which are larger more unique-looking Ergo.

    Ergo: Ergo are small blue crystals that come in 3 forms, either a fragment, chunk, or crystal. Each ergo also comes with a different level of brightness to it giving players a different amount of ergo currency. All of which can be used to purchase Items from Merchants. Ergo Chunks and Ergo Fragments can often be acquired through regular exploration around Krat or loot from smaller enemies, while ergo crystals can be obtained through loot from small enemies.

    Rare Ergo: Rare Ergo is normally larger and has a more unique look to it than regular Ergo fragments, chunks, or crystals. They can also be used to gain extra ergo currency as they do give between +10,000 to +15,000 ergo currency. However it is also best used when exchanged with Alidoro since he is a treasure hunter who collects Rare Ergo, he will give players Special Boss Weapons or Amulets. Rare Ergo can be acquired by defeating Bosses. Each Rare Ergo and each Boss Weapon or Amulet corresponds to the Boss it came from, giving each Item its own set of statistics, effects, and fable arts.

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