How to Get Maliwan in Borderlands 3?

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    Borderlands 3 is a looter shooter that immerses players in a chaotic and thrilling world filled with treacherous enemies and coveted loot. Among the game's arsenal, Maliwan stands out as a manufacturer of highly sought-after elemental weapons. Harnessing the power of fire, electricity, corrosive acid, and more, Maliwan weapons offer players a potent advantage in combat.


    What is Maliwan in Borderlands 3?


    Maliwan is a weapon manufacturer in Borderlands 3 known for its elemental-based firearms. These weapons are capable of delivering devastating elemental damage, making them invaluable assets for facing a variety of foes with different vulnerabilities. Each Maliwan weapon provides a unique combination of elemental effects, such as incendiary, shock, corrosive, cryo, or radiation damage, adding an extra layer of strategy to gameplay.

    Maliwan | Borderlands Wiki | Fandom


    How to Get Maliwan in Borderlands 3


    Players can obtain Maliwan weapons through various means, including looting them from defeated enemies, purchasing them from vending machines, or receiving them as rewards for completing missions and challenges. The rarity and power of Maliwan weapons make them highly coveted among players, driving the search for the perfect elemental armament.


    How to Use Maliwan in Borderlands 3


    Using Maliwan weapons effectively involves understanding the strengths and weaknesses of elemental damage types and exploiting them to gain the upper hand in combat. Players should consider the elemental affinities of their foes and choose the appropriate Maliwan weapon to inflict maximum damage. Additionally, Maliwan weapons often feature alternate firing modes, allowing for versatile strategies and adaptability in various combat scenarios.

    Maliwan (faction) | Borderlands Wiki | Fandom



    Maliwan in Borderlands 3 offers players a unique and potent arsenal of elemental weapons that can turn the tide of battle in their favor. By obtaining and mastering these firearms, players can unleash a world of elemental damage upon their foes, transforming the chaotic wastelands into their personal playground of destruction and loot.


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