How To Get the Black Knight Greataxe in Dark Souls 2?

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    Dark Souls 2 is a game that challenges players to rise above seemingly insurmountable odds. Among the arsenal at your disposal is the Black Knight Greataxe, a weapon of legend that offers both immense power and a test of skill. This article will guide you through the nuances of the Black Knight Greataxe, from its storied history to the practicalities of acquiring and mastering it in battle.

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    What is the Black Knight Greataxe?

    The Black Knight Greataxe is a high-damage, high-strength weapon known for its sweeping attacks and formidable presence on the battlefield. It is a legacy weapon carried over from the original Dark Souls, where it was wielded by the fearsome Black Knights. In Dark Souls 2, it retains its reputation as a powerful asset against the game's toughest enemies, with a moveset that rewards timing and positioning.

    Acquiring the Black Knight Greataxe in Dark Souls 2

    To claim the Black Knight Greataxe for yourself, you must venture into the Belfry Sol, located in the Iron Keep. This treacherous area is guarded by the Bell Keepers, and the axe is a rare drop from the Black Phantom that wields it. Persistence is key, as obtaining the Greataxe may require multiple attempts due to its rarity. Ensure you have items or equipment that increase your item discovery rate to maximize your chances.

    How to Use the Black Knight Greataxe

    The Black Knight Greataxe shines when used by a player with a high strength build. Its sweeping heavy attacks can clear groups of enemies, while its more focused light attacks are ideal for single targets. In boss fights, the Greataxe's reach and power allow for striking from a safe distance, chipping away at the boss's health while maintaining a defensive stance. Upgrading the Greataxe with the right materials can further enhance its destructive capabilities.

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    The Black Knight Greataxe is a weapon that stands out in Dark Souls 2 for its raw power and the skill required to wield it effectively. Acquiring it is a challenge, but one that reaps great rewards on the battlefield. With the right strategy and understanding of its moveset, the Black Knight Greataxe can be a game-changer in your journey through Drangleic, turning even the most daunting boss battles into triumphs of your combat prowess.


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