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    How to Receive Your Fallout 76 Caps?

    Since Fallout 76 focuses on player-to-player interactions, trading will be through player-owned and managed shops.

    Here’s how you can receive your caps:

    Negotiate with your seller a common time to be online, and figure out where to meet in-game. It has to be a safe place, as the creatures of the wasteland will not wait around while you finish negotiations.

    When you find each other, press the invite to trade button.

    Exchange the required caps. Take note that an item may be required to exchange for those caps.

    Once the deal is completed, you can go on your merry way. But first, confirm the delivery of the caps on our site.

    Keep in mind that you should meet in the same server, so negotiate a time, place, and server when planning to meet up.

    Why Buy Fallout 76 Currency?

    Maybe you're having trouble finding something that sells. Otherwise, your competition could be too good and you can't carve out a niche on the market for yourself. Or maybe you're just really down on your luck. No matter what your reasons are, you're going to need caps. The best place to get it is right here at PlayerAuctions.

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    About Fallout 76 Caps

    What are Caps in Fallout 76?

    In the post-apocalyptic retro-America, bottle caps, caps for short, became the primary currency of the land. In-game, it came about because of three reasons. One, there was a relative scarcity of it. Two, most of the bottle cap manufacturing technology was lost in the Great War. Three, there is a limited amount of it. All these reasons caused the Wasteland's economy to be built on caps.

    Fallout 76: What are Caps Used For?

    As a currency, it is used for barter and payment for services. In past games, (that are placed chronologically after FO76) players use caps to buy goods, have their attributes improved, hire mercenaries, bribe guards, and more. Judging from the pattern it should be the same for FO76.

    There's one thing that's different about 76 though. That's the lack of NPCs in the world. When you're stuck with holotapes and robots, there are few ways to spend your caps. It makes sense, being chronologically first in the series. As far as the lore is concerned, the players are the ones who rebuilt civilization.

    Is There a Cap Limit?

    Yes, and it's set quite low at 25,000. With a cap trading limit of 5,000, that's a pretty bad combination for trading high-value things. It's a problem the players want to be addressed, though other more pressing matters may come first. Still, it's in the way of a true player-driven economy like Bethesda wanted, and an inconvenience as well. Time will tell how it will improve or not.

    No matter how or when this gets improved, we hope you'll continue enjoying Fallout 76!

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