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    Share tall tales and enjoy good company during the Taverns & Tales sweepstakes and promotion—an ongoing celebration of the social side of Tamriel!

    There’s something special about a roaring fire, the sharing of food and drink, and the company of good friends. Starting today and continuing throughout the rest of 2022, we’re celebrating the social aspect of The Elder Scrolls Online with an incredible sweepstakes, community challenges and contests, special guest livestreams, and more.


    To get started, you can enter the Taverns & Tales Sweepstakes right now for a chance to win one of 10 amazing ESO treasure chest—perfect for storing all the relics and riches you’ve acquired from your real-life adventures.

    These treasure chests include a host of Elder Scrolls Online and Legacy of the Bretons goodies in addition to a gift voucher for the Official Bethesda Gear Store, so you can fill it up with whatever loot you like!

    You can enter the Taverns & Tales Sweepstakes by selecting the button below.

    After entering the sweepstakes using the entry form above, you can also earn bonus entries by spending Event Tickets. For every five (5) tickets you spend at the Impresario vendor (available during event periods), you earn one bonus entry into the sweepstakes, up to a maximum of 10 bonus entries total.

    Two great events are on the horizon for those who join the sweepstakes and want bonus entries, including the Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration and the New Life Festival. Each features ways to earn a bunch of Event Tickets—so keep an eye out on the official website for more on these upcoming in-game events.    

    For everything related to the Taverns & Tales Sweepstakes, be sure to review the Official Rules, too.

    In addition to the sweepstakes, everybody can participate in a bunch of community-focused fun with weekly themes and a host of social prompts and activities lined up throughout the rest of the year.

    A sweepstakes, art contest, new and returning in-game events, AND a host of community fun—we’re ending the year with a bang! Don’t forget to enter and keep an eye out for more Taverns & Tales info over the next two months—good luck!

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