Good Solo Gear Score Farming Locations in New World

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    Today, FarmGolds would like to give you some good watermarks or gear score farming locations. These locations will help you to get a great start and end in the game, and get some really solid gear score upgrades.


    Lonely Climb

    I will specifically say that the first location is a healer-focused location because the blessed void gauntlet is so hard to find that you can't force it on any craft.Also you can get a very good blessed life staff. Now let's go straight to the first spot.


    The first spot is to take us to Shattered Mountain. You will go to the mountain home Outpost and then the Lonely Climb (As shown below) to farm two Ancient Skeleton Bosses.





    The healer focus spot is where you're going to get some healer gear. On the first boss who blesses you, a void hand guard will be added to the loot list, meanwhile this boss will drop a life staff to restore mana and bless you.So if you're a healer looking for these two things and you're looking to get your healing set started, I would suggest going there. Something else is every boss will drop decent watermarks, but you'll also get legendary crafting components. I've got the ice crystal core, musket drop, shield drop.


    After you kill Darshan, you're going to go up the stairs behind him. You'll follow the path pretty much straight and take your first left, and you'll either go left or right. If you want to go left, keep following the path straight, and then you'll get another fork later which is in a little bit of a cave. And you can either go left to get the first chest as I always do. Or you can go right and go straight to the boss to keep that loop continuing, you'll cycle between Darshan and the other Skeleton boss just over and over again. Then you can get whatever loot you can get which is a great way to get a starter watermark going. You can also run in groups.


    So, in order to improve your chances of getting more watermarks, make sure you kill the mob between each boss in each rotation. Be sure to pack the boxes as I did in front of the second boss. This first position is just a highlight for me, especially when I want to start running, so I can make sure that my vanity gloves are higher and my life stick is higher.



    Our second location going to take us right here in Edengrove.





    It's a really easy boss to farm. There are two chests you can get, they can have legendary trophies, legendary stuff, more drops. And the boss is only on a two minute respawn and is very easy to kill. So since he's on such a low respawn time, it's a great spot to solo watermark, but it's also a great spot if you really want to grind out legendary crafting components for certain weapons and make some gold or use them yourself. It's a fairly easy location to get to. You just have to climb up some rocks, climb up to a small temple, and then you just sit there in the back, but he will not aggro you, and you can sit there and farm them over and over again, and it's super easy. Sometimes it's a little bit more competitive, so I have to do some PvP.


    Spryla Tower

    Our final location is also to take us to Shattered Mountains in the Blighted Wild specifically Spryla Tower.




    Although this boss is a 64 elite, he is still very easy to kill. You just pull him over to the tower line of sight him so that he runs over to you. This location is especially good as your watermark gets higher because he has a 64 elite. While he has a longer spawn timer that means his potential to drop a more average higher watermarked piece of gear is higher as well. And then in your downtime, what you could do is just run around to kill whatever else in the zone. There are some chests to open up, and you can get a pretty solid source of watermark increases from this boss. When I did I was getting items in the high 550 range, somewhere 557, 559, and you could even go higher for sure.



    So these are the top three solo watermarks farming locations we would like to share with you. I hope all of these locations helped you out a ton. If you are interested in this content, you can follow Lemoni's channel since has more explanations on this topic. And most content of this article also comes from him.



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