Path of Exile Atlas Invasion Event: Top Tips and Builds

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    The Path of Exile Atlas Invasion event has launched a few days. I guess you guys may enjoy this event a lot because of Christmas. Now FarmGolds will share some tips and builds with you to make your Invasion more interesting.





    List of Goals that you might have for Atlas Invasion


    1. Have fun

    - Don't get too caught up in trying to push and just enjoy the event.


    2. Push for a Demi

    - Go for unpopular ascendancies unless you are a true gamer.


    3. Want the mtx

    - Choose a meta build that is historically good for leagues start.

    - Take your time, and don't burn out.

    - Focus on improving your character as much as possible.


    What Builds to Choose

    That should be functional if you want a broad list of PoE builds. Take a look at the poe.ninja ladder for the first few weeks of the Scourge.


    You still want mainly a clear build. Things that have exploded will be strong as the random map bosses should spawn around other random enemies.


    Be prepared to die occasionally as random shaper beams and Atziri circles out of nowhere should be expected. If you plan on playing HC, be absolutely sure you can take random boss abilities to the face at any given time.





    The builds

    This is not an exhaustive list. You can play whatever you want, but be advised it will potentially be dangerous to play squishy builds.


    1. Toxic Rain

    - This build was very solid for the league start and can be currently run as quite a few different ascendancies. (Champ, Raider, Pathfinder, Trickster, Deadeye)

    - It will require some knowledge to do well in the higher end (you'll need to have a basic understanding of crafting the bow)

    - Champ will most likely be king as being tanky will be important, but other ascendancies might be less represented if you want to push the ladder.


    2. Poisonous Concoction

    - This build can be run as Occultist or Pathfinder.

    - Occultist will most likely be better as it is better on clearing, and flask charges should be plentiful. That being said, Pathfinder is still fine and maybe less represented.

    - Functions off of cheap uniques, rares, and flasks.


    3. Ignite Detonate Dead

    - This build mainly played as a necromancer.

    - It is extremely potent with very little gear as the damage is mainly based on your spectre health, which allows you to focus on getting tanky.

    - It has a single solid target and clear, which should help for this event.

    (Take a look at a build guide here as there are specifics about which Spectres to use to get optimal output.)


    4. Summoner

    - A variety of builds should function well here.

    Skeletons, Golems, Spectres, Even Spiders if you can manage to get the weapon.

    - Double-check Kay Gaming or GhazzyTV for minion builds.


    5. Cold DoT

    - Occultist is king here. Vortex + Cold Snap is most likely king. Wintertide Brand already works well.

    - It is extremely tanky these days, and lowlife/ CI should be easy to set up in a trade league.

    - It is very good for leaving your spells to do damage and slow enemies while you run through them.

    - Freeze is a very powerful defensive tool when enemies are grouped and also is very strong against bosses.

    - Does well with cheap uniques and rares.


    6. Phys Traps

    - Saboteur will be best.

    - This build can get extremely tanky while still having excellent damage.

    - Has excellent recovery and area-based damage (you can throw the traps and then keep running)


    That's all about these tips and builds recommended. Welcome to FarmGolds.com to view more free builds for PoE. And you can also Buy Safe PoE Currency and PoE Items to make your leveling fast. I hope you can enjoy this event.


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