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    SWTOR mail system will delay, the mail need around one hour to arrive your account.


    Buying SWTOR Credits Delivery Methods at FarmGolds

    First, please choose the right server and side you play, then choose how many credits you will purchase and fullfill the order blank.

    Second, pay for your order and check your order information again, especially your character name. If you find you leave wrong information in your order, please contact with our live support instantly. Our 24/7 professional agent will help you all day.

    Usually, we will choose mail delivery for SWTOR Credits, so you don’t have to wait online. And you will receive delivery notification after your order be completed, so you can always know it in time.


    Selling SWTOR Credits Delivery Methods at FarmGolds

    We are welcome professional players sell them credits to us, all your credits should be hand-make, and more details you can contact with our live support agent.


    About SWTOR Credits

    If you’re jumping back in Star Wars: The Old Republic or are looking to start your brand-new adventure in the successful MMO, and you’d like to skip some parts of the tedious grinding, you may find it useful to stock up on SWTOR credits. SWTOR Credits is the main currency in the game.

    Almost all actions of the player require the support of this digital currency. There are many items to help the player, such as armor, weapons, legacy privileges, strongholds, and many other useful materials.

    All of these items cost a lot of credits to purchase. With these credits, you can upgrade your ship, invest in legacy XP upgrades to speed up levelling up or even improve your crew skills. If you wish to be an economic empire in the game, you could these credits to level up your gathering skills which can be used to turn a sweet in-game profit.

    For SWTOR gaming lovers, the credits are an essential part in the game, players can finish the missions, finishing the side missions of the group also need a large amount of SWTOR Credits.

    The cheap SWTOR Credits provided by FarmGolds will help you get mre fun in game. All available SWTOR Credits is secure enough, you can buy them and share with your friends.


    About Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based in the Star Wars universe. It's ingrained into MMORPG history as the game, developed by Bioware, was expected to change MMORPGs forever. Unfortunately, it fell a bit short of the mark, but ten years later, there’s still content being released for the game a ton of stuff to do. In any event, SWTOR's reputation for having an amazing storyline across different characters remains accurate and appropriate.

    A pinnacle of Star Wars Legends storytelling, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is set over 4,000 years before the events of the original trilogy and introduced a new story of new heroes and villains in an epic struggle for the fate of the galaxy.

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