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    SWTOR Credits Trading Information


    Types of SWTOR Currency

    When there’s trade, there’s currency. While it can be rendered as goods or services (barter) it’s more common to trade with money (currency). Even games have these systems in place, and the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic isn’t an exception. In-game money systems can come in denominations (those with gold, silver, and copper) or a unified single currency. Games can also have only one currency or more.


    There are two kinds of currency in SWTOR. First are the Credits, the currency used by everyone in the game. Both players and NPCs use this for a majority of the transactions in-game. The second is the Commendation, a special currency used by certain vendors. It can be earned by completing missions, and as drops from certain mobs.


    Why Buy SWTOR Credits?

    Even with the Force’s help, it can still prove to be difficult to acquire all the SWTOR Credits (sometimes referred to as SWTOR gold) needed. This is especially true if buyers don’t have much time to play. It’s a good thing that at the online marketplace, they can buy SWTOR Credits at affordable prices from other players. That means they get to save time, money, and effort required to farm and grind it out!


    Is There a SWTOR Credit Cap/Limit?

    If there are plans to buy SWTOR Credits, keep in mind that the game has a credit limit/cap. To be precise, the cap simply means the maximum amount of credits a player’s character can hold at a given time. The rest of the credits go to an escrow account, which is only accessible if the buyer is a preferred player. Currently, it’s 250,000 for free-to-play players, and 350,000 for preferred players. This is to ensure that the in-game economy is controlled and limited.


    Due to this on-hand currency ceiling, players can only buy a limited amount of credits at any given time. It’s a bit of a hindrance, but the convenience of purchasing instant SWTOR Credits very much outweighs that. To paraphrase Qui-Gon Jinn, (limited) credits will do fine.


    Where to Buy SWTOR Credits

    To minimize the risks of participating in this kind of trade, it’s recommended to buy SWTOR Credits from trustworthy sellers on a reliable trading platform. It’s safe, secure, cheap, and convenient.


    Buyers should also be aware of the game’s policies and terms about this method of trading. It’s a good way to prepare for any accident that could happen, as people make mistakes. Enjoy SWTOR and the new riches!

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