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    Getting Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gils

    Any Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn player knows the truth: Gil is hard to earn in-game. As such it is easy to waste time farming Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Having extra help such as getting FFXIV Gil is a time saver for many players. 

    Why Buy FFXIV Gil

    Wouldn't it be great if players could farm FFXIV in a single afternoon and get a chance to actually play the game? Unfortunately, that’s not possible these days. Every year, more and more online games force players to play their game for hours just to farm up on currency. The time and energy spent on these games just to get some currency is oftentimes boring to most players, simply because they’re doing the same process over and over again. As a result, gamers miss out on a Trial or a FATE simply because of this. 

    Gil Farming in FFXIV

    Gil is the standard currency in every Final Fantasy game, and FFXIV is no exception. Gil is commonly referred to as gold and can be acquired in a number of ways in Final Fantasy XIV. For starters, players can farm Gil by simply killing monsters. Monsters drop the currency almost every time, but it can be tedious for some. One of the most well known ways of farming Gil is by doing missions/completing quests. Quests and missions on FFXIV are abundant—there’s always an NPC that’s looking for players to do them some favors. Whether it be a fetch quest or a kill quest, these missions net tons of Gil for players and even special items that they can either equip or combine with their other materia. Another common way of farming Gil is by entering dungeons. Dungeons in FFXIV are dangerous and players must not explore in one unless they are well prepared. Most of the time, gamers go into these dungeons with a party to assist them and the game inevitably divides the rewards later on once they have finished their exploration.


    About FFXIV Gil

    The word “WoW Clone” is thrown around every day at almost every MMO in the industry with reckless abandon. When Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn first came out, people flocked to it due to its excellent graphical quality and the strength and power of Square Enix's name, but plenty of players still called it a WoW clone. 

    Worse still, it was generally seen as an “incomplete mess” at the time of launch. So badly reviewed at its launch, FFXIV ran into serious problems with its fan base and industry viewers alike. There was at first a huge backlash from the gamer community because of systems in the game that were not typical for the MMO genre. Square Enix, FFXIV's developer, did a huge turnaround with the game, making sweeping changes to the development staff and overall direction of the game. But this wasn't seen as enough to salvage the game's critical server and game design flaws, and it was deemed necessary to completely re-build the game from scratch in order to regain player trust. 

    This is significant in the landscape of gaming history, because there has never been any precedent of a major game property, or developer effectively pulling the plug on a title and deciding to completely re-do it (many to this day wished this had been done with Star Trek Online). 

    Killing FFXIV and transitioning it into Rebirth Mode:

    In 2011 it was decided to create a clever transition between FFXIV in its original incarnation, and the rebuild that was to come two short years later. Square Enix developed into the title major boss battles and a storyline to compliment the need for the closure of that universe, and the wait for a new system to be released later. In-game, within the lore, it was coined as the “Seventh Umbral Era” which was effectively built into the lore, the reasons for the coming radical changes to be showcased within FFXIV: A REALM REBORN. 

    The radical changes in the environment for FFXIV, especially the FFXIV gil trading space, was easily reflected in many platforms. Its predecessor, FFXI, was 6x larger than FFXIV's release. In contrast, when FFXIV re-launched as A Realm Reborn, the re-launched game was doing 3x MORE than FFXI ever in a weekly average, and close to 20x larger than FFXIV in its first incarnation. 

    This tells us that FFXIV in its first iteration was not conducive to having a complimentary in-game economy. This was one of the greatest complaints on launch day, the confusing Market system, the inconvenience factor in finding trade outlets, and the individual store system was a mess. 

    But after FFXIV launched with A Realm Reborn, gil markets soared because of the job system, and the heavily player influenced in-game economy (with SO many items craftable, and consumables necessary to competitive gameplay). 

    Just how did the gameplay improve exactly?

    Why and how? Is it because of similar systems like the tab-targeting combat, raiding concepts, and the ever-reliable holy trinity? As the years passed, FFXIV has proved that it is more than that and has established a firm base in the MMO landscape as one of the best AAA games available. 

    FXIV features the unique class mechanic of players being able to use all the classes in the game on a single character. There is no need for alts because players can opt to change classes on the fly out of combat and outside of instances. This way, players can easily adjust to what is needed in a party or raid group, taking out the hassles of modern day MMO gaming, which can lack roles for group content. Need a powerful melee DPS? A party will do well with a p;ayer as a Dragoon. Need a strong healer? The bursty heals of the White Mage is the meal ticket. What about a tank? The noble Paladin is within a player's reach at the click of your mouse. 

    Some people daresay that, even with all the conveniences FFXIV has to offer, raiding, the highlight of the game's PvE is one of the hardest experiences anybody will ever encounter in an MMO. With fights as difficult as this at its core, like Turn 2 ADS or Alexander: Midas, FFXIV offers a lot of hardcore raid fights that will test the synergy, chemistry, and limits of every raid group. Players will wipe out a lot and it may become frustrating, but once they get through a raid, it'll be the most satisfying feeling ever. Some critics would even go far as to claim that FFXIV raiding is pretty much the Dark Souls of MMO gaming. This is a game that will be very hard to keep on pugging; it's best to make a group of their own that will learn together. 

    Gamers are proud to support FFXIV and applaud Square Enix on the turnaround:

    Gamers alike find huge satisfaction with games that have player driven economies, and allow them a sense of prestige and fiscal competitiveness. For years, it's always been the great keyword behemoth for Final Fantasy: FFXIV Gil. Today, player to player trading market is alive and well, and hasn't shown any signs of decrease. On the contrary, the health of player trading digital assets is generally a sign of a game's overall subscription health. WoW trading volume declines proportionately, with Blizzard's reports on subscription numbers. And everyone's favorite space sandbox, EVE, has also seen its growth in player trading increase over time as its base has continued to expand. For a theme park MMO like FFXIV, players are glad to see a healthy FFXIV gil market, and FFXIV item market. 

    Buying FF14 Gil The Safe Way

    In any game, staying competitive is important. And as many of the industry's gaming demographic grows older, have families, and generally have less time to game, the only way for people who are poor in time as a resource to compete would be to make sure they keep an edge by making sure their gil wallets are appropriately stocked. The best possible solution is to get scouted by a strong and active raiding guild that hopes to conquer all PvE aspects of FFXIV. However, it can sometimes be hard to be accepted into guilds like these; “players need the gear already” is a common push back from the top guild leaders. The classic chicken or the egg scenario “Players need good gear for the best raids, but they need to do the best raids, to get the best gear”. Don't be disadvantaged because NO one plays to lose. Everyone plays to win, so it's important to keep oneself up to date, and purchase the gear they need at a bare minimum to be able to play with their friends. 

    More often than not, people will look for members for their guilds or their pug groups that already have high-end gear; gear that comes from those very same instances that gamers want to farm. It's a little absurd, yes, but that's really how the gaming landscape looks at present. This is not only unique to FFXIV, but also found in other AAA MMOs like WoW, SWTOR, and TERA. 

    It's a bit unfair, but there are ways around this gear barrier. First off, players could get into FFXIV's obscenely complicated and time-consuming crafting system in order to get gear comparable with some preliminary raids. But, not only does this take a lot of time, it also makes use of a lot of crafting materials that are either very expensive or also time-consuming to gather. 

    Compounded with this is the problem with obtaining the ever-important Materia. For those that don't know, getting material involves spirit bonding with pieces of equippable gear and then disenchanting them to become a RANDOM piece of materia. There is no way to control what a player gets there except for the level of the material being tied to the level of the equipment. This means that gamers have to waste a ton of time breaking their spirit bonded equipment for a chance for a random piece of material. Sometimes, this activity becomes futile and pointless due to bad RNG. 

    Things would be much easier if players could just buy all that competitive, craftable raid gear and material so that they could have a shot at getting into a group for the REAL high-end gear. There are many player to player marketplaces that sell currencies not just for FFXIV, but for other games as well. However, buyers must make sure to always check who they are dealing with and the terms of service of the game in order to find out more about it. Buyers can also contact the game's publisher for information.

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