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    Whether you've been following Final Fantasy XI updates lately or not, the one that got introduced last November caught a lot of attention. The developers surprised everyone with a version update that has significantly changed the game, even though Final Fantasy XI fans were aware that substantial modifications would be coming for the game's 20th anniversary. The new system is called Master Level.


    In this article, farmgolds.com will cover everything from getting your master breaker key item to discussing what this new system brings to the world of Vana'diel.


    First, you need to have mastered one of the game's jobs in order to obtain the ability to access these master levels, which means you need those three stars above your head.


    After that, you need to speak with Nomad Moogle, and he will give you the master breaker key item. All of the other jobs you have mastered can then automatically gain Exemplar Points, a new kind of experience that only needs to be completed on one job. With this master breaker key item in your possession, you will now receive Exemplar Points whenever you complete a master job where you kill any enemy, regardless of its power.


    The amount of Exemplar Points you receive is entirely based on the strength of the enemy you defeat. Therefore, an easy prey enemy will typically provide you with few Exemplar Points. The average reward from Apex mobs ranges from 250 to 300, and they've also added a new line of enemies to the game. You can find them in the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins. Once there, enter one of the four portals. On the map that appears, you should typically be able to see the apex mobs off to one of the wings where you can fight them. I do not recommend taking on these new apex mobs if you are a solo player. Stick to apex bats instead because you can kill them more quickly and still earn 250 to 300 Exemplar Points per kill.


    How It Works


    As of today, the Cap is now at 40, and later this year, it will expand to Master Level 50. At Master Level 50, we will have +50 Skills/Stats and a massive Level 59 on Sub-jobs. All seven of your main attributes will increase by one for each mastery level you achieve.


    Something worth mentioning is that Master levels above 30 are very expensive, but don’t worry, MMOGAH has the leading store where you can buy FFXI Gil for a very affordable price, fast and easy.


    Furthermore, all of your main combat skills will receive a one-point boost. Additionally, you receive seven hit points and two magic points for every level. If you're on a pet job, the rewards are much greater because, in addition to you, your pets will also gain an accuracy attack, evasion, and defense boost of 1.5 for each level. Your maximum sub-job level will also increase by one for every five levels of mastery that you reach. Other pets have not experienced any confirmed improvements in HP; only Wyverns have.


    Your character level effectively increases by 1 with each master level you obtain, but you will receive fewer Exemplar Points per kill as your master level increases. It is helpful to level sync down to the person with the lowest master level when you are collecting Exemplar Points in a party. This way, the point gains per kill will be increased.


    Notable Spells/Abilities from Sub-job


    White Mage/Red Mage/Black Mage


    One of the most enhanced jobs at this sub-job level is the White Mage, which now has access to Curaga III at Master Level 10 (restores HP for party members within the area of effect), and a large number of new spells. Enthunder II is now available for the Red Mage at ML5, which may be helpful for some dual-wielding jobs. For the Black Mage, you will now get an extra level of magic attack boost, and at master level 35, you get Sleepga II (puts all enemies within the area of effect to sleep). 





    At Master Level 5, you have access to Stona, an additional Stratagem, and a shorter recharge time for your Stratagems. Additionally, you'll get Cure IV at master level 30.



    Now there's a much better reason to sub Summoner than previously because at Master Level 30, you gain access to Avatar's favor. It increases perpetuation cost but uses the avatar's strength to provide a beneficial status effect for party members.





    At that level, your warrior sub job will receive a double attack boost, and at level 45, you get Fencer II.



    At Master Level 5, you get Store TP III and Zanshin III.



    One of the sub-jobs that has had the most success overall is the Dragoon sub. At Master Level 5, you gain access to Super Jump.


    It’s difficult for me to express how strong this ability can be and how vital it can be in specific situations. Dragoon sub was already becoming popular because of the Weapon Skill Damage Boost trait, and then at Master Level 30, you get the next tier of that skill (WS Damage Boost II)


    Dark Knight/Monk/Corsair


    Dark Knight

    At Master Level 30, you get the next tier of Smite (Smite III), as well as the next tier of the physical damage limit (Damage Limit+ III). These have the potential to be pretty powerful skills, particularly for two-handers.



    At ML 10, your Monk will start performing kick attacks. At Master Level 30, you gain Max HP Boost V.



    At ML 5, you get Resist Amnesia II and the Random Deal (reset the reuse time of a job ability for each party member)


    Rune Fencer/Thief/Ninja


    Rune Fencer

    It was already a highly beneficial sub-job. At Master Level 5, you get Valiance, which is unquestionably a great tool, and Stoneskin is acquired at ML 35. The biggest change occurs when you reach level 45, and you receive Foil. Paladins stand to gain significantly from this.



    The Thief will now receive an Evasion and Damage Limit boost. At Master Level 30, you also receive the Triple Attack, but unless you also need the Treasure Hunter, it's hard to recommend using the Thief.



    At ML 5, you get Resist Bind III and Damage Limit+ I.


    Dancer/ Blue Mage/ Beastmaster



    At ML 5, you get Contradance and, more importantly, the Building Flourish. At ML 30, you acquire Resist Slow II and Chocobo Jig. The Dancer sub definitely benefited from these Master levels a little bit more than the Ninja sub did.


    Blue Mage

    Here you receive several spells, but aside from the Magic Fruit, none of them seem too effective, in my opinion. The Light of Penance (Auto refresh) which is available at Master Level 45, is another significant feature worth mentioning.



    On Beastmaster, you will have access to Aquan Killer at ML 5 and Resist Slow III at ML 30.





    You’ll have access to seven more songs on Bard, including the Dragonfoe Mambo, Blade Madrigal, Dark Carol, and at Master Level 40 Foe Requiem V.



    When playing the Ranger, you will receive an accuracy bonus boost, Dead Aim I, and you get the Unlimited Shot at Master Level 10.



    At ML 5, you gain Defense Bonus III, Shield Mastery II, and Raise (Revives target from K.O. At ML 30, you get Cure IV and Holy.


    FFXI Master Level Guide in 2022


    Summary and More Tips


    It takes a lot of work to reach Master Level 40, and 50 will be even more difficult. Even if Square Enix offers Exemplar Points bonuses in the same way that they have in the past for CP or XP, this won't change the fact that cleaving will continue to be the most effective method of earning Exemplar Points. Apex mobs are another element worth mentioning. Making them stronger would be advantageous because they are simply too weak for a skillchain.


    Remember that you will now lose Exemplar Points if you die.


    Make sure that you “grow” as often as possible to limit the number of exemplary points you lose from each death. Actually, you will de-level to the previous level if you lose enough Exemplar Points.


    Because of the new questions it raised, this particular update excites the fans. What will the game be like in a year or two, where will we face the biggest obstacles, and what tactical adjustments will there be in the way we create our characters? It's interesting because all of it appears like it might alter the dynamics of the game. It's definitely a great time to be a fan of Final Fantasy. Some players will likely change some of the jobs they are focusing on, which is a positive factor because they will be more enthusiastic about the prospects that other jobs may provide. If you have any questions regarding this topic, this Reddit page can also be helpful.


    We hope that the information we provided regarding this new feature in Final Fantasy XI was helpful. Stay tuned for more daily updates on farmgolds.comHave fun!


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