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    Explore a haunted shipyard in Shipwright’s Regret, one of the two new dungeons arriving with the Ascending Tide DLC game pack.


    Said to be the largest fleet in Tamriel’s history, the legendary All Flags Navy was believed to have defeated the Sloads responsible for the Thrassian Plague of the First Era. Thought lost to calamity and time, one of the many shipyards responsible for this once-mighty naval force is now the home of restless spirits and the dead. Only the most intrepid (or foolhardy) of adventurers seek to claim the secrets of Shipwright’s Regret, and, of course, Captain Za’ji is one such individual.

    The eerie Shipwright’s Regret

    “This shipyard was responsible for innovation during the time of the All Flags Navy,” explains Mike Finnigan, ESO’s Encounters Lead. “They had plans that never came to fruition, and Za’ji has heard about them. He wants to make his ship the Perfect Pounce even more perfect, and what better place to get new schematics than a haunted, abandoned shipyard?”

    As you might expect, things haven’t gone strictly to plan for the Khajiit captain, and now you and your party must help him venture into the lost boatyard and locate the designs that he believes still reside there. Like the Coral Aerie, this new dungeon introduces characters and factions you may meet later in your Legacy of the Bretons adventures.

    “Not only do you meet Za’ji and Caska here, but Shipwright’s Regret also introduces you to the Dreadsail pirates and gives hints as to what they are after. Some of it won’t make sense until you play through High Isle, but having threads like these continue from the dungeon and through the Chapter is fun and helps bring it all together.”


    The All Flags Navy might be lost to history, but its ancient shipyard is not unoccupied. The remnants of those who once worked on the legendary fleet now reside there, both as guardians of the docks and as stark warnings to those who seek to uncover its secrets.

    “The dungeon is themed around being haunted and scary. We wanted to sell the idea that this place is overrun with the undead and vengeful forest spirits, so playing into that was important,” explains Finnigan. “While there are three unique sections of the dungeon, having mist and green lights carry throughout ties it all together and gives it an eerie feel.”

    Lost to time and decay, feral zombies and shrieking wrights now stalk its once-busy thoroughfares, but they’re not the only forces you’ll encounter when exploring Shipwright’s Regret. Vindictive spirits of the wilds (seeking to reclaim their domain) and worse also block your path, including members of the fearsome Dreadsail pirate crew who likewise seek to uncover the dock’s hidden treasures.

    Ghastly specters and worse await

    “The final boss is worth paying close attention to because of how new its mechanics are and how it highlights the story behind the dungeon,” says Finnigan. “Movement is key in this fight, and being nimble enough to handle the enemies and abilities coming your way is very important. The space fills up really quickly if you are not careful.”


    Secret schematics aren’t the only treasure you can uncover as you make your way through Shipwright’s Regret, and as you explore, battle, and loot your way through this new dungeon, you’ll receive achievements, collectibles, and item sets not found anywhere else.

    This dungeon introduces four new item sets total (three regular and one monster set) that’ll unlock powerful new opportunities for your characters. These include the Turning Tide heavy set, which allows you to deal bonus Magic Damage and apply a debuff when you use your Bash attack after a successful Block.

    “For players wanting to use the new Turning Tide item set, proper positioning is key if you want to hit the most enemies,” says Stephen Cerretani, the designer behind the dungeon’s new sets. “Area immobilizes or snares such as Dark Talons or Impaling Shards can help lock down foes before you Bash. Or you could double down on the Bash hits with sets like Noble's Conquest and Drake's Rush.”

    In addition to the new sets, Shipwright’s Regret can also reward a host of achievements, titles, and collectibles, such as the “Privateer” title (earned by completing the challenging Zero Regrets achievement) and the Abyssal Embrace Body Markings, earned by completing the dungeon on Veteran difficulty.

    The Abyssal Embrace markings


    Explore the flooded, rotting dockyards of a legendary fleet, battle your way through the restless dead and fellow looters, and help the ever-enterprising Captain Za’ji upgrade his beloved ship—there’s no shortage of adventure within Shipwright’s Regret. Are you ready to dive into the depths of this new four-player dungeon? 

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Ascending Tide arrives on PC/Mac and Stadia* March 14, and Xbox and PlayStation consoles March 29. You can get access to this new dungeon DLC via ESO Plus™ membership or via purchase with crowns from the in-game Crown Store.

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