Best Fire Staff Builds (PVE and PVP) – Ice Gauntlet DoT Build | New World

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    Best Fire Staff Builds (PVE and PVP) – Ice Gauntlet DoT Build | New World

    Fire Staff Builds

    This is a guide on the best Fire Staff Builds for New World. Read on to see the stats, skills, armor, and playstyle guides of the best PVE and PVP Fire Staff Builds in Aeternum!

    Table of Contents

    Fire Staff / Ice Gauntlet DoT Build

    Fire Staff / Ice Gauntlet DoT Build

    Build Purpose
    General (PvP and PvE)
    ・High burst damage
    ・Passive DoT damage
    ・Effective vs groups of enemies
    ・Requires good positioning
    ・Requires mana management

    Build Stats and Skills

    Stat PriorityIntelligence → Constitution

    Stats obtained through armor are not accounted for in this table.

    1st Weapon2nd Weapon
    Fire Staff ImageFire StaffIce Gauntlet ImageIce Gauntlet
    Active Skills
    New World - Pillar of FirePillar of Fire
    New World - FireballFireball
    New World - IncinerateIncinerate
    New World - Ice PylonIce Pylon
    New World - Ice ShowerIce Shower
    New World - Ice StormIce Storm
    Passive Skills
    New World - Spell FocusSpell Focus
    New World - Fiery RestorationFiery Restoration
    New World - Clear MindClear Mind
    New World - Scorched EarthScorched Earth
    New World - CatchCatch
    New World - SingeSinge
    New World - Clear CastingClear Casting
    New World - SpellslingerSpellslinger
    New World - FlareFlare
    New World - Prophet of a Fire GodProphet of a Fire God
    New World - Runes of HeliosRunes of Helios
    New World - ScorchedScorched
    New World - Cauterize WoundsCauterize Wounds
    New World - Flame Out!Flame Out!
    New World - Combat SpeedCombat Speed
    New World - PyromaniaPyromania
    New World - Critical RejuvenationCritical Rejuvenation
    New World - Energized CriticalEnergized Critical
    New World - Weakening GustWeakening Gust
    New World - Critical FrostCritical Frost
    New World - Storm SummonerStorm Summoner
    New World - Heavy FreezeHeavy Freeze
    New World - Punishing StormPunishing Storm
    New World - Quick FrostQuick Frost
    New World - Greater PylonGreater Pylon
    New World - Enduring ShowerEnduring Shower
    New World - Pylon RegenPylon Regen
    New World - Quick ShowerQuick Shower
    New World - Pylon DodgePylon Dodge
    New World - Frigid ShowersFrigid Showers
    New World - Pylon RefreshPylon Refresh

    Best Perks and Equipment

    Perks and Equipment Stats
    PerksBest Perks
    New World - Empowering Fireball Empowering Fireball
    New World - Rally IV Rally IV
    New World - Opportunist IV Opportunist IV
    New World - Exhilarate IV Exhilarate IV
    New World - Cruel IV Cruel IV
    Weapon Icon.pngStats: Scholar
    Headwear IconWeight: Light

    Stats: Scholar

    Torso IconWeight: Light

    Stats: Scholar

    GlovesWeight: Light

    Stats: Scholar

    LeggingsWeight: Light

    Stats: Scholar

    BootsWeight: Light

    Stats: Scholar

    Build Playstyle

    Use Fire Staff’s Nuke DoT

    A build aiming to maximize non-channeling DoT skills of both the Fire Staff and the Ice Gauntlets. We make use of the Firestaff’s single nuke skills like Pillar of Fire and Incinerate while applying passive DoT via Fireball. The Fire Staff is also our main Mana Regen tool with the help of Spell Focus and Flare so if we’re not casting spells, we want to be using the Fire Staff as much as possible.

    Follow up with Ice Gauntlet DoT

    For the Ice Gauntlet, we’ll rely on its DoTs as well. Ice Pylon and Ice Storm are two valuable skills we’ll want to be using against mobs every time its off cooldown so we can maximize our DPS. Use both skills then return to using the Fire Staff and using Spells and Heavy Attacks to avoid depleting mana while not running out of damage! The last skill we want for the Ice Gauntlet is Ice Shower for the extra zoning tool but it can be swapped with Entombed depending on player preference.

    Last but not least

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