Best Fire Staff Builds (PVE and PVP) – Life Staff Melee DoT Build | New World

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    Best Fire Staff Builds (PVE and PVP) – Life Staff Melee DoT Build | New World

    Fire Staff Builds

    This is a guide on the best Fire Staff Builds for New World. Read on to see the stats, skills, armor, and playstyle guides of the best PVE and PVP Fire Staff Builds in Aeternum!

    Table of Contents

    Fire Staff / Life Staff Melee DoT Build

    Fire Staff / Life Staff Melee DoT Build

    Build Purpose
    General (PvP and PvE)
    ・High DPS
    ・More durable than other Fire Staff builds
    ・Strong in close-range fights
    ・Effective against groups
    ・Requires mana management
    ・Long-range options are weak
    ・Weak against high burst damage

    Build Stats and Skills

    Stat PriorityIntelligence → Focus & Constitution

    Stats obtained through armor are not accounted for in this table.

    1st Weapon2nd Weapon
    Fire Staff ImageFire StaffLife Staff ImageLife Staff
    Active Skills
    New World - FlamethrowerFlamethrower
    New World - IncinerateIncinerate
    New World - FireballFireball
    New World - Orb of ProtectionOrb of Protection
    New World - BeaconBeacon
    New World - Sacred GroundSacred Ground
    Passive Skills
    New World - FireFire’s Reach
    New World - Infernal FlamesInfernal Flames
    New World - Pyro DancerPyro Dancer
    New World - ScorchedScorched
    New World - Cauterize WoundsCauterize Wounds
    New World - Flame Out!Flame Out!
    New World - Let it BurnLet it Burn
    New World - KindleKindle
    New World - Combat SpeedCombat Speed
    New World - Scorched EarthScorched Earth
    New World - Spell FocusSpell Focus
    New World - Clear MindClear Mind
    New World - SpellslingerSpellslinger
    New World - FlareFlare
    New World - Prophet of a Fire GodProphet of a Fire God
    New World - ReheatReheat
    New World - ProtectorProtector’s Blessing
    New World - Shared ProtectionShared Protection
    New World - AegisAegis
    New World - Infused LightInfused Light
    New World - RadianceRadiance’s Blessing
    New World - Speed of LightSpeed of Light
    New World - Holy GroundHoly Ground
    New World - BlessedBlessed
    New World - ProtectorProtector’s Touch
    New World - ProtectorProtector’s Strength
    New World - BalanceBalance
    New World - Glowing FocusGlowing Focus
    New World - Spirits UnitedSpirits United
    New World - AbsolvedAbsolved
    New World - RevitalizeRevitalize
    New World - Desperate SpeedDesperate Speed

    Best Perks and Equipment

    Perks and Equipment Stats
    PerksBest Perks
    New World - Revitalizing Beacon Revitalizing Beacon
    New World - Accelerating Flamethrower Accelerating Flamethrower
    New World - Calming IV Calming IV
    New World - Opportunist IV Opportunist IV
    New World - Retaliate IV Retaliate IV
    Weapon Icon.pngStats: Mage
    (Intelligence Focus)
    Headwear IconWeight: Medium

    Stats: Occultist
    (Intelligence Constitution)

    Torso IconWeight: Medium

    Stats: Occultist
    (Intelligence Constitution)

    GlovesWeight: Medium

    Stats: Occultist
    (Intelligence Constitution)

    LeggingsWeight: Medium

    Stats: Mage
    (Intelligence Focus)

    BootsWeight: Medium

    Stats: Mage
    (Intelligence Focus)

    Build Playstyle

    Use Flamethrower for close-range fighting

    This is a melee range Fire Staff build aiming to make use of the Fire Staff’s Flamethrower skill. We want to stay in the melee range as much as possible and keep our MP up to continuously fire our Flamethrower skill. A big problem with this setup is usually the HP of our character getting easily depleted as you’re forced to stand on the frontline so to compensate, we opted for a Medium Weight build to avoid being paper-thin as well as slotting the Focus Staff for extra buffs and regeneration while we set our enemies ablaze.

    Start with Beacon or Sacred Ground for a source of healing when about to fight close range with the Flamethrower, this way you can heal while dealing damage. Use Incinerate to push back enemies if you need space and Fireball for long-range pokes.

    Last but not least

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