Best Magicka DPS Sets for ESO - Blackwood 2021

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    In The Elder Scrolls Online, there are various Armor sets you can choose from to fulfill your role and complete PvE or PvP. But, not all sets are good for all roles or types of gameplay. Some are better for Stamina DPS, some are better for Magicka DPS, and some work better in PvE or PvP.  ArzyeL Gaming’s guide lists the best Magicka DPS sets for PvE and PvP.


    Magicka DPS PvE Sets


    Mantle of Siroria

    Location: Summerset, Cloudrest Trial


    Mantle of Siroria is one of the best Magicka DPS sets for PvE, and it’s great for group and solo content. Its perfected version adds Maximum Magicka.


    False God’s Devotion

    Location: Elsweyr, Sunspire Trial


    False God’s Devotion is another great set for Magicka DPS in PvE. This set is superb for solo and very good for group content. Its perfected version adds Spell Damage.


    Mother’s Sorrow

    Location: Deshaan, Overland


    Mother’s Sorrow is the best in slot Magicka DPS set for most DPS builds. The set boosts Spell Critical and your overall DPS.



    Location: Arx Corinium Dungeon


    Medusa is a heavy armor alternative to Mother’s Sorrow. It boosts Spell Critical and grants the minor force buff.


    Elemental Succession

    Location: Maelstrom Arena


    Elemental Succession is an excellent option for builds and classes that rely on Elemental Magic.


    Roaring Opportunist

    Location: Western Skyrim, Kyne’s Aegis Trial


    Roaring Opportunist is a group set that buffs you and your group with a Major Slayer and increases your damage.


    Elemental Catalyst

    Location: Stone Garden Dungeon


    Elemental Catalyst is a great DPS/Support set for Elemental Damage based classes/builds. It increases the Critical Damage enemies take.


    True-Sworn Fury

    Location: Black Drake Villa Dungeon


    True-Sworn Fury offers good offensive stats and boosts your Spell Critical and Critical Damage when you are low on Health.


    Unleashed Ritualist

    Location: The Cauldron Dungeon


    Unleashed Ritualist is a nice set for classes with pets since it increases their damage.


    Law of Julianos

    Location: Wrothgar, Crafted


    Law of Julianos is a great starter set that can assist you in harder content, and it is easy to buy or get.


    Heartland Conqueror

    Location: Blackwood, Crafted


    Heartland Conqueror is a crafted set that increases the effectiveness of your weapon Traits by 100%. It is a potent set for Magicka and Stamina builds in PvE or PvP.


    Burning Spellweave

    Location: City of Ash I, City of Ash II, Normal or Veteran mode


    Burning Spellweave is another good Magicka DPS set. It is best combined with builds that use a lot of Fire Damage skills. This set is one of the strongest Magicka DPS sets and relatively easy to obtain.


    Elf Bane

    Location: Crodiil, Vlastrus Vendor


    Elf Bane is a Heavy Armor set best combined with Fire Damage based builds. The set boosts the duration of Flame Damage over time abilities and is great on Magicka Dragonknights since every ability they use is Flame.


    War Maiden

    Location: Vvardenfell, Overland


    War Maiden is an excellent set for classes and builds such as Templars that rely much on Magic Damage based skills.


    Spell Strategist


    Location: Cyrodiil – PvP Rewards


    Spell Strategist is a very strong single target damage set, which means it will only work on one specific enemy at a time. It will assist you more when fighting strong enemies like dungeon or Trial bosses. You can combine this set with Siroria, False God, or even Mother’s Sorrow to complete PvE content.



    Location: Rivenspire, Overland


    Necropotence is usually used on Pet Sorcerers and classes that can have a pet assisting them in combat. This set is very strong and should be used when possible.


    Crafty Alfiq

    Location: Elsweyr, Overland


    Crafty Alfiq can be used as a Necropotence alternative for Magicka builds without Pets. It is an excellent option for classes that want to have as much Magicka as possible but don’t have access to Pets. 


    Icy Conjuror

    Location: Frostvault, Normal and Veteran mode


    Icy Conjuror is a powerful offensive Magicka DPS set. It does Frost Damage over time upon applying any minor debuff. Its Frost damage also makes it a great fit for Frost-based Magicka builds, giving another refreshing option to that part of the game.



    Location: Maelstorm Arena, Normal & Veteran


    Winterborn is similar to Icy Conjuror, and it is another strong Frost Damage based set in ESO. 



    LocationBlackwood, Overland


    Frostbite increases your damage done with Frost abilities and your damage done against chilled enemies and enemies afflicted with Minor Brittle. This set is a very good option for Frost-based builds and Frost Wardens.


    Master Architect

    Location: Vvardenfell, Halls of Fabrication Trial


    Master Architect is a light Trial set. It is not a good set for solo overland. But it is very helpful for your Trial group. In order to use the set effectively, coordination and a well-organized group are required. 


    Draugrkin’s Grip

    Location: Unhallowed Grave


    Draugrkin’s Grip is a powerful Magicka DPS set that can boost your max Magicka, Spell Penetration, and Magicka recovery. This set offers great potential against a single target because the damage bonus applies to every one of your damage abilities.



    Location: Daily Dungeon Reward – Imperial City


    Willpower is a Magicka Set with three bonuses only, and it is often used as a starter set. You can also use it to complete builds with special weapons or without a Monster set.


    Magicka DPS PvP Sets



    Location: Vvardenfell, Crafted


    Shacklebreaker is one of the best sets for Magicka PvP. The extra Magicka/Stamina sustain is helpful when fighting other players, allowing you to last longer and win the fight.


    Spinner’s Garments

    Location: Malabal Tor, Overland


    Spinner’s Garments is a superb PvP set that boosts your Spell Penetration.



    Location: The Reach, Overland


    Voidcaller is a solid PvP option that boosts your Spell damage whenever you take damage. 


    Eternal Vigor

    Location: Western Skyrim, Overland


    Eternal Vigor is an amazing support heavy set that boosts your stats’ Recovery and offers great survivability with its extra health Recovery.


    New Moon Acolyte

    Location: Southern Elsweyr, Crafted


    New Moon Acolyte offers a boost to your offensive stats at the cost of more expensive abilities. It is good for Gank PvP builds.


    Crafty Alfiq

    Location: Elsweyr, Crafted


    Crafty Alfiq is a nice option for builds that want to increase their Maximum Magicka. 


    Amber Plasm

    Location: Ruins of Mazzatun Dungeon


    Amber Plasm is very similar to Shacklebreaker, so it can work well as an alternative and boost your stats.


    Caluurion’s Legacy

    Location: Fang Lair Dungeon


    As a strong Burst Damage set, Caluurion’s Legacy is good for Nightblades and Gank PvP builds.


    Spell Strategist

    Location: Cyrodiil – PvP rewards


    Spell Strategist is a nice PvP option that is great against single targets.


    War Maiden

    Location: Vvardenfell, Overland


    War Maiden is an excellent set for classes and builds such as Templars that rely much on skills based on Magic Damage.


    Stunhn’s Favor

    Location: Western Skyrim, Hunter’s house


    Stuhn’s Favor is a pure offensive crafted set that can boost your Physical and Spell Penetration when you deal damage to an enemy who is off balance. This set is a great option for PvP builds.


    Bright-Throat’s Boast

    Location: Murkmire, Overland


    The bonuses of this set boost your Max Magicka and Magicka recovery, which makes this Magicka sustain set a must-have for PvP builds.


    Vicious Death

    Location: Cyrodiil, PvP rewards


    Vicious Death is a powerful set for Bomb PvP builds, and it is used to blow up stacked groups.



    Location: Coldharbour, Overland


    Stygian increases your Spell damage ability while you are sneaking or invisible. It is an excellent armor set for stealth and assassin such as Magicka DPS PvP builds. Since it is a medium Armor set, it is best used as Jewels and Weapons.


    Clever Alchemist

    Location: Hew’s Bane, No Shira Workshop, Crafted


    Clever Alchemist adds your weapon and Spell damage when you drink a potion during combat. It is a reliable PvP set since it is easy to trigger whenever you use a potion.


    Mad Tinkerer

    Location: Clockwork City, Overland


    Mad Tinkerer’s bonuses boost your Spell Critical and Spell damage. The set also has a chance to knock down and stun multiple enemies. Mad Tinkerer is a good option to use against groups of enemies, and it is useful in PvE as well.


    Magicka DPS Monster Sets



    Location: Vet. Scalecaller Peak (Head), Urgarlag Chief-Bane (Shoulders)


    Zaan is one of the best monster sets for Magicka DPS. It is great for PvE and also very good in PvP.



    Location: Head: Vet. Crypts of Heart I (Head), Glirion the Redbeard (Shoulders)


    Llambris is also a good starter set that can assist you in harder PvE content. It is not so good in PvP, though.


    Maw of the Infernal

    Location: Head: Vet. Banished Cell II (Head), Maj Al-Ragath (Shoulders)


    Maw of the Infernal adds an extra strong pet to your build that deals fire damage. This set works better in PvE than PvP.



    Location: Vet. Direfrost Keep (Head), Glirion the Redbeard (Shoulders)


    Iceheart is a superb defensive set for solo content and Frost-based builds.


    Encratis’s Behemoth

    Location: Vet. Black Drake Villa (Head), Urgarlag Chief-Bane (Shoulders)


    Encratis’s Behemoth boosts Fire damage, increasing your party’s overall DPS. It is an important support set for group PvE. 



    Location: Vet. March of Sacrifices (Head), Urgarlag Chief-Bane (Shoulders)


    Balorgh is an excellent set for builds that want to achieve burst damage as fast as possible. It is mostly used for Gank builds.



    Location: Head: Vet. Wayrest Sewers I (Head), Maj Al-Ragath (Shoulders)


    Slimecraw is a nice option to boost Critical chance and get the Minor Berserk buff.


    Zoal the Ever-Wakeful

    Location: Head: Imperial City (Head), Tel Var Merchant (Shoulders)


    Zoal the Ever-Wakeful is a PvP Monster set that fears enemies and boosts your damage.



    Location: Head: Veteran Vault of Madness (Head), Glirion the Redbeard (Shoulders)


    Grothdarr is a great AoE Flame damage monster set that works well with PvE and PvP builds.


    Valkyn Skoria

    Location: Veteran City of Ash II (Head), Glirion the Redbeard (Shoulders)


    Valkyn Skoria is the first option for every DoT-based Magicka DPS build. The more active Damage over Time abilities you have, the higher your chances to proc it and increase your damage.


    Engine Guardian

    Location: Head: Veteran Darkshade Caverns II (Head), Maj Al-Ragath (Shoulders)


    Engine Guardian restores Health, Magicka, and Stamina when you use an ability. Mostly, this is used as a PvP monster set that increases your survivability.


    Those are the best Magicka DPS sets you should have for ESO Blackwood 2021. If you like ArzyeL Gaming’s content, make sure to give this video a thumbs-up and subscribe to the channel. Please also bookmark our ESO news page for more guides and news about ESO. 


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