Best Places to Farm Materials in ESO

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    Farming materials is a good way to earn a lot of TESO gold because materials are always in demand and worth a fair amount of gold. If you can find an efficient material farming route, you would make upwards of 100K-300K ESO money per hour. 


    In these videos, Arttea shows you some great places to farm materials in ESO. If you're a newer player with limited gold-making options or need a good method to pass the time while making bank, then farming materials is the way to go.





    What Is a Good Farming Location?

    A good farming location should be:

    •   Easily accessible and easy to navigate

    •   Filled with nodes that are close together

    •   Little to no adds for minimum distraction


    A good material farming location should be easily accessible and have plenty of nodes that are all in close proximity to one another. Also, there should be little to no adds in the area to annoy you. 


    What Makes a Route Efficient?

    •   No adds/hardly any adds

    •   No lakes or rivers to cross

    •   Node-dense area

    •   Flat terrain

    •   Bonus: chest/World Bosses/World events in the area


    When establishing your own farming route, it's recommended to scour starter zones or areas that are deep into a zone and far away from any major cities with lots of players in them. You'll find a lot of nodes in these places, and there'll be fewer people naturally stumbling upon nodes and stealing them from you. 


    To make the farming more efficient, you need a great route. You can also increase efficiency by wearing specific gear. The Ring of the Wild Hunt is a good choice because it alone increases your moment speed, allowing you to harvest more nodes. 


    Useful Farming Sets

    Below are some more great sets that can help you farm more efficiently:

    •   Coward's Gear (Major Expedition while Sprinting)

    •   Jail Breaker (Minor Expedition at all times)

    •   Fiord's Legacy (unique 15% speed bonus + Sprint reduction)

    •   Skooma Smuggler (Major Expedition after using a potion)


    Useful Champion Point Nodes

    While farming materials, be sure to slot the Plentiful Harvest and Master Gatherer nodes from the Craft Champion Point tree for a chance to get double the yield and reduce the amount of time it takes to harvest. 


    Useful Add-on

    An add-on called Harvest Map is also recommended because it highlights node types on your map and in your world once you discover them. For players who play on console and don't have access to the utility of the add-on, Arttea is showing you her filled-out Harvest Map for each of the locations in the videos. She also shows you an efficient farming route in each location, so please be sure to watch Arttea's videos for more details:


    *Note that the maps in the videos are not all completely filled because she has not discovered all of the nodes since she has installed the add-on.


    Great Places to Farm Materials


    Carved Hills, Betnikh

    If you're looking to farm a lot of alchemical reagents and raw materials, one of the best places to farm is in Betnikh. You can start farming from the Carved Hills Wayshrine and follow the farming route in the video.




    The route loops right back to the Wayshrine, so when you're done farming, you can port to somewhere else, such as a hub city, to refine all your goods. 

    Fells Run, Rivenspire




    The township of Fells Run is another superb spot to farm materials. The area is full of nodes, and there are no adds to be seen so that you can farm quickly in this area. You can do a lap around the perimeter of the town and then run around the farmlands adjacent to it. 

    Phaer, Auridon




    The farmlands of Phaer are a great spot to farm alchemy mats. There's a ridiculous amount of Water Hyacinth in this area, which are used to make some Crit potions. You can start at one end of the lower farmlands and gradually make your way up to the higher levels. 

    Khenarthi's Coastline




    The coastline of Khenarthi's Roost is a great spot to farm lots of wood nodes from all the driftwood and ore nodes from all the rocks and small cliffs. You may run into Skeevers while farming, but they're easy to kill, and they have the potential to drop Rawhide scraps, which is just as nice as finding raw silk in the wild. 

    Fort Zeren, Bal Foyen




    Bal Foyen is located to the east of Stonefalls. A great spot for farming mats in this area is right outside Fort Zeren. If you hug the sides of these elevated rock surfaces, you'll find yourself running into a lot of ore nodes, and once those have all been harvested, you can move into the fields to harvest silk nodes and Alchemy nodes.





    Many people prefer to farm materials in Artaeum because not only is Artaeum such a pretty place, but there are no adds in this entire zone, and you can find a lot of Psijic Portals here. There are also a lot of Heavy Sacks in the zone, and if you create a route that passes through all these nodes, you can loot one or two Heavy Sacks each lap.

    Northern Craglorn

    Craglorn is a unique zone because there is a chance for Potent Nirncrux or Fortified Nirncrux to drop from Wood or Cloth nodes in upper Craglorn. You can port to the Valley of Scars Wayshrine and then pay a visit to each of the Nirncrux mines in the area. They show up as World Boss locations on your map.




    Once you've looted every node in the area, you could always port over to Shada's Tear and grab a whole bunch of Alchemy nodes that spawn over there. 


    More Amazing Places to Farm Materials 



    Dhalmora, Bal Foyen




    You can port to the Wayshrine in Dhalmora and run a loop around the surrounding area. Once the nodes are all empty, you can make your way past the town and towards the beach on the east side. 


    No matter how many people are in the area, it doesn't hinder your ability to harvest nodes at a good pace because the nodes respawn very quickly in Bal Foyen. Often, you can just run around in circles by the Wayshrine and pick up enough materials. 


    The Hollow City, ColdHarbour

    If you're looking for Alchemy materials, specifically Bugloss, it is highly recommended to check out The Hollow city in Coldharbour. Not only is the place full of alchemy nodes, but the nodes respawn fast.




    You can port to the Wayshrine in The Hollow City, run around the entirety of the area, and collect every node you run into. You can also go counterclockwise, and in this way, you can make your way to the Luxury Vendor and then run back to the Wayshrine. 

    Shada's Tear: Craglorn

    Finding a nice spot to farm in Craglorn allows you to have a small chance of receiving a Fortified Nirncrux or Potent Nirncrux while farming. 




    You can port to Shada's Tear and check out this area by the bottom of a cliff. After that, you'll want to turn around and traverse the perimeter of the lake and check out the grassy hills to your left that are full of nodes. Follow the route until you hit a fork in the road, in which case, you'll want to take a left turn and head west to gather all of the nodes in that area before returning to that fork in the road and then going east. Once you reach the end of the road on the east side, you can go back to the Wayshrine. It always helps to have a few spots to grind for mats in Craglorn, in case one of them is already being farmed by people.


    Alcaire Wayshrine, Stormhaven

    For the Stormhaven route, you'll want to port to the Alcaire Castle Wayshrine and then head south towards the Firebrand Keep Wayshrine. Make sure to take a quick detour to the east towards Windridge Cave to pick up all the nodes. There is a Dragonguard Daily that requires interaction with the quest object in this cave, so be sure to pick up all the nodes in the area whenever you've got that Daily.




    You can go a fair way south before turning around and following the river back to the starting point, and collecting all of the nodes along the way. This place is great since there are so many Alchemy nodes, such as Corn Flower.

    Tenmar → Scar's End, Northern Elsweyr

    Although northern Elsweyr is a DLC zone, and this area doesn't drop Aetherial Dust. But there is a relatively simple, which consists of maneuvering in a pretty straight line. Moreover, during the Pan-Elsweyr Celebration Event, material nodes are doubled in Northern Elsweyr, so if you're looking to farm materials during the event, you can check this place out.




    First, port to the Wayshrine at the Tenmar Temple and head directly towards the Wayshrine at Scar's End. You can follow the route all the way to the other Wayshrine. But you can go to the Red Hand's Run World Boss and 1v2 these nerds for some valuable Elsweyr gear, such as Crafty Alfiq, which has always been a popular set for PvP, so it's always sold for a reasonable amount of TESO gold

    Hjaalmarch, Western Skyrim

    This area is also in a DLC zone. Besides a lot of materials, this route also contains a super easy-to-kill World Boss – Shademother, and a few treasure chests you can farm for some gear.




    You can port to the Morthal Wayshrine and then slowly make your way over to the World Boss, Shademother while picking up all the nodes along the way. If Shademother is up, you can quickly solo her for some gear. After that, you'll want to head out in the direction of the Old Karth Ritual Site and then loop back around and make your way to the Black Morass Ritual Site before returning to the Morthal Wayshrine.


    Shademother is easy to solo, as long as you stay inside her thorny thicket, kill the wolf adds she summons, and block any incoming heavy attacks.


    However, this World Boss becomes a nightmare if random PUGs swing on by to toss a few light attacks but don't end up doing any damage. This will result in the boss spawning more and more adds, and the PUG or PUGs will die, and then you're left with too many adds, and you can't block all of that damage.


    Those are all the great places where you can farm material. Farming materials can be very profitable, and you just need to know how to do it right. If you like Arttea's guides, make sure to subscribe to her channel for more content in the future. Please also bookmark the ESO news page on FarmGolds for more helpful information. 


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