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    Dark Souls, with its countless weapons that are ideal for PvE, is one of the very few games that truly captures the visceral feel of melee combat.


    Dark Souls is one of the very few games that truly captures the visceral feel of melee combat. Modern games continue to try to capture the essence of what made Dark Souls such an iconic and beloved game. FromSoftware released this ground- breaking game in 2011; it has since gone on to become one of the greatest video games ever.


    It goes without saying that one of the main factors contributing to Dark Souls 'widespread success is its combat. This was primarily because there are so many different weapons available in the games, allowing players to use a variety of unique moves that fit their physique. However, due to the size of the Dark Souls community, everyone has thoroughly examined each of these weapons, enabling them to identify the best ones that can easily eliminate the majority of foes. Here are the top PvE weapons for Dark Souls, keeping this in mind.


    InDark Souls, every encounter with an enemy is a tactical conflict in which players must assess each and every attack. Players are frequently forced to state at the same "You Died" screen if they do not do this, which can be quite frustrating. Players should outfit themselves with the best weapons they can to deal with every situation without running into too many problems in an effort to prevent this. Here are a few of the best swords, clubs, and axes available to players to help them combat these powerful foes.



    1/15Black Knight Halberd


    The Black Knight Halberd is really that good, which is why seasoned speedrunners consistently use it throughout their playthrough.


    Even though its attacks are slow, anyone caught using this insanely potent halberd could perish due to the sheer weight and power of these attacks. In the early game, upgrading this weapon is not particularly difficult, so players will undoubtedly be dealing with a powerful tool of destruction as well as numerous enemies who will be at their mercy the entire time .


    2/15Lifehunt Scythe


    Although the Great Scythe may be viewed as superior by the majority of players, it must be acknowledged that many of them think much more favorably of the lifehunt scethe due to its additional benefits. The majority of monsters will be reduced to a writhing mess after taking just one hit from this incredibly potent weapon because it is one of the only two in the game that can deal 50% Bleed Damage to enemies.




    The Claymore is one of Dark Souls 'best weapons by a wide margin, and many players yearned to return to this cherished franchise with this longsword.


    One of the most adaptable and practical weapons in the entire game, its moveset covers everything from one- on- one battles to crowd- dispersing slashes.




    Anyone who wants to use a powerful weapon in their playthrough can do so with the Murakumo because it has some of the highest damage stats available in the endgame.


    There 's no denying that the outcome is more than worth it, even though getting this weapon may be a tedious process.


    5/15Moonlight Greatsword


    The mystical and magical Moonlight Greatsword has long been a staple of the Soulsborne universe. The truth is that this weapon is incredibly useful, and players who are interested in learning more about intelligence will undoubtedly be able to use it to their advantage.


    Before using this weapon to completely destroy enemies in their path with little to no trouble at all, it is undoubtedly helpful that the player looks amazing wielding such a beautiful blade.




    One can not really go wrong with the Uchigatana when it comes to Dexterity builds. There 's no denying that the Uchigatana more than makes up for this somewhat senseless death, even though getting this weapon early does force the player to kill off a merchant NPC.


    The Uchigatana is suitable for both PvE and PpP due to its high Dexterity scaling, good moveset, and surprisingly long reach.




    In Dark Souls, the Zweihander is a favorite of many players, and it makes sense given how easily it can defeat most enemies and bosses.


    Most veterans in the series prefer this weapon because of its dependable moveset, the highest level of upgrades, and its early availability.



    8/15Quelaag's Furysword


    In the Dark Souls fandom, Chaos weapons may have their fair share of critics, but Quelaag 's Furysword is still difficult to refute.


    The advantages far outweigh the drawbacks, even though this weapon might make players carry a stock of 10 Humanity at all times . The moveset of Quelaag 's Furysword is varied and dependable, and it can completely obliterate both bosses and enemies.



    9/15Black Knight Greatsword


    When it comes to weapons in Dark Souls, the Black Knights are unquestionably the best, and one could conceivably fill this entire list with just different kinds of weapons used by the fearsome armored warriors.


    In light of this, the Black Knight Greatsword is a fantastic running tool that can be used if you do not want to give up too much speed while still producing an offensive that is healthy.



    10/15Balder Side Sword


    The Balder Side Sword is a reliable option for anyone looking to easily dispatch enemies because it is one of the best Dexterity weapons in the game that can be acquired early on.


    There 's no denying that the utility of this weapon more than makes up for the time players must spend to obtain it, unless they happen to be extremely lucky, even though the drop rate may not be all that great, making the hunt for this blade rather frustrating.



    11/15Drake Sword


    The Drake Sword has a distinctive two- handed strong attack in addition to increasing one 's resistance to fire and magic damage, just like its draconic kin. With this unique method, the wielder is confronted with a wave of energy that causes enormous health or stamina damage to whatever it strikes.


    This blade is extremely adaptable for a wide range of builds because it has the same moveset as many other straight swords. It is superior to more common swords in terms of ability to defeat enemies because it has higher base damage than any other early- game weapon. By shooting off the Hellkite Wyvern 's tail in the Undead Parish, it can also be discovered very early and acquired very easily.





    In The Duke 's Archives, close to an enemy channeler, you can find this unusual crossbow in a chest. Because of its lethal potential as a mid- range weapon, this tool is one to keep in mind throughout the entire playthrough. Avelyn launches three bolts quickly one after the other, resulting in significantly more damage per second than any other crossbow of its kind . Players can use this as a simple option for ranged damage against specific enemies when their melee attacks are insufficient because it can be used offhand. It is strongly advised to give this crossbow a try at some point due to its quick reload times, ability to be upgraded to+ 15, and low stat requirements.


    13/15Dragon King Greataxe


    Dark Souls 'dragon weapons have a lot of benefits. When held, they grant their wielder increased protection from fire and magic attacks, but their brilliance lies in their offensive qualities. TheDragon King Greataxe has one of the highest base damage stats in the game , which alone qualifies it as a worthy weapon. It was acquired from the Gaping Dragon.


    It stands out from other greataxes with high base damage thanks to its distinctive two- handed strong attack, which is its most distinguishing feature. When used, it sends out an AOE shockwave that can annihilate nearby people. This maneuver can help the player eliminate groups of enemies that are encircling them in addition to being effective against specific enemies.





    Dismissing the Club, despite its unattractive appearance, means avoiding one of the game 's best opening moves. Players have discovered over time that this straightforward wooden tool can trivialize a lot of the early game when given to those who begin as the Deprived Class.


    One of the few weapons with a one- handed light attack that can knock most unprepared enemies to the ground is the Club . Most PvE enemies find it challenging to counter because it can also easily breach the shield- carrying enemies 'defenses. Additionally, the Club is a fantastic option for almost any build thanks to its excellent Strength scaling and ability to be upgraded to+ 15.


    15/15Dragonslayer Greatbow


    This bow was created to kill dragons, as the name implies. Anor Londo is home to the Dragonslayer Greatbow, which is located just outside a broken window above the initially locked grand doors.


    It is far too slow to be useful in melee combat, but its spear- like projectiles are more effective than any game arrow. This behemoth of a bow is the perfect weapon to use to snipe tough adversaries up close because they also cause significant damage to anything they strike.


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