Best Spear Build for PVE and PVP – Bow Glass Cannon DPS Build | New World

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    Best Spear Build for PVE and PVP – Bow Glass Cannon DPS Build | New World

    Best Spear Builds.png

    This is a guide on the best Spear Build for New World. Read on to see the stats, skills, armor, and playstyle guides of the best PVE and PVP Spear Builds in Aeternum!

    Table of Contents

    Spear / Bow Glass Cannon DPS Build

    Spear / Bow Glass Cannon DPS Build

    Build Purpose
    General (PvP and PvE)
    ・High Single-target DPS
    ・Effective at any range
    ・Low AoE DPS
    ・Few survivability options
    ・Aim dependent

    Build Stats and Skills

    Stat PriorityDexterity

    Stats obtained through armor are not accounted for in this table.

    1st Weapon2nd Weapon
    Spear ImageSpearBow ImageBow
    Active Skills
    New World - JavelinJavelin
    New World - SweepSweep
    New World - PerforatePerforate
    New World - Penetrating ShotPenetrating Shot
    New World - Rapid ShotRapid Shot
    New World - Poison ShotPoison Shot
    Passive Skills
    New World - Forceful ImpactForceful Impact
    New World - Refreshing JabsRefreshing Jabs
    New World - Refreshing ReachRefreshing Reach
    New World - Finishing BlowsFinishing Blows
    New World - Merciless StrengthMerciless Strength
    New World - Tenacious SweepTenacious Sweep
    New World - Unerring PrecisionUnerring Precision
    New World - Refreshing PrecisionRefreshing Precision
    New World - Defensive StanceDefensive Stance
    New World - Coup De GraceCoup De Grace
    New World - Rupturing StrikesRupturing Strikes
    New World - Impactful StrikesImpactful Strikes
    New World - Aggressive ManeuversAggressive Maneuvers
    New World - Strong ConditioningStrong Conditioning
    New World - Deadly DistanceDeadly Distance
    New World - Reserved StrengthReserved Strength
    New World - Long RangeLong Range
    New World - Finishing ShotFinishing Shot
    New World - Blood Soaked ArrowBlood Soaked Arrow
    New World - Deep StrikeDeep Strike
    New World - Evasive TacticsEvasive Tactics
    New World - Catch Me If You CanCatch Me If You Can
    New World - Closing InClosing In
    New World - Rapid AccuracyRapid Accuracy
    New World - Opening StrikeOpening Strike
    New World - Final BlowFinal Blow
    New World - Surprise AttackSurprise Attack
    New World - HawkeyeHawkeye
    New World - Arrow RangeArrow Range
    New World - ConcussionConcussion
    New World - Dodge and WeaveDodge and Weave
    New World - Infected ArrowsInfected Arrows

    Best Perks and Equipment

    Perks and Equipment Stats
    PerksBest Perks
    New World - Sundering Javelin Sundering Javelin
    New World - Cruel IV Cruel IV
    New World - Bleeding Sweep Bleeding Sweep
    New World - Penetrating Rapid Shot Penetrating Rapid Shot
    New World - Bleeding Sweep Fortifying Perforate
    New World - Enfeebling Poison Shot Enfeebling Poison Shot
    Weapon Icon.pngStats: Cavalier
    (Dexterity & Strength)
    Headwear IconWeight: Light

    Stats: Ranger

    Torso IconWeight: Medium

    Stats: Ranger

    GlovesWeight: Light

    Stats: Ranger

    LeggingsWeight: Light

    Stats: Ranger

    BootsWeight: Light

    Stats: Ranger

    Build Playstyle

    This build is heavily focused on dealing tons of single-target damage. The Spear allows you to deal heavy damage up close and the Bow will allow you to deal tons of damage from farther away.

    Get in close with the Spear

    The Spear is what you will be using when you want to get in close or the enemy gets close to you themselves. You have tons of damage with and some crowd control with your Spear skills. Perforate is gonna be your big damage skill as long as you can hit all of the hits, so make sure it lands. Javelin is a great damage dealing move and crowd control rolled in one, great to use on escaping enemies to stop them. Lastly, Sweep is going to be your best crowd control move when you really need to disable your opponent and make space for yourself.

    Take them out from afar with the Bow

    Your Bow is gonna be what you are using to mostly start a fight, and finish the fight. You will be using it to deal big damage from afar before your enemies can come in close, or you will be using it to take out anybody that is trying to get away. Penetrating Shot is gonna be one of your strongest moves, dealing huge burst damage with one shot due to the passives. Rapid Shot is going to be the follow-up move to Penetrating Shot, dealing more damage quickly. Poison Shot is going to add even more damage to your DPS.

    Last but not least

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