Best Spear Build for PVE and PVP – War Hammer DPS Disabler Build | New World

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    Best Spear Build for PVE and PVP – War Hammer DPS Disabler Build | New World

    Best Spear Builds.png

    This is a guide on the best Spear Build for New World. Read on to see the stats, skills, armor, and playstyle guides of the best PVE and PVP Spear Builds in Aeternum!

    Table of Contents

    Spear / War Hammer DPS Disabler Build

    Spear / War Hammer DPS Disabler Build.jpg

    Build Purpose
    General (PvP and PvE)
    ・High single-target DPS
    ・Lots of AoE disables
    ・Low AoE DPS

    Build Stats and Skills

    Stat PriorityConstitution

    Stats obtained through armor are not accounted for in this table.

    1st Weapon2nd Weapon
    Spear ImageSpearWar Hammer ImageWar Hammer
    Active Skills
    New World - JavelinJavelin
    New World - SweepSweep
    New World - PerforatePerforate
    New World - Clear OutClear Out
    New World - ShockwaveShockwave
    New World - Path Of DestinyPath Of Destiny
    Passive Skills
    New World - Forceful ImpactForceful Impact
    New World - Refreshing JabsRefreshing Jabs
    New World - Refreshing ReachRefreshing Reach
    New World - Finishing BlowsFinishing Blows
    New World - Merciless StrengthMerciless Strength
    New World - Tenacious SweepTenacious Sweep
    New World - Unerring PrecisionUnerring Precision
    New World - Refreshing PrecisionRefreshing Precision
    New World - Defensive StanceDefensive Stance
    New World - Coup De GraceCoup De Grace
    New World - Rupturing StrikesRupturing Strikes
    New World - Impactful StrikesImpactful Strikes
    New World - Aggressive ManeuversAggressive Maneuvers
    New World - Strong ConditioningStrong Conditioning
    New World - Deadly DistanceDeadly Distance
    New World - Reserved StrengthReserved Strength
    New World - OutnumberedOutnumbered
    New World - Power CleanerPower Cleaner
    New World - Guarded SprintGuarded Sprint
    New World - AccelerationAcceleration
    New World - Concussive ImpactConcussive Impact
    New World - Facilitated ExpeditionFacilitated Expedition
    New World - FrailtyFrailty
    New World - Meteoric CraterMeteoric Crater
    New World - Clean And RefreshedClean And Refreshed
    New World - Prevailing SpiritPrevailing Spirit
    New World - Seismic WavesSeismic Waves
    New World - ResurgenceResurgence
    New World - Swing AwaySwing Away
    New World - AftershockAftershock
    New World - Epitome Of Bonk!Epitome Of Bonk!
    New World - Stimulated ReductionStimulated Reduction

    Best Perks and Equipment

    Perks and Equipment Stats
    PerksBest Perks
    New World - Sundering Javelin Sundering Javelin
    New World - Cruel IV Cruel IV
    New World - Bleeding Sweep Bleeding Sweep
    New World - Repulsing Clear Out Repulsing Clear Out
    New World - Bleeding Sweep Fortifying Perforate
    New World - Sundering Shockwave Sundering Shockwave
    Weapon Icon.pngStats: Cavalier
    (Dexterity & Strength)
    Headwear IconWeight: Medium

    Stats: Cavalier
    (Dexterity & Strength)

    Torso IconWeight: Heavy

    Stats: Cavalier
    (Dexterity & Strength)

    GlovesWeight: Medium

    Stats: Cavalier
    (Dexterity & Strength)

    LeggingsWeight: Light

    Stats: Cavalier
    (Dexterity & Strength)

    BootsWeight: Heavy

    Stats: Cavalier
    (Dexterity & Strength)

    Build Playstyle

    This build uses the DPS and disables of the Spear and combines it with more crowd control and debuffs of the War Hammer. The War Hammer will make up for the Spear’s lack of multi-target attacks and skills.

    Spear for DPS

    The Spear is where most of the DPS of the build is gonna come from. Perforate is going to be your strongest offensive skill, and will usually be your opener, dealing lots of damage and reducing the target’s defense. Javelin is both a damage-dealing and disabling skill with its stagger passive skill. Try to headshot with it for a huge cooldown reduction. Lastly, Sweep is a great crowd control move that can come in clutch when you need it.

    War Hammer for Disables

    With the Spear’s skills already having good disables, combining it with War Hammer’s crowd control and debuffs will make you a tough nut to crack. One of the weaknesses of the Spear is how the skills are mainly single target, the War Hammer’s multi-target disables make up for that weakness. Shockwave and Path of Destiny are great crowd control moves to make it easier to hit some of your Spear moves, and Clear Out can give you space when you are overwhelmed.

    Last but not least

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