Best Ways to Gear Up Fast in WotLK Classic Pre-Patch

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    Gearing up is as important as leveling up your characters in WotLK Classic. It is one of the important tasks in the game. The better gear you have, the more powerful your character will be. So, today, we're going to talk about ways of gearing up in WotLK Classic pre-patch. Let’s get into it.


    Buy BoE Gear

    If you have the gold and want to gear up super fast, you can skip a lot of the work by buying epic BoE gear.


    For example, if you're planning on making a plate wearing Warrior, Death Knight or Paladin, Hard Khorium Band, Hard Khorium Battlefists, Swiftsteel Bracers, and Red Belt of Battle are all strong BoE epic items you can buy outright at level 70.


    It's going to cost you a large amount of gold, but by doing so, you can get a massive instant boost to your gear. If you lack gold then, search “buy Wotlk Classic gold” on Google, and you can see MmoGah ranking No.1 among many of the competitors. We are your best choice for buying Wotlk Classic gold.


    Scourge Invasion

    There will be a scourge event during the pre-patch, and everyone will turn into zombies, fighting each other. There are a few sets of gear that come in during pre-patch.


    invasion event


    You can get chest, shoulders, hands, and legs. When you wear two pieces, you will get one percent extra damage against undead. Three pieces give you two percent, and four sets give you three percent. They're very easy to get.


    Of course, you can get these for all different types of armor classes - cloth set, leather set, and plate set.




    Tenris Mirkblood in Karazhan

    During the Scourge Invasion, there will be an extra boss in Karazhan called Tenris Mirkblood dropping Arcanite Ripper.


    arcanite ripper


    So if you're a class that uses two-handed weapons, it is a nice slow weapon with decent amounts of crit and attack power. And it's also got a use effect to bust out a face melter on a one-minute cooldown. If you're a Warrior, a Retribution Paladin, or even a Hunter, it’s definitely worthwhile.


    PvP Gear

    When it comes to PvP gear, farming some honor to get things like the waist, or even the boots, braces, rings, the neck, the cape. And you can get quite a few pieces of gear just from sitting in some battlegrounds for a day.


    There are even a few trinkets you can get, like a spell power trinket or a haste trinket, or even an attack power trinket.




    Karazhan requires practically no gear to be able to go and clear. It's obviously worth doing once a week. You will get about 22 Badges of Justice that you'll be able to spend on gear. And obviously, there's some pretty decent bits of starter gear that you can just grab in Karazhan.




    Go in and do Zul’aman again, which comes with some really powerful items like the fury staff from Hex Lord, the Hex Shrunken Head trinket with 53 spell power, and a use effect that increases your spell power even further.


    Zul’aman drops very good spell power weapons, such as a decent bow for hunters – Ancient Amani Longbow, a two-handed sword – Jin’rohk, The Great ApocalypseBerserker's Call for pretty much anybody who can make use of attack power.


    Overall, running Zul’aman once a week or twice a week can get you quite a few bits of gear.


    Magister's Terrace

    But if you don't even want to do Karazhan or Zul’aman, at least do Magister's Terrace Heroic every day because you will get things like the spell power dagger – Jaded Crystal Dagger, a very fast dagger for Rogue – Edge of Oppression, a decent spell power staff with spirit – Rod of the Blazing Light, and some trinkets from Priestess Delrissa- Shard of Contempt.


    So go in and do this every day just to get your four badges a day. As for the other badges, do Zul’aman and Karazhan.


    G’eras in Shattrath

    You'll easily be able to visit G’eras in Shattrath and get yourself some badge gear as well. Some of this is obviously really nice, even if you're just using the badges to fill in some slots. If you haven't managed to get any gear from Magister's Terrace or Zul’aman or Karazhan, don't forget this.


    Those are the ways of gearing up in Wotlk Classic pre-patch. Hope it is helpful. Writing this article, we used the two videos below as references.


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