Boss souls in dark souls 3

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    ItemSoulsOther uses
    Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt.png
    Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt
    2,000Transpose for Vordt's Great Hammer or Pontiff's Left Eye
    Soul of the Rotted Greatwood.png
    Soul of the Rotted Greatwood
    3,000Transpose for the Hollowslayer Greatsword or Arstor's Spear
    Soul of a Crystal Sage.png
    Soul of a Crystal Sage
    3,000Transpose for the Crystal Sage's Rapier or Crystal Hail
    Soul of the Deacons of the Deep.png
    Soul of the Deacons of the Deep
    20,000Transpose for Deep Soul or the Cleric's Candlestick
    Soul of a Stray Demon.png
    Soul of a Stray Demon
    20,000Transpose for Boulder Heave or Havel's Ring
    Soul of the Blood of the Wolf.png
    Soul of the Blood of the Wolf
    20,000Transpose for the Farron Greatsword or the Wolf Knight's Greatsword
    Soul of High Lord Wolnir.png
    Soul of High Lord Wolnir
    10,000Transpose for Wolnir's Holy Sword or Black Serpent
    Soul of a Demon.png
    Soul of a Demon
    20,000Transpose for the Demon's Greataxe or the Demon's Fist
    Soul of the Old Demon King.png
    Soul of the Old Demon King
    10,000Transpose for the Old King's Great Hammer or Chaos Bed Vestiges
    Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn.png
    Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn
    12,000Transpose for the Profaned Greatsword or the Greatsword of Judgment
    Soul of Yhorm the Giant.png
    Soul of Yhorm the Giant
    20,000Transpose for Yhorm's Great Machete or Yhorm's Greatshield
    Soul of Aldrich.png
    Soul of Aldrich
    15,000Transpose for Lifehunt Scythe or the Darkmoon Longbow
    Soul of the Dancer.png
    Soul of the Dancer
    10,000Transpose for Soothing Sunlight or the Dancer's Enchanted Swords
    Soul of Consumed Oceiros.png
    Soul of Consumed Oceiros
    12,000Transpose for the Moonlight Greatsword or White Dragon Breath
    Soul of Champion Gundyr.png
    Soul of Champion Gundyr
    20,000Transpose for Gundyr's Halberd or the Prisoner's Chain
    Soul of Dragonslayer Armour.png
    Soul of Dragonslayer Armour
    15,000Transpose for the Dragonslayer Greataxe or the Dragonslayer Greatshield
    Soul of the Twin Princes.png
    Soul of the Twin Princes
    20,000Transpose for Lothric's Holy Sword or Lorian's Greatsword
    Soul of the Nameless King.png
    Soul of the Nameless King
    16,000Transpose for the Storm Curved SwordDragonslayer Swordspear, or Lightning Storm
    Soul of the Lords.png
    Soul of the Lords
    20,000Transpose for the Firelink Greatsword or Sunlight Spear
    Soul of Sister Friede.png
    Soul of Sister Friede
    20,000Transpose for Friede's Great Scythe or the Rose of Ariandel
    Soul of the Demon Prince.png
    Soul of the Demon Prince
    20,000Transpose for Seething Chaos or the Demon's Scar
    Soul of Darkeater Midir.png
    Soul of Darkeater Midir
    20,000Transpose for the Frayed Blade or Old Moonlight
    Soul of Slave Knight Gael.png
    Soul of Slave Knight Gael
    20,000Transpose for Gael's Greatsword or the Repeating Crossbow

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