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     Elden Ring is a game with too many options for your build. Beyond your main weapon, you have to think about your off-hand, you have to balance your gear with your endurance, and everything could change with the right or wrong choice of talismans. But if you start with a powerful weapon and then build your character around what that weapon needs, you can’t go too far wrong. 

    That’s why these weapons are the best place to start in Elden Ring. All of these weapons are incredibly powerful and do what they do better than most others. Each of these weapons have different stat requirements that will begin to dictate what kind of character you create, but as long as you invest stats correctly you will find your character incredibly powerful. Just read below for everything you need to know.


    The Moonveil is easily one of the best katanas in the game, and thanks to the fact that it scales with INT in addition to DEX, it can be the perfect weapon for a swordsman that also uses sorceries with an off-hand staff. The best part of the Moonveil is the Transient Moonlight weapon skill, which acts like the standard Sheathe skill you see on the Uchigatana, but when drawn unleashes a magic blade, the heavy version of which travels a good distance. This is a great weapon to use in PVE with our Magic Swordsman Build. You can find the weapon with our Moonveil location guide

    Rivers of Blood

    This weapon was recently “fixed” in a recent patch, which severely limited its overall damage output. Despite that, it’s still a powerful and effective weapon in battle. It scales with ARC and DEX primarily, meaning you can potentially combine it with some powerful arcane incantations. The Corpse Piler weapon skill unleashes dozens of swift slashes, cutting enemies apart. Nerfed or not, this is another excellent katana choice. 

    Meteorite Staff

    This weapon won’t actually be the end-game staff of choice for anyone putting a lot of points into INT, but if you just want access to a few spells and a good staff, the requirement of 18 INT means this is a decent choice. The Meteorite Staff can’t be upgraded whatsoever, but it starts with S-rank INT scaling by default, in addition to boosting Gravity sorceries. This makes it a staff even a dedicated mage can use for a majority of the game to great effect. Plus, you can get access to it early with our Meteorite Staff location guide. 

    Dark Moon Greatsword

    Unlocked by finishing Ranni’s quest with our guide, the Dark Moon Greatsword can be turned into the classic Moonlight Greatsword with the weapon skill. This is a powerful weapon that scales primarily with INT, in addition to a bit of DEX and STR. Once turned into the Moonlight Greatsword, this weapon can unleash ranged slashes with the heavy attack, each of which deals heavy damage. A strong choice. 

    Axe of Godrick

    Scaling with STR and DEX, the heavy Axe of Godrick is a great choice if you want to focus on bashing enemies over the head and absolutely nothing else. Consider this the brainless weapon: it does good damage, and it’s a bit faster than the likes of the Grafted Blade Greatsword from the Castle Morne questline. It also has a nice weapon skill, I Command Thee, Kneel!, which is a quote from Godrick himself. This slams the axe into the ground, quaking the earth in an AoE around your character. Good for smaller enemies that attempt to swarm you. 


    If you want to be sneaky and use a dagger for your fights in Elden Ring, the Reduvia is a great choice. This dagger scales with DEX and ARC primarily, making it a great weapon in the same vein as the Rivers of Blood. Plus, it has the Reduvia Blood Blade weapon skill. This differs from the Blood Blade Ash of War skill, as this version only costs stamina to use, not health. Great for players who want to utilize that skill, without the self-inflicted damage.

    Sword of Night and Flame

    Another unfortunate early nerf victim, the Sword of Night and Flame was wiping up hoards of monsters previously, but now it’s just… very, very good. Scaling primarily with INT and FAI – but with a bit of STR and DEX mixed in for good measure – this is a competent weapon great for Night-and-Flame Stance weapon skill which grants access to the Comet Azur sorcery – or you can just find that sorcery with our guide. A very powerful and advantageous weapon to have.

    Lusat's Glintstone Staff

    Once you’re ready to upgrade from the Meteorite Staff, Lusat’s Glintstone Staff is an excellent choice. As you would expect it has strong INT scaling but will need upgrades to surpass the S-rank scaling of the Meteorite Staff. Still, once upgraded, it’s very powerful, and even increases the power of all of your sorceries, in exchange for a bit more FP for each one. If you’re looking to do damage with spells, this is the way to do it.

    Starscourge Greatsword

    The reason the Starscourge Greatsword is awesome is the weapon skill – just as with many weapons in this list, really. Starcaller Cry drags in nearby enemies, making them easily reachable with a swing of the Starscourge Greatsword. If you love using greatswords in Souls games, this is easily the best one.

    Frenzied Flame Seal

    A bit of a weird one to finish with, but a good choice nonetheless. If you’re using incantations, the Frenzied Flame Seal is a good choice. It scales primarily with FAI, but also with STR, DEX, and INT, making it an ideal seal for builds not actually focused on incantations. It even boosts Frenzied Flame Incantations, several of which are very intimidating even in PVP play. This makes the Frenzied Flame Seal an incredibly solid option if you’ve got a mixed build, or even if you intend to focus on Frenzied Flame spells.

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