Elder Scrolls Online posts preview of Update 33 features Account-Wide Achievements

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    Update 33 for Elder Scrolls Online is arriving soon — March 14th for PC and March 29th for consoles — and with it comes a handful of player-requested updates. From Account-Wide Achievements to new PVP Rewards, Update 33 is slated to pave the way for the new expansion chapter, Legacy of the Bretons. The highlights of the base game additions for Update 33 are the main focus of this preview.

    The preview goes into some details about the most anticipated feature — Account-Wide Achievements. Many players enjoy playing different classes — commonly referred to as alts — but they have to re-grind out scenarios to unlock the rewards tied to certain achievements. Update 33 makes most achievements account-wide, reducing the need to replay content on different characters. The preview notes, however, that some achievements will remain restricted to individual characters, but does not mention which ones or what types.

    Update 33 also comes with new PVP gear crafting motifs, which can be traded for a large amount of Tel Var Stones (as long as you are PVP Rank 20) as well as three new PvP armor sets — Rallying Cry, Hew and Sunder, and Enervating Aura. These sets are tied to specific PVP roles and functions, which gives something for every type of player.

    Finally, Update 33 comes with a brand new ally, the Deconstruction Assistant Giladil the Ragpicker. This assistant was previewed in the Legacy of the Breton announcement stream — but for those that missed it, the assistant will deconstruct items for you without the need for a crafting table. It’s a one-stop-shop, which makes it possibly the most useful assistant for players — but it will run you several thousand Crowns from the ESO Shop.

    Update 33, also known as the Ascending Tides update, will launch March 14th for PC players and March 29th for console players. The topics listed above are considered part of the base game, so players who do not own the Ascending Tide DLC, ESO Plus, or have pre-purchased Legacy of the Bretons can access the new features.

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