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    Champion Points are the in-game attribute point system in The Elder Scrolls Online. These work like Paragon levels in Diablo 3. You will earn them in a rotating fashion, and when you hit level 50, they can be used to unlock and improve passive skills from 9 possible Constellations. Brah We Got This will explain the Champion Point system and give you seven tips to help you allocate CP for your ESO buildsNote: in Update 29, the Champion Point system has been reworked, and Warfare, Fitness, and Craft replaced the nine Constellations. For more details about the new system, please read this New ESO Champion Point system guide



    There are Red CP trees – The Warrior, Blue CP trees – The Mage, and the Green CP trees – The Thief. Every time you level up, you will earn a point into whatever color attribute point is next. For instance, if you level up and earn a green CP point to allot, your next level will be a red CP point, and then the next level is a blue CP point.


    You can earn 270 points in each color tree, and the cap on CP is 810. You can still gain levels after that, but it doesn't give you any more CP points to allot. CP milestones are as follows:


    CP 160 – Gear Caps

    CP 300 – Queue for DLC Vet dungeons

    CP 810 – Max CP


    CP 160 is when the gear caps, which means you won't encounter gear drops above CP 160. That is why I always suggest opening Undaunted chests and doing normal Trials starting at CP 160 because your gear will be the highest level.


    CP 300 is when you can queue for DLC Vet Dungeons. It would be a challenge for you at 300 CP, but you can complete it after learning the mechanics and running it enough.


    The 810 CP is a good milestone to obtain because that is the cap for CP point allotment.


    Your Champion Points are shared, and they don't need to be obtained again when you level up a new character. Thus, when you level your CP on a character, you are simultaneously leveling it on all your other characters as well. For example, if you level up your main account to level 50 and CP 300, and when you make another character and get them to level 50, they will automatically become level CP 300, and you don't need to go from 1 to 300 CP again.




    After you have reached level 50, you start to collect Champion Points, and every 24 hours, you will get the Enlightenment bonus, which will allow you to collect one Champion Point with 100, 000 XP points instead of 400, 000. The Enlightenment Bonus timer resets every 24 hours. If you end up not using all your Enlightenment while you play, it will continue to stack for a maximum of 12 days.


    The Constellations


    Red CP trees – The Warrior


    The Warrior tree is considered the Resistances or the Defensive tree. There are three subtrees focused on giving you defensive passive stats and bonuses.


    The Lord is a PvP centric tree that you shouldn't have to worry about if you're doing PvE.


    The Lady is a tree focused on protecting you from negative effects or giving you proper resistances from specific status effects. It gives you protection from actual damage types and damage over time. This tree is tweaked quite a bit, depending on the trial you're doing.


    The Steed gives you protection from basic critical strikes, spells, and direct damage.


    Blue CP trees – The Mage


    The Mage tree is an offensive-centric tree focused on helping your offensive stats or Healing.


    The Ritual gives you buffs to damage over time, critical damage, and certain damage type buffs like disease, poison, and physical penetration.


    The Atronach gives you buffs to your light and heavy attacks with staves, physical weapons, and direct damage attacks.


    The Apprentice gives a boost to your elemental damage, spell penetration, your healing done, and it increases your critical healing and damage of magic abilities.


    The red tree and the blue tree are the opposites. One gives defensive stats, and the other offers offensive stats.


    Green CP trees – The Thief


    The Thief is a support or utility tree.


    The Shadow reduces the cost of your roll dodge and blocking.


    The Lover is all about recovery and sustain, helping your Magicka, Stamina, and your Health recovery by helping you get resources back quicker.


    The Tower focuses on reducing the cost of breaking free, bashing, interrupting, and sprint.




    How to Set Up Your Champion Points


    I am giving you some general tips to help you build your character or understand the system better.


    Tip 1: Allotting Points for Each Role


    The first tip is about how to allot points for Healer, DPS, and Tank.


    Magicka DPS vs. Stamina DPS


    The first comparison is Magicka DPS vs. Stamina DPS, and I will show you what's the difference with your allocation.


    For Stamina DPS, you need to put fewer points into Tumbling and Shadow Ward than you would do for a Magicka DPS character or a Healer. The reason is that Magicka DPS and Healers don't have a main resource pool of Stamina, and their highest resource pool is Magicka. With Stamina characters, your highest resource pool is Stamina, so you don't need to get as many points into things like that.


    For Magicka DPS, you need to put points into nodes like Elemental Expert or Elfborn in Apprentice trees because that's focused around Magicka. But for Stamina characters, no points go into those at all because you are Stamina. Those points need to be dispersed into skills that only pertain to Stamina like Mighty, Precise Strikes, or Piercing in the Ritual tree. For Magicka DPS, you will put points into Staff Expert. For Stamina, you will put points into Physical Weapon Expert.


    For Magicka DPS, you'll want to use Arcanist. For Stamina, you can use Mooncalf, and you also need to put fewer points into Warlord and Sprinter because your Stamina pool is higher.


    Magicka DPS vs. Healing


    The next comparison is Magicka DPS vs. Healing, a Magicka-centric character. Magicka DPS and Healing are very similar except for a few nodes. The biggest difference is you'll want to put many points into Blessed of The Apprentice if you are a Healer because this increases your Healing done. You can take a few points out of the damaged nodes and allot them for more sustain or offensive utility like Spell Erosion or something like that. Their resistances are the same, and some of the values of the other allotments will be slightly different. But I'm not getting into the specifics because everyone's build is different.


    Tank vs. Everything Else


    For Tanks, you'll want to take out many of the points in the offensive stats, disperse them into sustained nodes and resistances, and still have some stats in the Blue trees. For instance, you don't need Thaumaturge, Staff Expert, or Mighty on a Tank, but you'll need Sustain, which is so important for Tanks, and you need to have enough CP there.


    Tip 2: How Many Points Go Where?


    How many points to put into the nodes? I wouldn't suggest putting more than 75 points into a specific node because the difference from 75 points into a node versus 100 is very tiny. If you have a 100 node, limit it to one because it takes valuable points that could be dispersed elsewhere. But pay attention to what you're putting your high points into. You don't need 75 points into Tumbling unless you're trying to be a meme.


    Tip 3: Pay Attention to Passive Nodes


    My next tip is to pay attention to the passive nodes at the top of each tree. Some of these nodes are great, while some of these are not. Just read them and see which ones you want. For example, the Perfect Strike in the Ritual requires a rank 30. That means you need at least 30 points into the Ritual tree to unlock that. For that reason, if you want to hit that passive, make sure you have enough points to do so.


    Tip 4: Disperse Champion Points Evenly


    You should disperse your points evenly into nodes that you want. You don't have to use the point when you get it. I like to disperse evenly. When a node is at a point that I think it doesn't need any more Champion Points, I stop on that one, and this leads me to tip 5 – Pay Attention to Your Skills, Armor, and Enchants.


    Tip 5: Pay Attention to Skills and Armor


    You will get cap stats or a lot of bonuses from set, skills, or enchantments on your armor. Therefore, if you're going to have loads of spell penetration all the time, you might not want to put a ton of points into that for CP. Be mindful of your gear and what it's doing for you.


    Tip 6: You Can Put CP Points in at Level 1


    You can allot your points at level one when you make a new character. Many people don't know this, but CP allocation can be allotted at level 1 on any character once you've achieved CP on other characters.


    Tip 7: Lord Tree Is Useless in PvE


    The Lord tree is useless for PvE content, so don't allot points into it unless you play PvP. If you don't like your CP allocation and want to change it, you can redistribute points with 3,000 TESO gold.


    If you find this guide helpful, be sure to like this video and subscribe to Brah We Got This's channel. For people who don't have a lot of time to grind, FarmGolds provides professional ESO Champion Points power leveling service for you to skip the grind and jump into your favorite part of the game.


    For more news and guides, please stay tuned to the ESO news page on FarmGolds. You can start earning the Crimson Indrik during the Witches Festival! This will be the last Indrik Mount, and you'll be able to complete it throughout the rest of 2020.


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