How to Defeat Aul the Crystal King in Path of Exile

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    Path of Exile is an action RPG game, and in this game, you will experience many different bosses, which are a nightmare for many players. Bosses in the Path of Exile are pretty hard to kill. Every boss has its own unique attacking abilities, power, and weakness.


    We will tell you about the tough bosses in the Path of Exile, which is a nightmare for many players, and how you can defeat that boss and earn big currency in PoE.



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    Where do I find Aul the Crystal King?

    Crystal King's Throne nodes within the Primeval Ruins biome, inside The Azurite Mine in Delve, at a depth of 171 or beyond. Visit our homepage for more amazing content.



    Aul, The Crystal King

    The most fearsome boss you will face in the Path of Exile is Aul, the crystal king. It is a nightmare for many skilled players. Aul is regarded as the route of exile's most formidable boss. You should keep a few things in mind to beat this creature if you come across him. If you don't have a plan for defeating the Aul, it will be impossible to defeat him. In addition to attacking Aul, you must defend yourself against the garbage hordes and freezing assaults he uses that can instantly kill you.


    One of the most crucial things is that you need a strong weapon to combat him that gives you some advantages over the Aul.



    Mechanism of Aul the Crystal King

    Many players consider this the most challenging fight in the game; in some respect, it is eventually true. First of all, if you die during the battle, you will have to start over from the beginning, and the upside of this is you have unlimited tires, so you can fail as many times as you want as long as eventually, you kill him.


    Aul is a very technical boss. To defeat the Aul, the best thing is to practice as often as you fail; you will learn about his strategy and attacks and his fighting mechanics.


    While fighting with Aul, you always want to be in melee range. Aul will perform two basic attacks. He will either whirling blades at you, which you usually don't have time to doge unless you are just running around.


    In the second attack, he slams the ground, enabling little shields to come out, randomly going around and blowing up at the end. 


    In preparing for this boss fight, you must look at the monster mods because this will give in-depth information about the boss.


    Aul can freeze you with his attacks.



    How to Fight with Aul the Crystal King

    Add an extra energy shield; he will be unkillable if you don't do the damage. Generally, the bosses are hard to kill and take less damage.


    The other thing you want to do before tackling this fight is to make sure that your flares are fully stocked and that you have as much dynamite as you can stoke. The reason for having all that stuff you can use to damage him down is that if you're not a high DPS character, it's one way to expedite the fight.


    1. Use Your Environment

    Before you trigger the fight, the most important thing is to understand the environment and how to use it to your advantage because they will go all around the map. You will trigger the bullet death mode because if he shoots his little shield charge ability at it, this will trigger these quadrants.


    If all of these are unlocked, they can do a bull death mod. These nodes are the best way to prevent you from unblockable attacks, so stay near to them.


    Staying close to these so you can fight piece to piece. Make sure his little shield doesn't hit the nodes, and to avoid this, don't make your character still in front of nodes.


    2. Use Quadrants to Survive

    He will charge his first spike as the fight begins, so you need to move back and stay in a little quadrant.


    If too many quadrants are open by his spikes, it will trigger a bullet death mode and make him unable to make a special attack for a short time.


    During a raging fight, Aul will hit a ground spike then you have to move out of his way and behind him. Moving behind and doge spikes will give you an edge to attack from behind, dealing more damage.


    Now go back to the same instance and stay close to the middle quadrant to avoid little shields.


    Aul, we repeat the same attacks in his entire fight, and these quadrants will help you to survive.


    3. Use Your Inventory

    When he reaches his minimum level of health, he will become more dangerous and even harder to beat now.


    As you're fighting with Aul in the dark, he will summon the creatures that are pretty hard to see, so drop some flares on the ground.


    As they will attack you from all directions, so don't need to panic; just throw fire traps out, and it will instantly kill everything; don't forget to use dynamite against Aul.


    Aul makes the most dangerous move that deals enough damage to the player with his bullet death mode, so be careful to avoid this attack and remember not to get killed as you will have to start the battle from the beginning. 



    Tips and Tricks While Fighting Aul

    1. Be in a melee range

    2. Don't get too far, as he will charge unmissable attacks

    3. Don't forget to stack flares and dynamite in your inventory before starting the fight

    4. Take cover from quadrants

    5. Try not to get caught in his freezing attack

    6. When he hits the ground spike, move your character behind him

    7. Use a dash to avoid the little shields




    As you know, Aul is tough to beat and can create turmoil for new players, so here is a complete guide about his fighting style and techniques and how you can use your environment to dodge his attack.


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