How to Get Farron Greatsword in Dark Souls 3

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    In the perilous world of Dark Souls 3, obtaining powerful weapons can mean the difference between life and death. Among these legendary armaments is the Farron Greatsword, a unique and formidable blade. In this guide, we'll explore the process of acquiring this legendary weapon, as well as how to make the most of its devastating potential in your battles against the game's menacing adversaries.

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    Dark Souls III Is Brutally Hard, But You'll Keep Playing Anyway | WIRED


    What is Farron Greatsword?


    The Farron Greatsword is a massive and elegant weapon with a distinct moveset and a fierce appearance. Known for its dual-wielding capabilities, it offers a versatile and deadly approach to combat. It embodies the agility and strength of the Abyss Watchers, making it a coveted asset for any player delving into the treacherous realms of Dark Souls 3.


    How to Get Farron Greatsword in Dark Souls 3:


    To obtain the Farron Greatsword, players must conquer the Abyss Watchers, a challenging boss encountered in the Farron Keep area. Once victorious, they can transpose the boss soul with Ludleth of Courland, a non-playable character located in the Firelink Shrine. The transposition will yield the Farron Greatsword, allowing players to wield its power against their adversaries.


    How to Use Farron Greatsword:


    The Farron Greatsword's moveset distinguishes it from other weapons. Its dual-wielding capabilities grant access to a blend of swift and devastating attacks, allowing players to chain together a series of strikes and unleash a flurry of blows upon their foes. Additionally, its unique skill, "Parry (left-hand) / Spin Slash (right-hand)," enables players to perform both defensive and offensive maneuvers with finesse.


    Mastering the weapon involves a balance of timing and precision, as leveraging its full potential requires a strategic understanding of when to execute its various moves. Whether it's the graceful spins of the L1 attacks or the powerful, sweeping strikes of the L2 skill, the Farron Greatsword demands a skilled hand to wield it effectively.

    Dark Souls III Is Brutally Hard, But You'll Keep Playing Anyway | WIRED



    In the realm of Dark Souls 3, the Farron Greatsword stands as a formidable tool in the hands of a skilled player. Obtaining this weapon and mastering its dual-wielding techniques can elevate one's combat prowess to staggering heights. As players venture through the game's unforgiving landscapes and face formidable foes, the Farron Greatsword becomes not merely a weapon, but an emblem of their indomitable spirit.

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