How to get the Dark Sword in Dark Souls 3?

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    In the challenging world of Dark Souls 3, the Dark Sword stands as a symbol of strength and prowess. This guide will delve into the intricacies of obtaining and utilizing the Dark Sword, providing a comprehensive strategy for wielding this formidable blade to its fullest potential.


    What is Dark Sword, How to Get Dark Sword in Dark Souls 3, and How to Use It?


    The Dark Sword is a lethal weapon favored for its swift and devastating strikes. To obtain the Dark Sword, players must secure it as a drop from the Darkwraith enemies residing in the treacherous Farron Keep area. Eager to master the use of the Dark Sword, players should familiarize themselves with its moveset, range, and attack patterns. It is essential to ensure their character's attributes align with the necessary strength and dexterity requirements to effectively wield this formidable weapon.

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    Step-by-Step Guide:


    Acquiring the Dark Sword: Players must obtain the Dark Sword as a rare drop from the formidable Darkwraith enemies found in the perilous Farron Keep region. To increase the drop rate, players can equip the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and use Rusted Coins to augment item discovery.


    Understanding Its Moveset: The Dark Sword has a diverse moveset encompassing swift slashes and powerful thrusts. Mastery of each attack's range and speed is pivotal for effectively engaging enemies and bosses.


    Leveraging Strength and Dexterity: The Dark Sword's potency scales with both strength and dexterity, necessitating players to invest in these attributes to optimize its potential. Additionally, utilizing the appropriate gems to infuse the sword can further enhance its damage output.


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    Mastering Combat Strategy: Effectually wielding the Dark Sword in combat demands precision, timing, and strategic positioning. Players should focus on capitalizing on openings, evading enemy attacks, and delivering decisive strikes to maintain control over battles.


    Enhancing Performance with Upgrades: By upgrading the Dark Sword at the blacksmith, players can elevate its damage output and modify its scaling, providing opportunities to tailor the weapon to their specific playstyle.


    Conquering Boss Battles: The swift and formidable strikes of the Dark Sword can be a valuable asset in boss battles. Understanding bosses' attack patterns and vulnerabilities, alongside mastering the weapon's moveset, will give players a substantial advantage in these trying encounters.




    In conclusion, the Dark Sword in Dark Souls 3 is a formidable weapon that demands mastery and skill to wield effectively. By obtaining the weapon, comprehending its moveset, and honing combat strategies, players can unleash its potential and overcome adversaries and bosses. With a strategic approach and unwavering determination, the Dark Sword can become an invaluable asset for conquering the perilous challenges of Dark Souls 3.

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