How to get the Roaring Halberd in Dark Souls 2

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    In the world of Dark Souls 2, powerful weapons can mean the difference between life and death. The Roaring Halberd is one such weapon, capable of devastating enemies with its fierce strikes. In this guide, we will explore how to obtain the Roaring Halberd, how to wield it effectively, and how to use it to defeat bosses and tough enemies.


    Roaring Halberd: The Roaring Halberd is a formidable weapon in Dark Souls 2, known for its immense damage and reach. It is a halberd infused with dark power, making it a deadly choice for those who wish to harness its strength. With its unique moveset and powerful strikes, the Roaring Halberd is a valuable asset for any player looking to conquer their foes.


    How to Get Roaring Halberd:


    To obtain the Roaring Halberd, players must defeat the Executioner's Chariot boss in the Undead Purgatory area. After vanquishing the boss, the Roaring Halberd can be found by trading the boss soul with Weaponsmith Ornifex in the Shaded Woods. Once in possession of the Roaring Halberd, players can unleash its power on their enemies.


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    How to Use Roaring Halberd:


    The Roaring Halberd boasts a unique moveset, combining swift and powerful strikes. Players can utilize its long reach to keep their enemies at bay, while its strong attacks can deal devastating damage. By mastering the weapon's timing and range, players can effectively take down even the toughest foes with the Roaring Halberd.


    Beating the Boss:

    The Executioner's Chariot is a daunting opponent, but with the right strategy, players can emerge victorious. By avoiding the Chariot's devastating charges and utilizing the environment to their advantage, players can weaken the boss and ultimately triumph. With perseverance and skill, players can claim victory and obtain the coveted Roaring Halberd.


    Roaring Halberd - DarkSouls II Wiki



    The Roaring Halberd is a prized weapon in Dark Souls 2, capable of decimating foes with its dark-infused power. By following the steps to obtain the weapon, mastering its unique moveset, and defeating the Executioner's Chariot, players can harness the full potential of the Roaring Halberd and reign victorious in their battles.

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