How to Increase Your Gear Score in New World - From 500 - 600

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    Welcome to this week’s New World Gear Score guide. Today, Demone Kim will give us a custom road map to get our gear score higher, for 500–600 especially.



    First, one thing you need to know: before level 60, all you care about is stats, but once you get to 60, both your gear score and your stats begin to matter. The reason is that we have one thing called watermark. Watermark System is a system that kicks in when your character reaches level 60 and ultimately governs the power of gear drops you receive as you venture into the more dangerous areas of the world and fight powerful enemies. For example, you have a hatchet that was 500. As you continue to kill monsters and get drops, the score is going to continue to go higher.


    Great Cleave, Shattered Mountain

    Once you hit level 60, what's typically recommended is that you head over to Eastburn Outpost in Great Cleave and start to do the PvP quest and get your PvP gear to start. After that, you'll end up heading over to Mountainhome Outpost at Shattered Mountain, which will lead you to Madaki. After you finish her questline, some legendary quests for weapons will open up to get your chance at getting a 580 weapon, which has increased damage to corruption.


    However, none of these gear that you guys get from these quests applied to your watermark period. So it means that you have a choice – you can either do the PvP missions, and thus go this route, or you could just start grinding in elite zones and get your gear up. But doing the PvP quest is not a waste of time because it's going to give you an advantage when you start getting into the harder content. Getting your gear score up periodically is the wisest.


    There are also some key zones you can go to once you hit 60. One of the best places is east Shattered Mountain. Here you will see Ursus Cave. You can just skip him as this bear does not drop anything. But in this Lonely Climb, you can farm tons of bosses, tons of loot. It's a great place to get from 500 to about 550.





    Then you will head down to Reekwater. Reekwater is money in the bank probably until about 560 to 570. Once you arrive, there are two places you can go - Forecastle Drift, and Eternal Pools Arena, which is also a great place to farm materials to craft your Tuning Orbs to fight the Siren Queen. Keep an eye out for items that do drop so that you can use them to craft Tuning Orbs that you will need once you start getting into the 570-580 gear range.




    When you farm in Forecastle Drift, there's like a little route because there's a ton of bosses, who are the Siren Queen’s minions. You have to go the route and fight one after another.




    We found it was much easier to get our gear score over 550 560 here. But it starts to taper off at the high 570, so it's time to move on to the next zone.


    Shattered Mountain

    Then you're pretty much going to head to Myrkgard and farm the priest, fight Thorpe at the Cathedral.


    Once you get to 580-590, that's pretty much the end of the road in terms of farming loot in the open world. From what we've been looking at, it's all about  dungeons because you're farming specific legendaries, and it is also about crafting. With the lower gear score, especially when you get into the harder fights, you can run a much higher risk of just getting stomped unless you want to run into the dungeon. There is also one key thing regarding dungeons that Demone mentioned in his video – you have a higher chance to get loot the smaller your group is. In this way, you can get your gear score where it needs to be before you attempt to tackle a dungeon that you may or may not be ready for.


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