Lost Ark Rapport System Guide

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    Rapport is a reputation system in Lost Ark, which means building a relationship with NPCs. Players can get plenty of rewards such as Lost Ark Gold and Skill Point Potions. Here FarmGolds will explain the Rapport System in Lost Ark.


    Lost Ark Rapport System Guide


    What Is Rapport in Lost Ark

    Rapport is a system where players can build relationships with NPCs and gain rewards at different Rapport levels. You can check the Rapport System by clicking Alt+N or going to Adventure-Rapport. By checking the details of each NPC, you can see the NPC’s reward of each Rapport level. There are 4 Rapport levels: Normal, Amicable, Friendly, and Trusted. Also, it shows their preferred gifts. People can get a lot of Lost Ark Gold and other special rewards such as Cards, attribute/skill points, and so on.


    Is Rapport Important in Lost Ark

    In the earlier game, you can get a large amount of gold from the Rapport system, which is the most important currency in Lost Ark. With enough gold, you can improve your character faster. When your Rapport level gets higher, you can even get valuable rewards such as Cards, attribute/skill points, and so on, which also helps a lot to improve your character. Whether you pay attention to Rapport or not can make a big difference. So the Rapport is very important.


    How Does Rapport Work in Lost Ark

    You can meet most of the Rapport NPCs by completing main quests. Some of the NPCs have Virtue stat requirements (Wisdom, Charisma, Courage, and Kindness), and you have to match the requirements to raise Rapport. Once you get to the Rapport level, you will claim the rewards.


    How to Increase Rapport in Lost Ark

    There are various ways to increase the Rapport in Lost Ark:

       1. By playing instruments

       2. By showing emotes

       3. By giving gifts


    There is a limitation on all of those, five songs a day, five emotes a day, 99 gifts a day.


    Rapport gifts give the most amounts to increase the Rapport with NPCs. You can give any gift to any NPC to increase the Rapport level; however, each NPC has its preferred gifts. Giving those preferred gifts will get more Rapport.


    Where to Get the Rapport Gifts in Lost Ark

    Rapport Gifts can be obtained by quests and Rapport Chest. You can get the Rapport chest by completing quests, Roster Level Rewards, Special Events, etc. You can also Purchase Rapport Chests with Providence Stones, and Providence Stones can be obtained by completing quests, Una tasks, killing rare enemies, etc.


    Which Are the Best Rapport NPCs

    Since you can get different rewards from each Rapport NPC, the best Rapport NPC depends on which rewards you prefer. But people always focus on Beatrice, Sasha, and Captain Cavery, because they reward Giant’s Heart. You can also choose the NPCs that reward more gold lost ark. Because there is a daily limitation on five songs and emotes, players should not give the Rapport Gifts randomly. You are suggested to focus on only a few NPCs at a time.


    How to Get Rapport Songs

    Here is a list of all the songs and how to get them in Lost Ark:


    Song Name

    Acquisition Method

    Song of Valor

    Obtained during [Main Quest]

    Heart’s Melody

    Obtained during [Main Quest]

    Song of Temptation

    Complete 50% of the [Adventurer’s Tome] in Yudia

    Serenade of Love

    [Quest] Relationship Guru – Starts with Zenri in Leibeheim

    Requiem of Twilight

    [Quest] Island of Eternal Rest – Starts with Father Diruth in Tranquil Isle

    Song of Starlight

    Purchased from Favreau on Starlight Isle for 3,300 Gienah’s Coin

    Heavenly Harmony

    Chance to get from Chest after Completing [Co-op Mission] Harmony Island

    Elegy of Serenity

    [Quest] Elegy of Serenity – Starts from Mathias in the Arid Path of Arthetine. Requires completion of [Main Quest] in Arthetine.

    Song of Resonance

    Sold by Treasure Hunter Igran – for 16,500 Pirate Coins

    Forest’s Minuet

    [Quest] It’s Okay, Miss Fairy – Starts from Hiding Fairy in Lullaby Island. Requires completion of Questline that starts with [Quest] The Forest Where Fairies Sing from Traveler Eclipse in Lullaby Island

    Festival Overture


    Song of Eternity

    Complete 60% of the [Adventurer’s Tome] in Rohende

    Song of Reminiscence

    [Journey] Lost Footsteps – Part of the 2nd Awakening Questline

    Song of Spring

    [Quest] Shangra’s Pure Energy – Starts from Eunsun at Shangra

    Romantic Weapon

    Complete 60% of the [Adventurer’s Tome] in Yorn

    Soulful Requiem

    Complete 60% of the [Adventurer’s Tome] in Feiton

    Song of Harmony

    Complete 50% of the [Adventurer’s Tome] in Punika


    How to Get Rapport Emotes

    Rapport Emotes are actions players can show to NPC to increase the Rapport level. People can do five times Rapport Emotes to NPC a day, and the limitation resets at 5 am server time. Here is a list of how to get the Rapport Emotes.


    Emote Name

    Acquisition Method


    Complete 40% [Adventurer’s Tome] in Arthetine


    [Quest Chain] A Great Discovery from Moyamoya on Totopia. Reward from the final quest.


    [Quest] Lina the Lovely from Pleasant Lina on Runaways Island


    Complete 70% [Adventurer’s Tome] in Rethramis


    Advance the [World Quest] in Yorn. Reward from [Quest] Father Knows Best from Neria in Isendelf


    [World Quest] Master’s Drinking Table in Melody Forest on Anikka


    [Quest] Truth or Dare from Minerva on Wisdom Isle


    Purchased from Yurei – Peyto for 5,000 silver


    Advance the [World Quest] in Arthetine. Reward from [Quest] The Three Leaders in Stern

    Blow a Kiss

    [Quest] Honorary Punikan from Kakarina in Nia Village in Punika


    Advance the [World Quest] in Punika. Reward from [Quest] Getting Ready for the Festival in Nia Village


    Purchased from Naphta in Flowering Orchard in East Luterra for 6,000 silver


    [Quest] Pioneer of Shangra from Eunsun on any Shangra island


    [Quest] The Totoikis’ Dream: Creation from Toto Elder on Toto Silver Island


    [Rapport Level] Trusted with Mokamoka in Mokoko Village on Tortoyk Island


    Advance the [World Quest] in Feiton. Reward from [Quest] Dark Blade in Kalaja


    [Quest] The Faces of Terror from Schweiz on Metus Islands


    Reward at Reputation Level 3 for [Una Daily Task] Remnants of the Plague in Rethramis Border


    [Quest] Becoming a Queen from Vivian in Luterra Castle in East Luterra


    Advance the [Main Quest] in Saland Hill. Reward from [Quest] Morai Ruins


    Reward for obtaining 4 Masterpiece Collectibles


    Advance the [World Quest] in North Vern. Reward from [World Quest] Ealyn’s Gift in Vern Castle


    Complete 70% [Adventurer’s Tome] in West Luterra


    Purchased from Blackfang in Freedom Isle for 3,360 Gienah’s Coin


    [Quest] A Good Day to Love Chain starts at Zenri in Liebeheim

    Spirit Recovery [Quest] Pioneer of Shangra from Eunsun on any Shangra island


    Advance the [Main Quest] in Luterra Castle. Reward from [Main Quest] Rebuilding Luterra from Ranche


    Advance the [Main Quest] in Luterra Castle. Reward from [Main Quest] Rebuilding Luterra from Ranche


    Purchased from Blackfang in Freedom Isle for 3,360 Gienah’s Coin 

    Threaten Reward for obtaining 10 Island Token Collectibles

    Wave Dance

    Reward for obtaining 35 Island Token Collectibles


    Reward at Reputation Level 3 for [Una Daily Task] Ruffians in the Ground in Azure Wind Island.

    Spirit Recovery

    [Quest] Pioneer of Shangra from Eunsun on any Shangra island


    Complete 70% [Adventurer’s Tome] in West Luterra



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