New Optional Items in Final Fantasy XIV

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    Two new optional items were added to the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store on Thursday, June 30, which are a dog mount and a set of glamour.


    The mount is a cute, fat, and funny dog called Megashiba. The glamour is called Street Attire.


    The mount costs 24 USD, and the glamour costs 22 USD. To buy both of them, you need to spend 46 USD, and they are definitely worth it, but do you know what is even more worth than that?


    Well, it's Final Fantasy XIV Gil. With 46 USD, you could buy more than 50M FFXIV Gil. Isn't it worth it? With 50M, you could buy a lot of stuff in the game, such as a large house, pretty glamours, cute minions, materials, etc. 


    Buy FFXIV Gil


    The Detail of the Dog

    The dog has three actions: Bark, Wag, and Whimper.

    Bark: One-time bark.

    Wag: Two-time barks and jumps around, also wags the tail.

    Whimper: A sad face and sound with your character's pat, the Whimper makes you want to love it even more. It is so adorable.


    Different body sizes of character will get different sizes of the mount.


    Mount in defferent size


    If your character is a cat, your tail could look a bit weird. Other than that are all perfect.


    Cat's tail


    The Detail of the Glamour

    Set includes:

    -Street Cap x1

    -Street Jacket x1

    -Street Top x1

    -Street Handwear x1

    -Street Cargo Trousers x1

    -Street High-top Shoes x1


    There are two types of tops, and whether your character is male or female, you can wear any of them.




    Do you like the new optional items? Did you buy them?


    Thank you for reading, and enjoy playing Final Fantasy XIV.


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