PoE Builds 3.16: Arc Totem Build - Hierophant Templar

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    This week, the Path of Exile build that FarmGolds wants to share with you is about Arc Totem Build - Hierophant Templar, quoted from Path of Exile Builds' channel. Now let's begin.






    Look for these mods on rare items

    - Lightning Damage

    - Totem Damage

    - Spell Damage

    - Cast Speed

    - Elemental Resistances

    - Life

    - Dexterity


    Mandatory Uniques

    Soul Mantle image.png

    - It's mandatory because socketed gems are supported by level 20 Spell Totem.

    - It also grants 1 additional totem, increased totem life, and up to 25% spell damage.

    - But there's a downside. It curses you with a random curse when a totem dies.

    - But don't worry, in this build, we'll turn this downside into a benefit.

    - Please pay close attention to the next items.


    Kikazaru image.png

    - First of all, let's start with Kikazaru. It's equipable on level 20 but don't equip it until you have your Soul Mantle.

    - This ring is mandatory because it grants 60% reduced curse effect on you.

    - The other 40% you get from your tree, so at the end, you get 100% reduced curse effect.


    Self-Flagellation image.png

    - Now you have 100% reduced curse effect. All those curses will cause zero harm. Using the unique jewel Self-Flagellation that grants 20% increased damage for each curse on you. You get up to 180% increased damage.


    Recommended Uniques

    - The Brine Crown

    - Singularity


    Rare Helmet





    - Nearby enemies have -9% lightning resistance.

    - Some Life

    - Some energy shield



    - When you have more PoE currency for crafting this build, get a helmet with these mods.


    Rare Weapon





    - At least 80% of lightning spell damage

    - At least 80% critical strike chance

    - Added lightning damage to spell

    - +1 level of all lightning spell gems



    - When you have more orbs, get a weapon with this.


    Rare Shield





    - +1 to maximum number of summoned totems

    - Some Life



    - Look for a shield like this.





    - +1 to maximum number of summoned totems

    - Some Spell damage

    - Some critical chance

    - Some Life



    - If you are rich in PoE currency, look for a better one like this.


    Recommended Flasks

    - Divine Life Flask

    - Silver Flask

    - Diamond Flask

    - The Wise Oak

    - Rumi's Concoction


    Gameplay Gear







    Arc – Elemental Focus – Added Lightning Damage – Inspiration – Increased Critical Damage – Lightning Penetration


    - Start forming a 4L with Elemental Focus, Added Lightning Damage, and Inspiration.

    - When you get an armour with 5 or 6L, you can add Increased Critical Damage and Lightning Penetration.

    - Remember that your body armour must be a Soul Mantle.



    Arcanist Brand – Assassin's Mark – Summon Lightning Golem – Culling Strike


    - Arcanist Brand is for bosses. It will curse them with Assassin's Mark for more damage.

    - It will also summon Lightning Golem for more cast speed. Since it will also be linked to Culling Strike. This golem will instantly kill bosses with 10% Life or lower.



    Wave of Conviction – Swift Assembly – High-Impact Mines – Charged Mines


    - This mine setup is amazing, and you don't even need to detonate them because your Skitterbots will. This will grant up to 30% chance to deal double damage and frenzy charges. The wave of Conviction will reduce their lightning resistance by 15%.



    Dash – Steelskin – Second Wind – Increased Duration


    - Steelskin grants a shield that absorbs damage. Please put it in your left-click shortcut, so you'll cast while walking.

    - Dash is a great movement skill.



    Wrath – Summon Skitterbots – Enlighten


    - Wrath grants more lightning damage.

    - Skitterbots grant 10% more mine damage and keep shocking and chilling enemies for more damage and survivability.



    Frost Shield – Vaal Haste – Increased Duration


    - Vaal Haste grants a temporary cast speed buff. Use it on bosses.

    - Frost Shield makes you a lot more tank taking up to 60% of the damage for you. Use it on bosses.





    Look for these mods on rare jewels:

    - Lightning Damage

    - Spell Damage

    - Totem Damage

    - Cast Speed

    - Critical Multiplier

    - Maximum Life


    Watcher's Eye





    - Damage penetrates X% of lightning resistances while affected by Wrath.



    - This kind of Watcher's Eye is not cheap, but it can optimize your damage.

    - It is not mandatory.



    Skill Tree





    Major God: Lunaris

    Minor God: Garukhan








    This build has a super easy leveling process. It is beginner-friendly.



    - Start using Spark on level 1 and change for Arc on level 12. Start using Arc Totems as soon as you reach the Ancestral Bond node on your skill tree around level 52. Don't forget your Soul Mantle when this time comes.


    Leveling setup of links:

    - If this is your first character, do the following steps:

    1. Create a Witch.

    2. Reach the first town.

    3. Talk to Nessa and purchase Spark.

    4. Put your wand with Spark and Arcane Surge in your stash.

    - Now create your Templar, and you'll have to use Glacial Hammer until the first town. There you can get your wand with Spark and Arcane Surge in your stash.

    - Reaching level 8, replace Arcane Surge with Added Lightning Damage. Also, add Efficacy.

    - Reaching level 10, activate Clarity for more mana regeneration.

    - Reaching level 12, replace Spark with Arc.

    - Also, on level 12, you can use Arc totems as auxiliary damage.

    - But remember, for now, your main skill is the Arc but not the totems.

    - This is an extra setup, not the same as your main Arc setup.

    - Reaching level 16, activate Summon Skitterbots for more damage and survivability.

    - Reaching level 18, replace Efficacy with Faster Casting and add Elemental Focus.

    - Also, on level 18, you can replace Added Lightning Damage and Efficacy with Faster Casting and Elemental Focus in your totem setup.

    - Reaching level 38, replace Faster Casting with Spell Echo.

    - As soon as you reach Ancestral Bond in your tree, around level 52, you must equip your Soul Mantle. Now place this setup in it.

    - Don't forget to equip your Kikazaru to deal with the curses.

    - Around level 60, when you pick Ritual of Awakening in your ascendancy tree, you can replace Clarity with Wrath.


    Recommended Items

    - Tabula Rasa

    - Goldrim

    - Lochtonial Caress

    - Wanderlust

    - Lifesprig

    - Asenath's Mark

    - Axiom Perpetuum

    - Dark Seer

    - Heartbreaker


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