PoE Builds 3.16: Winter Orb Build - Occultist Witch

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    Dear exiles, this week's PoE Build is about Winter Orb Build - Occultist Witch. Now please follow FarmGolds jumping into this build.


    Winter Orb Build Occultist Witch cover




    Look for these mods on rare items

    - Elemental Damage

    - Area Damage

    - Spell Damage

    - Cold Damage

    - Added Cold Damage

    - Spell Damage

    - Elemental Resistances

    - Life

    - Dexterity


    Mandatory Uniques

    Void Battery 

    - We're stacking power charges for this build. That's why 2 Void Batteries are mandatory.


    Badge of the Brotherhood 

    It's mandatory because we'll end up with at least 9 power chargers in this build.


    Mandatory Armour


    Winter Orb Build Occultist Witch armour



    - Some Life

    - At least 100 energy shield

    - Chance to gain a frenzy charge on hit

    - Maximum life as extra maximum energy shield



    - An armour like this is mandatory because having a big number of maximum frenzy charges is worth nothing without a way to generate them.

    - You can craft the "Maximum Life as extra energy shield", and just need a good body armour with the remaining mods and a free affix.


    Mandatory Helmet


    Winter Orb Build Occultist Witch helmet 1



    - Must be a Blizzard Crown

    - Some Life



    - You may should get a Blizzard Crown for this build because of the extra damage.


    Rare Helmet


    Winter Orb Build Occultist Witch helmet 2



    - Must be a Blizzard Crown

    - Some Life

    - Nearby enemies have -9% to cold resistance



    - You can grab one that also reduces nearby enemies' cold resistance if you have more PoE Currency.


    Winter Orb Build Occultist Witch helmet 3



    - Must be a Blizzard Crown

    - Some Life

    - Nearby enemies have -9% to cold resistance

    - +1 power charge



    - Now, you can get one that also grants +1 power charge if you are really swimming on those Exalted Orbs.


    Recommended Flasks

    - Divine Life Flask

    - Diamond Flask

    - Quicksilver Flask

    - The Wise Oak

    - Dying Sun


    Gameplay Gear

    Winter Orb Build Occultist Witch gear





    Winter Orb – Infused Channeling – Greater Multiple Projectile – Inspiration – Power Charge on Critical – Added Cold Damage


    - Start forming a 4 links with Infused Channeling, Greater Multiple Projectiles, and Inspiration.

    - You can add Power Charge on Critical and Added Cold Damage when you get an armour with 5 or 6L.



    Hatred – Herald of Ice – Zealotry – Enlighten


    - Hatred grants more cold damage.

    - Zealotry grants more spell damage.

    - Herald of Ice grants added cold damage and exploded enemies.



    Hydrosphere – Vortex – Bonechill – Unbound Ailments


    - Hydrosphere brings more DPS on boss fights and helps a lot with your clear speed.

    - Vortex causes bosses to take more cold damage because of Bonechill.



    Vaal Righteous Fire – Vaal Grace – Summon Lightning Golem – Increased Duration


    - Vaal Grace grants a temporary chance to avoid damage. Use it on bosses.

    - Vaal Righteous Fire grants 19% more spell damage for some seconds, great for bosses. It sacrifices 60% of your life to do so.

    - Righteous Fire is going to kill you!

    - You must use Vaal Righteous Fire.

    - Lightning Golem grants more cast speed.



    Arcanist Brand – Sniper's Mark – Frostbite


    - This brand is for bosses. It will keep cursing them with Frostbite and Sniper's Mark for a lot more damage.



    Frost Shield – Flame Dash – Arcane Surge


    - Frost Shield makes you much tanking to face bosses.

    - Flame Dash is a good movement skill.




    Look for these mods on rare jewels:

    - Cold Damage

    - Spell Damage

    - Area Damage

    - Critical Multiplier

    - Maximum Life


    Mandatory Jewel

    Thread of Hope 

    Thread of Hope (Large Ring) is mandatory for this build. It allows you to pick great nodes on your passive tree.


    Watcher's Eye


    Winter Orb Build Occultist Witch watcher's eye



    - Adds cold damage while affected by Hatred.



    - This kind of Watcher's Eye is expensive, but it can optimize your damage.

    - Not mandatory.


    Skill Tree

    Winter Orb Build Occultist Witch skill tree



    Major God: Lunaris

    Minor God: Garukhan



    Winter Orb Build Occultist Witch bandits



    This build has an easy leveling process. It is beginner-friendly.



    - Use Freezing Pulse until level 28.

    - Then you can start using Winter Orb.


    Leveling setup of links:

    - The first skill you'll get is Fireball, and you can use it until you reach the first city.

    - There, talk to the NPC named Tarkleigh and pick Freezing Pulse as your reward.

    - Keep Freezing Pulse with the Arcane Surge support gem.

    - When you reach level 8, support your Freezing Pulse with Efficacy and Added Cold Damage.

    - Now replace Arcane Surge with Lesser Multiple Projectiles.

    - Activate Clarity for more mana regeneration when you reach level 10.

    - You can activate Herald of Ice for more damage when you reach level 16.

    - Reaching level 18, you can replace Efficacy with Elemental Focus and Added Cold Damage with Faster Casting.

    - There at level 28, you can use winter orb as your main skill. So replace Freezing Pulse with Winter Orb and Faster Casting with Infused Channelling.

    - Reaching level 31, replace Elemental Focus with Inspiration.

    - Reaching level 38, replace Lesser Multiple Projectiles with Greater Multiple Projectiles.

    - Around level 60, when you reach sovereignty on your passive tree, you can replace Clarity with Hatred.

    - Now, when you get an Enlighten level 3 and Charisma Anointed in your amulet, you can also use Zealotry.


    Recommended Items

    - Tabula Rasa

    - Lochtonial Caress

    - Goldrim

    - Lifesprig

    - Wanderlust

    - Asenath's Mark

    - Axiom Perpetuum

    - Praxis

    - The Dark Seer

    - Heartbreaker


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