PoE Top Five Builds for the Lake of Kalandra Expansion

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    The long-awaited Path of Exile 3.19: Lake of Kalandra expansion recently finally reached the PoE player community. Immediately, players, both new and old, began creating their starter plans and builds, especially those related to the centerpiece of the expansion. That is the Lake of Kalandra region and the wide selection of tough adversaries that await there. Naturally, the same huge challenge immediately began a flood of many different PoE builds for the 3.19 expansion. These came including some builds that are very complex and difficult not just for novices but basically anyone who is not a seasoned veteran PoE player.


    At the same time, there has been a big influx of PoE 3.19 guide lists that take builds to their most basic variants for novice players. These are those gamers who are brand new to the Path of Exile and the exciting world of this free-to-play RPG. However, many are still seeking a space between these two extremes in terms of the Lake of Kalandra builds. The middle ground is something that is neither too beginner-oriented nor incredibly difficult to either obtain or successfully use. Here is a selection of PoE 3.19 builds that ideally fit in that in-between space and offer alternatives that are both powerful and very fun to play with, while all of them are accessible through a relatively straightforward and cost-effective gameplay process.


    Lake of Kalandra builds cover


    Lake of Kalandra Builds Basics


    Overall, Path of Exile character builds require a dose of patience and dedication. Even the simplest combination of skills and traits takes time to reach its peak potential and steady resource investment. With seven base classes and nearly 20 Ascendancy classes, all of which offer their own playstyles, no Path of Exile 3.19 build can start working great immediately. The same goes for in-game resource investment into any of these builds.


    But, for anyone looking for a bit of help when it comes to resources and in-game currency for Path of Exile, including the Lake of Kalandra, there are the great services that MmoGah offers. Thanks to their specialized PoE currency option, it is possible to attain the resources to quickly develop any build. MMOGAH services come with the top of line customer service and player account safety, making them both effective and completely secure. This is a great option for anyone looking to get ahead in Path of Exile, and the same covers PoE 3.19 builds as well. With all of that in mind, here is the breakdown of the five best builds for the Lake of Kalandra Expansion.


    5. Tectonic Slam Chieftain

    As one of the classic builds for many years running, Tectonic Slam Chieftain is a powerhouse of physical domination and damage-dealing. It has thrilled countless PoE fans thanks to its huge area-of-effect (AoE) damage and its overall physical toughness. With this PoE 3.19 build, players can begin with a regular Strength class but focus on skills, including Endurance Charges and Tectonic Slam, which is how the build got its name. This way, AoE damage only continues to grow and makes a faster and faster job of killing all of those Lake of Kalandra mobs. The only downside is that Tectonic Slam Chieftain has a harder time with individual targets like bosses, so an additional direct damage-dealing feature is a must for all solo enemies.


    4. Elemental Hit Slayer

    Any PoE 3.19 guide for elemental mages likely includes Elemental Hit Slayer, and for a good reason. This build is a well-known choice for anyone who wants to double down on elemental magic and its possibilities. For Path of Exile 3.19, the best option is to start with the Witch and then focus on several different elements. Among these, Cold and Fire should be present for sure, while Lighting is a good addition as well. Here, the Elemental Hit will be the key ability that rounds all of these together. That way, players will be able to deal big damage using different random magics, negating any resistances that enemies might have. Lastly, using things like the Unique Jewel will allow players of this top elemental choice for Lake of Kalandra builds to hone one magic to destructive perfection.


    Lake of Kalandra builds pic


    3. Mage Skeleton Necromancer

    Any PoE 3.19 build that is based on a Neuromancer is likely a good choice. However, Mage Skeleton Necromancer seems to be one of the best options when it comes to Lake of Kalandra builds, as it allows players to raise their army of skeletons and other deadly enemies. At the same time, players can cast buffs and other aids. For Mage Skeleton Necromancer, the best basis is the Witch class which then focuses on the skills for summoning, including the Skeleton Mage. The build requires a lot of Mana and comes with a high casting time. Also, when the player’s minions die, they are very vulnerable, which is why the summoning has to be practically continuous.


    2. Lacerate Gladiator

    The Lacerate Gladiator is all about the bleeding and continued health loss that this build creates. Because of that, players should focus on Lacerate skills, which increases the chance of bleed damage. Blood and Sand are a great additional factor for the same skill. Getting to this excellent Path of Exile 3.19 build should start with a class that is high in Dexterity, mainly Ranger, Duelist, or Marauder. While Lacerate is a great offensive element, players should also make sure they survive and increase their defensive capabilities as well.


    1. Oro’s Flicker Strike Raider

    This build is all about the Flicker Strike skill and the Oro’s Sacrifice weapon. Out of all of the builds in this PoE 3.19, this alternative is the trickiest of the bunch. With it, players need to attack using their weapon and its huge fire damage factor, but then quickly move away through the Flicker Strike teleportation. These skills and weapons are one of the best combinations in Path of Exile, but the build has to be created around the Strength class. That makes the Marauder the top choice but not the only one for those who want a bit more versatility for their PoE 3.19 Oro’s Flicker Strike Raider builds.



    With these alternatives for PoE 3.19 builds, anyone will be able to create their ideal middle-ground option for taking on the big challenges lying ahead in the Lake of Kalandra expansion.


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