Some New World Items You Can Sell For Quick Coins

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    If you want to know how to make gold in New World, you can try to sell these items listed below. These are the items we have been selling to make quick gold in New World. So let's go into the trading post directly.


    Orichalcum Ammunition


    Orichalcum Arrows are selling at the moment on my server for 10, 15, 20 cents, and it's actually quite low.





    But the reason I sell these now is that I am trying to improve my engineering, and it doesn't even matter what price it is. I always put them up for 20, 30 because what happens is when there's a fight going on or a war, people come and buy all the small orders, and they keep going and buying up all the rest. So I put items on for whatever price I want. You can put it on maybe an hour before there's a war or maybe at peak time when there are some PvP quests on, and you can definitely make some good money with these types of arrows.



    Cartridges are actually at good prices, maybe you want to go and sell these depending on your server.





    Sliver of Adderstone

    The Sliver of Adderstone is another good one I have been using to make gold. It ranges usually from 200 to around 100 gold. Right now it's about 140, which is pretty good because I can get Sliver of Adderstone for four or five of them within 10 minutes.


    Orichalcum Ore

    The next one is Orichalcum Ore. I've been making a lot of gold with it, and I would recommend you do this because it is blowing up right now. The reason why this is blowing up is there's an update coming out soon where Orichalcum Ore can be used to make other rare items like Cinnabar. So I would highly recommend that you could do this right now as much as you possibly can because this is going to be worth quite a bit of gold in the future. And people can actually use this in the future to create legendary materials. So Orichalcum Ore is a really good one that you should be selling right now. I haven't specifically been selling this myself but the reason I put it in is that this is a good one to sell in the future.


    Starmetal Logging Axe

    I've been actually selling a lot of this recently, and this might seem a bit strange because it is the star metal tool, like your axes your pickaxes and all that sort of stuff. There are not many people making them because they think that they can't make money with them anymore, but there are still new people coming into the game, so you can sell them to the new players. 





     Now you're not going to make tons of gold doing this, but if you're trying to level up your engineering and stuff like that, this could be a potentially good item to sell in New World.


    Last but not least is Chunk of Adderstone. You can go to Sike's video to learn about the details of this item. In addition, most of the content of this article also comes from his video. If you are interested, you can follow his channel.




    To be honest, no matter how good the methods of making gold are, it is not as fast as buying gold to obtain them. Now, the New World Coins prices are very low on FarmGolds, and we have a large amount of coins in stock. Buying coins here can help you get rich quickly.


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