The 12 Best Boss Weapons in Dark Souls 2

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    No other Souls game was able to accomplish this as well as Dark Souls 2. Players had access to dozens of boss weapons, each of which offered distinctive traits or stats that allowed for build- in. Even with Dark Souls 2 's wide variety of boss weapons, some were far superior to others. Here are the top five boss weapons that Dark Souls 2 players can use, from the base game to DLC weapons.


    Players in Dark Souls games are frequently punished at every opportunity because they are brutal and challenging. Players do have a chance to win, but they frequently face strong foes who will quickly destroy their health bars. However, the games give players the chance to arm themselves with powerful weapons, some of which they can get from the souls of defeated bosses, to defeat their enemies. These special weapons stand out from the rest of the game 's movesets and special effects offerings. While some of these weapons may be useful to players, some boss weapons are superior to others, and some may leave players wanting.



    1/12Worst: Ivory Straight Sword


    Never before in Dark Souls 2 has a boss weapon required so much work but so many flaws. Aava, the King 's Pet, was defeated in the Crown of the Ivory King DLC, and the winner received the Iron Straight Sword as a boss weapon reward. Even just getting to Aava, let alone killing the pair, is a success for those who are unfamiliar.


    The player will be confronted with a straight sword without any scaling if they kill the boss and obtain this blade. When upgraded, it causes 252 damage per swing, uses a tremendous amount of stamina, loses 10 swing durability, and can not be infused or buff.


    What makes this blade unique and necessitates these drawbacks? It is a fairly long- range straight sword because the blade shimmers with light. The only purpose of the Ivory Straight Sword is to power stancing a much better weapon because the main stats are so terrible. The Ivory King Ultra Greatsword is a better choice for those looking for an effective lightsaber.


    2/12Best: Warped Sword


    Players can obtain the Warped Sword by defeating the Flexile Sentry. The A scaling in dexterity, excellent base damage, and moveset full of multi- attacks are all features of this blade that a player could hope for. This blade will not stand much of a chance against PvE or PVP enemies. Due to its ridiculous counterattack damage, even experienced players can get a lot of use out of this weapon, making it the ideal weapon to use in conjunction with Buckler or Parrying Dagger.


    When this weapon is power- stanced, it truly ranks among the best . If the player uses two Warped Swords, poisoning or bleeding the blades can instantly cause each status ailment. It makes sense why so many Dark Souls 2 players swear by this weapon when combined with its high damage.


    3/12Worst: Spitfire Spear


    Players can create the Spitfire Spear, one of Dark Souls 2 's worst weapons, by slaying the Guardian Dragon at Aldias Keep. With its powerful attack, it can shoot flame projectiles, but the weapon 's pitiful durability means that most people will not even think about using it without a bracing knuckle ring.


    4/12Best: Ivory King Ultra Greatsword


    The Ivory King Ultra Greatsword is a weapon that performs admirably in boss battles. Theblade of this weapon ignites with a sheen of light whenever the player two- hands it, severely harming any opponent it strikes. Additionally, it has the amazing moveset of the Zweihander, effectively turning it into a lightsaber.


    It has an incredible sword range and causes insane damage to a target 's Poise. The best bleed effects in the archetype or outstanding elemental damage are given when this weapon is infused, elevating it to a new level. The only drawback of the Ivory King Ultra Greatsword is how far players must advance in their playthrough before obtaining it, necessitating defeating the Ice King himself in order to create this powerful weapon. It 's definitely worth the trouble , though.


    5/12Worst: Shield Crossbow


    One of the Dark Souls franchise 's coolest weapons is the Shield Crossbow, according to concept. Unfortunately, due to its poor damage output and poor shield stats, it turns out to be a terrible shield and crossbow.


    Players will notice the shield 's startlingly low stability stat, which is only 30 when obtained from the Executioners 'Chariot. The crossbow can not be used as a dedicated shield because players can only block once between firing it. Even worse, it can not be infused with harmful substances like bleed or poison. For most builds, this will be a difficult pass.


    6/12Best: Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword


    ThePursuer, an enormous armor suit with a lethal weapon and shield, is one of the first bosses the player will face. The Ultra Greatsword from Pursuer more than lives up to its name, which is good news. This greatsword is extremely powerful, with an A scaling in strength and 273 base damage without upgrades.


    This weapon shines in the early to mid- game without any investment, but once players start to invest in their strength stat, it starts to cut through opponents. Any build can be completed in New Game and even the new game+ by gaining 40 strength and increasing the blade 's strength to+ 5. This weapon can also be useful for high- quality builds. Any melee character needs the Pursuer 's Ultra Greatsword, given how easy it is for early players to locate this weapon.



    7/12Worst: Spider Fang


    It would be a gross understatement to describe the Spider Fang as disappointing given that Duke 's Dear Freja can summon hordes of spiders and fire lasers from her mouth. The damage, range, and durability of this curved sword are all average.


    The alternative attack from this weapon, which fires a web at the target to significantly slow them down, is the trade- off. Sadly, after a few uses, this attack in PvP becomes predictable. Additionally, PvE enemies are never swift enough to warrant slowing down. Even worse, it significantly reduces the weapon 's already poor usability, which makes a subpar weapon even worse. The web attack on this weapon only functions in builds that emphasize power stancing.


    8/12Best: Yorgh's Spear


    One of the strongest weapons in the entire Dark Souls franchise is Yorgh 's Spear, which can be obtained from Sinh, the Slumbering Dragons Soul. Due to its B scaling in strength and dexterity as well as its staggering 300 base damage, this weapon causes significant damage when used twice.


    But this weapon 's moveset is what really makes it great. The spear, greatsword, lance, and twinblade family of weapons are all used in its attacks. This weapon can destroy PvE foes with quick attacks and a wide range while punishing roll- spamming invaders. This weapon could have easily risen to the top spot if it had been available much earlier and did not require as much stamina.



    9/12Worst: Crypt Blacksword


    The Crypt Blacksword, which resembles Guts 'sword in the manga, will be required of fans of the well- known manga series Berserk for their characters. When fully upgraded and infused with a Raw Gem, the weapon can cause impressive physical attack damage that can reach 425 damage.


    The scaling department, which offers a maximum of C scaling in Strength, is where it falls short, though. The players 'character is vulnerable to enemy attacks because the Crypt Blacksword swings slowly and is difficult to use. When facing their opponents, players must carefully time their attacks, which can be frustrating for some players. There are better options, but it is unquestionably not the "absolute worst" weapon in the game .



    10/12Best: Drgonslayer Greatbow


    In the legends of Dark Souls, a massive bow called the Dragonslayer Greatbow was first created and used to defeat dragons. When fully upgraded and infused with a Raw Gem, it can cause damage of up to 333. With this greatbow, players will gain a B scaling in strength and c scaling for dexterity.


    Theweapon weighs a little and requires special ammunition, but the damage and knockback more than make up for this. The Dragonslayer Greatbow causes significant damage to some of the game 's larger enemies while being completely destructive to smaller ones, eliminating them in a matter of hits.


    For long- range, sniper- style builds that enjoy eliminating foes from a distance , the Dragonslayer Greatbow is ideal. However, it is advised that you also carry a close- range secondary weapon.



    11/12Worst: Dragonrider Twinblade


    In Heide 's Tower of Flame, defeating the Dragonrider could result in a reward of dragonfighter twinblade. Being a Twinblade gives it the advantage of having an excellent moveset.


    Having said that , the weapon has pitifully low damage stats and scaling when fully upgraded, with a D- scaling in strength, C in dexterity, and C- scale in intelligence. Although this weapon is not the worst boss weapon in the game , it pales in comparison to the Dragonrider Bow, which is the second- best weapon available to players. The Red Iron Twinblade is a better choice if you want to support the twinblades.


    12/12Best: Bewitched Alonne Sword


    Thestrongest katana in the entire Dark Souls 2 franchise, including Sir Alonne 's Bewitched Sword, is one of the DLC weapons. The massive 30 dexterity needed to use this weapon more than makes up for it with an S scaling.


    It is not only buffable, but it also has a special attack that increases damage to the player in return. With buffs, this stacks. Few weapons are as effective and simple to use as this one.


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