The Best Gold Farming Classes in WoW Classic Season of Mastery

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    With the release of WoW Classic Season of Mastery, we have a brand new gold farming opportunity in the game. There are some changes coming to the Season of Mastery that will help balance things out, and I'll make the most of classes in certain areas. Here FarmGolds, as a professional WoW Classic SoM gold seller, will cover all the classes for gold making and rank them in order from the Best to Worst.




    1. Mages

    Mages are the No.1 class for gold farming as they can pull a lot of mobs, knock them down, and use the line of sight strategies to avoid caster mobs. They can also be able to re-farm inside dungeons as long as they can nuke down the mobs before they become immune to slow effects or face tank the Mumps and deal damage with Arcane Explosion.


    They own the highest ranged damage potential in the game, from the start as a Frost Mage to the finish as a Fire Mage and have some tools for every type of situation and convenience, as well as the best Crowd Control tools in the game.




    2. Paladins

    They have huge potential in Season of Mastery, as they might become the new boosting meta. This all depends on whether or not Blizzard nerfs the XP you get when you have a high-level player in the group, but even if they do, Paladins have great possibilities. When it comes to AoE farming, both in the open world and dungeons, especially inside dungeons, they might actually be better than Mages.


    Take lusher farming in Dire Mall. For example, if these mobs are immune to slows and freeze effects, Mages won't be able to kite them and will have to tank the damage with their clothing gear. Paladins will survive under bigger and longer pulls, where you have to grab their mobs, making them at least on par with Mages. When it comes to dungeon farming for a specific limit, Paladins may be better than Mages.


    3. Hunters

    Hunters are great for several different things. I would like to highlight their insane solo capabilities, as they can use slow traps to slow down enemies and concussive shots for further slow effect. Their pets are extremely tanky, and they can solo all types of elites in the open world.


    Season of Mastery changes Phase 1 quite drastically for Hunters due to the release of Dire Maul. They can obtain PvP gear and rank 13 in half the time taken in Classic. Warriors and Rogues are incredibly popular classes in Classic WoW and will also be popular in Season of Mastery.




    4. Warlocks

    They can do almost every type of making gold, except for boosting, AoE farming, and Stealth Runs. It means that Warlocks can do Stealth Runs without stealth by using safe spots and Soulstones, Death Skips in certain areas.


    Warlocks can solo dungeon, bosses, and specific loot, such as Princess Theradras in Maraudon as well as the Goblin Pit Boss and Grape. Combining this with Herbalism for Ghost Mushrooms and you will get some Season of Mastery gold from Warlocks in Phase 1. Warlocks can solo bosses and elites in the open world, opening up the possibilities of gold farming.


    5. Rogues

    Pick Pocket and Lockpicking are unique to Rogues. Rogues have incredible burst damage and Crowd Control (CC). They can solo bosses quite easily, even if guards surround them, such as Pyromancer Loregrain in Blackrock Depths, which can actually drop the Fiery Weapon Enchanting formula. On top of that, Rogues gets better and better in later phases, both in terms of damage and gold making, such as Dire Maul Stealth Runs for either boss loot or Herbalism & Mining.




    6. Druids

    Druids are incredibly flexible in the forms that they can do. They have decent movement speed without having to own the mount, which could become in handy. If you have Herbalism and Mining, consider the increased amount of spawns in the open world, they can also do open world farms at high efficiency by chain pulling and healing themselves. In that case, they have Prowl, which makes them open to stealth farming inside dungeons, both for specific bosses and Herbalism & Mining spawns.


    7. Warriors

    Warriors have incredible damage, which bumps them up from the bottom of the list to seventh place. Actually, after Blizzard has nerfed Mage boosting, every class is actually quite close to each other. The only downside is that if your chain pulling is too much, you will have to stop eating. Mages have to drink to regain mana as well. Outside of open-world farms, Warriors have a bunch of dungeons available to them through the two dungeons: Zul’Farrak and Dire Maul.




    8. Priests

    They have some decent options to farm WoW Classic Gold. In Phase 1, Priests aren't really the optimal class for gold farming, except for Shadow Priests, which might be able to chain pull specific mobs without going out of mana with their spirit tap talent and mana region.


    9. Shamans

    It is probably the least exciting class to make gold. They are no change from Classic WoW to Season of Mastery, and other classes can do what Shamans can do. However, Shamans can use clever pathing to solo specific bosses inside dungeons, which can be semi-lucrative gold farming. When Dire Mall comes out in Phase 2, there are a couple of bosses there so Shamans can solo clever bosses.


    All the content is quoted from Solheim's video.



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