The Best PVP Builds in Dark Souls 2

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    The best options for playing with Dark Souls 2 Player v Player build options.


    Dark Souls 2 has unquestionably the best PvP content the series has ever seen, despite fan complaints about it. Power stancing and the game's extensive arsenal of spells and weapons made it possible to create builds and metas that were not possible in any other Dark Souls game.


    In Dark Souls 2, variety is the spice of life. Making any build is simple to do thanks to its forgiving respec system and abundance of available items. For PvP, the majority of players maintain a soul level of 150, but this is sufficient to build strength. Players should try out these ten fantastic Dark Souls 2 PvP builds. There is no particular order to this list.


    In Dark Souls 2, building a build can be challenging. It can be extremely difficult to manage the cumbersome Adaptability stat, four ring slots, weapon infusions, and choice of tools. Each entry has been synopsized with important stats and equipment that players should concentrate on to make following these builds simpler. Happy hunting !


    1/10Straight Sword/Katana Build


    The most exotic or rarest items are typically the strongest in games. Dark Souls 2 is not. The power of a Longsword or any katana is unmatched by any weapon.


    At first glance, the scaling on these weapons appears low, but Dark Souls 2 offers a wide range of options. Run a quality build with 30 more points in intelligence and faith to deal elemental damage, then add the ideal moveset to any high AR sword. The majority of katanas are best suited for builds with 40 to 60 dexterity. Many players claim that the Longsword and Katanas in Dark Souls 2 are the best PvP weapons because their movesets are too good to pass up.


    2/10Red Iron Twinblade


    Using any Twinblade to slice and dice opponents is a lot of fun. Get a Red Iron Twinblade for PvP, raise your strength stat, and get ready to attack players.


    At least 40 pounds of strength should be added, though 60 will cause more harm. To prepare for numerous chain attacks, invest levels of vigor and endurance after that. With each strike, this weapon will then cause enormous amounts of damage throughout a large area. Players with poor poise could be killed by the Stone Ring if it is equipped. This weapon can only be infused into heavy builds of hex or sorcery.


    3/10Chaos Rapier Pyromancer


    A non-infused Chaos Rapier enables solid damage output in between strong pyromancies, whereas there are better options for dealing fire damage with a weapon.


    A good alternative to not infusing it is using a flame weapon or charcoal resin. It is not advisable to inject this weapon because doing so will significantly lessen its physical damage. Upgrade your intelligence and faith stats to at least 30% while also raising your main statistics, just like in Dark builds. Warmth is a lifesaver for pyromanices in difficult situations. Players can take a breather during Flame Swathe and Lingering Flame. The best ways to ruin an opponent's day are with Forbidden Sun and Toxic Mist.


    4/10Dedicated Hexer


    In Dark Souls 2, a new type of spellcasting called hexes involves using souls or twisted spells to produce powerful effects. Due to their adaptability, making a dedicated hexer is not advisable.


    Both should be upgraded to 60 because Dark damage scales are based on a player's lowest Intelligence of Faith score. Since it can cast any type of spell, the Black Witch's Staff is the best option. Since enemies can only walk, Promised Walk of Peace will make landing Hexes a breeze. In small arenas like the Iron Keep bridge, Scraps of Life is completely defeated. Affinity is great for Soulmass alternatives. Dark Greatsword is excellent for zoning.


    5/10Ice Rapier Sorcerer


    Medium- to long-range spells are used by sorcerers to defeat foes, but maintaining that distance isn't always possible. The Ice Rapier saves lives in these situations.


    a typical Sorcerer build that heavily relies on intelligence, vigor, and attunement. The average intelligence of players should be 60. From there, add magic to the Ice Rapier. A Soul Spear projectile is fired by this weapon's powerful attack, but it only causes minor damage on its own. The blade and spell both cause damage to the target when used at melee range, sometimes resulting in one-shot losses. Players can quickly dispatch the majority of their opponents with the help of Crystal Soulmasses.


    6/10Kung Fu Master


    The Bone Fist from Dark Souls 2 is unlike any fist weapons in the Soul series, despite the fact that they are nothing new. This weapon gives its user a tremendous amount of strength, making it ideal for PvP.


    When used with either a strong build or one that is only focused on strength, the Bone Fists are devastating because they have an A scaling in dexterity and an S scale in strength. Even better, get two of these and use them as power. To do this, players will need 45 dexterity and 22 strength, but the reward is quick punches that give them Greatsword-level poise and projectile-firing skills! Players have time to close the gap as it knocks targets off their feet. Never has it been more fashionable to kill enemies.

    image.png7/10Hex Crypt Blacksword


    Using a Dark Crypt Blacksword is the best strategy if you want to eliminate your opponents with one or two backstabs. With this build, skilled players who can bait attacks will reap enormous rewards despite being slow and predictable.


    Equally, preferably up to 45, should be added to the faith and intelligence scores. To use the Crypt Blacksword effectively, increase the strength stat to 40 after that. Gain I-frames while rolling by investing in any remaining levels to improve your health, endurance, and adaptability. This weapon can easily have an attack rating of more than 1,000 when infused with the Dark Sword Hex! Before swinging this monster to ensure the enemy's demise, use an impromptu weapon to lure them into dangerous situations.


    8/10Power Stancing Greatswords


    In Dark Souls 3, there aren't many opportunities to use a special moveset to simultaneously wield two greatswords. This is simple to do thanks to Dark Souls 2's power stance system.


    The Zweihander is a fantastic choice, but the vanilla Greatsword works best for this. To power-position two Greatswords simultaneously, players must possess 42 strength and 15 dexterity. With each swing, the payoff is enormous, breaking poise instantly and enabling strong thrusting heavy attacks. It's amusing and silly at the same time.




    Like in Dark Souls 3, faith wasn't always a bad stat to invest in. Even after the nerds they received after launch, Dark Souls 2's miracles are still amazing. It's a blast to use them in PvP when combined with high-strength equipment.


    To make the majority of weapons and miracles usable, increase the strength and faith stats to 40. It's also a good idea to raise the vigor score to 40. From there, perform miracles using the Priest's Chime and a strength weapon of your choosing. Most use the Defender Greatsword, but a Lightning infusion on any strength weapon is solid. Run Sacred Oath for a sizable damage and survivability boost in combat. Great Heals can be cast when combat gets dicey. Run any rings that cover weaknesses in this build or playstyle.


    10/10Quality Build


    Dark Souls 2 has a vast array of weapons and armor to choose from, making it difficult for some players to stick with a build. While players can respec using Soul Vessels, sticking with one build can be more time and resource - efficient.


    Quality builds are great for people in this situation. Upgrade the dexterity and strength stats to 40, then upgrade vigor, adaptability, and endurance to preference. This will allow players to use virtually any weapon in the game with little downsides. Players will miss out on a small amount of damage on A or S - scaling gear, but the versatility allows this build to use virtually anything while staying competitive in PvP.



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