What Do These D2R Modifiers Do - Ignore Target's Defense

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    Many players have joined Diablo 2 Resurrected ever since it launched. Some players may feel D2R is more difficult than D2. So we will explore deeply to provide useful information for you. We will start a series called “What Do These D2R Modifiers Do”. This time we will introduce Ignore Target's Defense which is one of the special modifiers, so let’s dive into it.


    What is Ignore Target's Defense

    Ignore Target's Defense is a Diablo 2 items special modifier that gives a special attribute to players’ weapons or equipment to increase their hit or damage values.


    What Can the Ignore Target's Defense modifier do

    This does exactly what it says that it sets the defence of a target to zero, but it does not mean that players will always hit the target because the hitting percentage not only depends on Defence but also is affected by Character Level and AttackRating. And the chance to hit is calculated by the following formula:

    100 * AttackRating / (AttackRating + EnemyDefenseRating) * 2 * AttackerLevel / (AttackerLevel + EnemyLevel)


    From the formula we can see that:

    1. AttackRating is factored against DefenseRating.

    2. The Character Level is also factored against the target's level.


    If we ignore Target's Defense, it will simply change to:

    200 * AttackerLevel / (AttackerLevel + EnemyLevel)

    When your level can be roughly 10% lower than the enemy level, you may hit an enemy with a 95% chance.


    So when players use the Diablo 2 Resurrected Items which have Ignore Target's Defense, the hit chance will improve tremendously.


    What kind of Diablo 2 Items have an Ignore Target's Defense modifier

    1. Ignores Target's Defense modifier is found on various Diablo 2 Unique Items such as The Impaler of Spears, Skewer of Krintiz of Swords.


    2. It can also be added to a weapon by socketing the Jah rune. But this does not mean it just needs only one rune. Because D2R Rune needs to be grouped into D2R Runewords to take effect, which includes the Jah rune such as Last WishBrand. Besides these Diablo 2 Runewords, players also need to collect some weapons with sockets. After they socketed the corresponding D2R Runes on the sockets of a weapon, the Ignore Target's Defense can be given.





    1. Ignore Target's Defense does not affect Unique MonstersHirelings, other players, and Act-end bosses.

    2. Ignore Target's Defense is very powerful for levelling characters since it eliminates the need for AttackRating against most monsters.


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