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    In Dark Souls 3, souls prefer gain expendable soul to create purchases, gain levels or service your equipment.

    Here i will tell u some souls we always trade in game.

    Soul of a Great Champion


    Use to gain 50,000 souls.

    Soul of a Great Champion Locations

    1 within NG+ towards the top of the Grand Records over a body next towards three mobs.


    Found in NG+ at Archdragon Peak, down the stairs of the Great Belfry Bonfire. Ruins in the middle immediately towards the right.


    One discovered in NG+ underneath the Undead Bone tissue Shard location inside the Grand Records nearby the Scholar Mages leave towards the Gargoyles. Near the Cursed Bookcases you will find the soul.


    Within NG+, wherever the millwood chieftain is on Ashes of Ariandel.


    InNG+ around the stairs the 6 Harald Legion Knights guard in the ringed city.


    Found in NG+ nearby the Purging Monument.

    Soul of a Champion


    Use to gain 25,000 souls.

    Soul of a Champion Locations

    Present in the Demon Ruins, by the end from the bridge, to the best, to appreciate the Greatsword Black Knight( must become in NG+)


    In the Irithyll dungeon, where you drop in to the giant 's room for the first time , you can find one. When he is in bed, next to his arms and also to the crystal lizard.( Must certanly be NG+)


    In Anor Londo one can be discovered in the stairs from the bonfire to the right. It will always be guarded with a red eyed silver knight.( Should be NG+)


    One are available the ladder and head-on, frontally, following the dancer from the Boreal Valley bonfire. There exists a reddish eyed lothric knight guarding this.( Must be NG+)


    You can be seen following the bonfire in the untended graves next from what is apparently a broken open fire vessel.


    Inside the arena wherever you fight the Millwood chieftain are 2 located.


    Drop by Locust Preacher( NG+).

    Soul of a Venerable Old Hand


    Use to gain 20,000 souls.

    Soul of a Venerable Old Hand Locations

    In NG+, one is located for the finish from the Irithyll Dungeon that would allow someone to enter the profaned capital ahead of the bridge.


    In NG+ one is found exterior the key doors to the castle of Anor Londo.

    Large Soul of a Crestfallen Knight


    Use to gain 20,000 souls.


    Soul of an Old Hand


    Use to gain 12,500 souls.


    Most souls( consumable item) can turn out to be farmed by killing locusts through the swamp in the Ringed City. The number and quality inside the soul obtained will fluctuate based which game pattern the ball player is at.( I. e. they will drop the soul of a champion in NG+ and beyond as drop by their corpses). It is strongly recommended to max out item breakthrough not limited to the larger possibility to get a drop but additionally as it 's likely to have multiple items by the exact same corpse. This is unquestionably among the right way to farm hard souls that the gamer can change in if they want.


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