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    Souls are the resident currency of Lothric and also function as experience points in Dark Souls III. They can be used to purchase items from merchants or to level up via the Fire Keeper at Firelink Shrine.

    Souls drop from fallen enemies and hostile phantoms. They can also be picked up throughout the world in itemized form.

    Once the player character dies, all non-itemized souls will be lost. If the player can return to the place their character died, they will be able to recover those souls previously held by touching their bloodstain.

    Consuming itemized souls is similar to the mechanic in Dark Souls II, where the player can select any quantity of the same type of soul and consume them all at once. Unlike in previous games, itemized souls may be sold to the Shrine Handmaid and receive their full and correct value in return. The same applies for boss souls.

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