Best Fire Staff Builds (PVE and PVP) – Rapier Burst Build | New World

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    Best Fire Staff Builds (PVE and PVP) – Rapier Burst Build | New World

    Fire Staff Builds

    This is a guide on the best Fire Staff Builds for New World. Read on to see the stats, skills, armor, and playstyle guides of the best PVE and PVP Fire Staff Builds in Aeternum!

    Table of Contents

    Fire Staff / Rapier Burst Build

    New World - Rapier Fire Staff

    Build Purpose
    General (PvP and PvE)
    ・High single-target DPS
    ・High mobility
    ・Has both close and long range attacks
    ・High risk playstyle

    Build Stats and Skills

    Stat PriorityIntelligence → Dexterity

    Stats obtained through armor are not accounted for in this table.

    1st Weapon2nd Weapon
    Fire Staff ImageFire StaffRapier ImageRapier
    Active Skills
    New World - Pillar of FirePillar of Fire
    New World - FireballFireball
    New World - Burn OutBurn Out
    New World - RiposteRiposte
    New World - EvadeEvade
    New World - FlecheFleche
    Passive Skills
    New World - Fiery RestorationFiery Restoration
    New World - Clear MindClear Mind
    New World - First StrikeFirst Strike
    New World - SingeSinge
    New World - Clear CastingClear Casting
    New World - SpellslingerSpellslinger
    New World - Prophet of a Fire GodProphet of a Fire God
    New World - FlareFlare
    New World - Runes of HeliosRunes of Helios
    New World - PyromaniaPyromania
    New World - Let it BurnLet it Burn
    New World - KindleKindle
    New World - Watch it BurnWatch it Burn
    New World - Combat SpeedCombat Speed
    New World - All InAll In
    New World - Heat it Up!Heat it Up!
    New World - Refreshing StrikesRefreshing Strikes
    New World - Controlled BreathingControlled Breathing
    New World - Breathe InBreathe In
    New World - PerfectionistPerfectionist
    New World - Insult To InjuryInsult To Injury
    New World - Red CurtainsRed Curtains
    New World - AllegroAllegro
    New World - Quick LungeQuick Lunge
    New World - PriorityPriority
    New World - AdagioAdagio
    New World - SwiftnessSwiftness
    New World - BacksideBackside
    New World - Lasting ConsequenceLasting Consequence
    New World - CrescendoCrescendo
    New World - InterruptionInterruption
    New World - MomentumMomentum

    Best Perks and Equipment

    Perks and Equipment Stats
    PerksBest Perks
    New World - Efficient Burnout Efficient Burnout
    New World - Enchanted Enchanted
    New World - Efficient Burnout Fire Damage
    New World - Omnidirectional Evade Omnidirectional Evade
    New World - Retaliate IV Retaliate IV
    New World - Exhilarate IV Exhilarate IV
    Weapon Icon.pngStats: Scholar
    Headwear IconWeightLight

    Stats: Trickster
    Intelligence Dexterity)

    Torso IconWeightLight

    Stats: Ranger


    Stats: Occultist
    (Intelligence Constitution)


    Stats: Assassin
    (Dexterity Intelligence)


    Stats: Occultist
    (Intelligence Constitution)

    Build Playstyle

    This build focuses on poking your enemies with the Fire Staff from far away then get in close with Burn Out and Fleche to finish them off.

    Poke with Fire Staff

    You will start your fights will your long-range attacks like Pillar of Fire and Fireball to deal a lot of damage from afar, chipping away at your target’s health with heavy attacks to reset cooldowns with Fiery Restoration. Once they are low enough and try to get away you can use Burn Out to chase and get in close.

    Rapier Finisher

    When you are in melee range against an enemy you will have to switch to the rapier. Using Riposte to counter enemy attacks and Evade to constantly reposition to get backstabs for critical hits. Fleche is going to be your finishing move with its high mobility and cooldown reset passive.

    Last but not least

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