Best & Worst Axes in Dark Souls 3

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    There are a ton of amazing weapons in Dark Souls 3. The best axes to use and the worst ones to avoid are listed below.


    Many games use axes as a type of weapon, but swords or spears frequently outperform them. This category of melee weapons has some of the highest damage in Dark Souls 3, despite not receiving much glory. They are able to take advantage of a variety of circumstances thanks to their horizontal one- handed attacks and vertical two- handed strikes.


    Axes that require more endurance and strength but can cause much more damage are upgraded to greataxes. Additionally, they provide their wielders with hyper armor so they can fend off lighter incoming attacks in mid- swing. Additionally, even for agile opponents, dodging their heavy blows can be challenging due to their weight and the slight area of impact of their vertical strikes. However, not all are created equal, as some pale in comparison as a result of subpar scaling and movesets or poor damage.


    TheAshen One should make sure to check the stat requirements of their preferred weapon before starting to sever their enemies with their favorite axe. Even though players can use melee weapons that can not be used two- handed, having a shield or catalyst in the offhand allows for better offensive and defensive strategies. Players will also be able to confuse and confound their enemies with versatile assaults that few can keep up with or counter by switching between any given axe 's one- handed and two- handed movesets.


    1/10Best: Dragonslayer Greataxe


    Overview of Dragonslayer Greataxe


    The greatest physical harm is done by this iron behemoth compared to any other axe or greataxe. It works well in many circumstances because it scales well with Strength and causes lightning damage without needing to be infused. It should only be used in dedicated Strength builds because using it requires a lot of power.


    Greataxe scaling, damage output, and weaponry skills in Dragonslayer


    At +5, it has a remarkable physical attack of 364 along with 136 lightning strikes, which are further boosted by C- tier Strength, D- notch Faith, and E- level Dexterity. Anyone who prefers using unrelenting force as a combat strategy should consider the Dragonslayer Greataxe. Additionally, Falling Bolt 's weaponry creates a brilliant storm that strikes enemies in the heads, causing great harm and having significant impact for melee weapons.


    Greataxe Stat Requirements for Dragonslayer


    Players would do well to add some extra attribute points to Faith for a slightly higher lightning attack stat, despite the fact that Faith is ideal for Strength builds. That is optional, though, and the Dragonslayer Greataxe 's acceptance of it serves as further evidence of how effective a weapon it is against the strongest warriors.


    2/10Worst: Thrall Axe

    Thrall Axe Overview


    Overview of the Thrall Axe


    These tiny hatchets, which gradually erode one 's health, are frequently used by the thralls of the undead settlement. Since this is unquestionably the game 's weakest axe, if used by the player, it will have a similar impact on enemies. The Attack Rating of the Thrall Axe is abhorrent due to its pitiful scaling and low base damage. Additional justifications for avoiding this subpar tool include its short reach and ugly design.


    Scaling of a thrall axe, damage output, and weaponry


    TheRefined path, which still produces the lowest total damage for any axe in the game at 182 physical attack, is the best upgrade path for the Thrall Axe. Although, like the Hand Axe, its abysmal reach and nearly useless weapon skill make it abundantly clear that this axe will never be practical, the B- tier scaling in both Strength and Dexterity helps it somewhat in the damage department. Quick Step, the game 's weapon, appears to offer the player simple backstabs, but more cunning adversaries simply retreat to a moderate level of safety.


    Requirements for the Thrall Axe Stat


    These low numbers almost serve as a warning about the Thrall Axe 's low damage potential. If you are not just playing around in the Undead Settlement and using your own weapon against the enemies of the Thrall, do not bother with this little hatchet.


    3/10Best: Demon's Greataxe


    Overview of Demon 's Greataxe


    This demonic destroyer possesses comparable fiery power and can be transposed from a Demon 's soul. Additionally, it scales with all significant stats, making it an excellent weapon for higher- level characters with lots of stat points. TheAshen One can deliver more strikes per stamina bar than they anticipate because it also uses less endurance than the majority of other greataxes.


    Demon 's Greataxe Scaling, Damage Production, and Weaponry


    TheDemon 's Greataxe can achieve 286 physical attacks and 160 fire attacks at the highest upgrade level of+ 5, which is only surpassed by the strongest weapons in the game . The boosts are significantly increased by the B- tier scaling with Strength in addition to Intelligence and Faith, and it even gains a little bit more from the E- level scaling in Dexterity. Demonic Flare 's weaponry also unleashes a massive explosion that is excellent for taking on multiple foe types.


    Requirements for Demon 's Greataxe Stat


    Planning a character to effectively wield the Demon 's Greataxe can be challenging due to the variety of stat requirements, but it is advised to focus more on Intelligence and Faith than Vigor or Dexterity.


    4/10Worst: Hand Axe


    Overview of the Hand Axe


    This is a wood- chopping tool, not an actual weapon. It serves as the pyromancer class 's starting weapon and is effective at hollowing out pitiful targets, but it will soon outperform almost all other axes in terms of damage and reach. For those who need to make some kindling, perhaps leave this one in the Great Swamp.


    Scaling of the hands, damage output, and weaponry


    Its physical damage only rises to a pitiful 192 at+ 10 despite gaining B- tier scaling in both Strength and Dexterity with the ideal upgrade path( Refined). Given that its range is barely greater than that of a dagger, its Warcry skill will never be sufficient to make up for this pitiful damage potential.


    Requirements for Hand Axe Stats


    Thismediocre weapon is revealed to be the early- game- only weapon by minimal stat requirements, which also hints that this is the point in the game where the Hand Axe should be abandoned.


    5/10Best: Black Knight Greataxe


    Overview of Black Knight Greataxe


    The remains of the black knights who once used this beast of a blade against the Ashen One are still covered in it. To use it, one needs a tremendous amount of strength, dexterity, and stamina. Since almost every axe or greataxe in the game causes the most physical harm, the Black Knight Greataxe is worthwhile the investment. Its two- handed, powerful attack is a delayed upward slash that can knock larger opponents to the ground as well as send most enemies flying.


    Scaling, damage output, and weaponry of the Black Knight Greataxe


    TheBlack Knight Greataxe gains a significant 350 physical attack at the maximum level of +5, along with C- tier Strength scaling and D- level Dexterity scaling for moderate boosts. Warcry 's weapon skill is similar to that of many other axes and greataxe, but after use, this enormous weapon gains a distinctive, powerful attack combo. When fully activated, players have the ability to slash and damage targets with a surprisingly quick chain of blows.


    Requirements for the Black Knight Greataxe Stat


    Given that they will require similar stats to don the Black Knight armor set and wield it, this greataxe is appropriate for those who plan to do so. This means that this Black Knight weapon can really fit into the world 's innate fashion and the lore of Dark Souls 3.

    6/10Worst: Man Serpent Hatchet



    Overview of the Man Serpent Hatchet


    The man serpents can drop this strangely shaped object on Archdragon Peak. Its description suggests that it is useful for avoiding shields, and it looks cool. Sadly, it is not because its hitbox resembles an axe rather than a hook. It lacks both decent weaponry and particularly good scaling. It would be better to leave this one in the hands of the reptilian humanoids.


    Scaling of a serpent 's hatchet, damage output, and weaponry


    Even though the Refined upgrade only results in 218 physical attacks, it is the best upgrade path for this hatchet. Although the C- tier scaling in Strength and Dexterity may give it the appearance of being a good option for high- quality builds, this armament should be avoided due to its limited range, generic moveset, and lack of Warcry- specific weaponry( though the damage boost is not very helpful).


    Requirements for a Man Serpent Hatchet Stat


    Given that Strength and Dexterity are not significantly separated, this is another good option for a high- quality build. The low stat requirements for a weapon found in an end- game area may seem strange, but those who are curious enough to play with the Man Serpent Hatchet will find it simple to use and play around with .


    7/10Best: Dragonslayer's Axe


    Overview of Dragonslayer 's Axe


    This weapon 's moveset is very similar to that of the standard Battle Axe, so it should not be confused with the Dragonslayer Greataxe. However, it is unique in that it causes natural lightning damage and requires only a small amount of stature to operate. The Dragonslayer 's Axe is a fantastic weapon for mid- game or low- level players because lighting damage is useful against many enemies in the game and can be found relatively early in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.


    Overview of Dragonslayer 's Axe


    This weapon 's moveset is very similar to that of the standard Battle Axe, so it should not be confused with the Dragonslayer Greataxe. However, it is unique in that it causes natural lightning damage and requires only a small amount of stature to operate. The Dragonslayer 's Axe is a fantastic weapon for mid- game or low- level players because lighting damage is useful against many enemies in the game and can be found relatively early in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

    8/10Worst: Earth Seeker


    Overview of Earth Seeker


    The Ashes of Ariandel DLC contain this greataxe, which can be used both by enemies and as a weapon. They can effectively summon localized earthquakes when used by the Millwood knights against the player. However, when the player tries to do the same, the outcome is frequently too slow and lacks the range necessary in the majority of circumstances. It is also less than the perfect weapon for the Strength builds that would use it to its fullest potential because it requires Faith investment to be wielded and sustain reasonable damage.


    Scaling, damage output, and weaponry for earth- seekers


    Thestats of this greataxe will undoubtedly let down players who try to use the Earthen Wrath skill, but they will also likely be disappointed here. The Earth Seeker can only launch 280 physical attacks at a maximum upgrade of+ 5. Anything less than 300 physical attacks on a greataxe is below average, typically not worth the slow attack speed and frequently lackluster reach. Only very niche quality builds have anything to gain from these boosts due to the awkward scaling of B- tier Strength and C-2tier Faith.


    Requirements for Earth Seeker Stats


    Some builds will find the awkward split annoying, but higher- level players who can use Rosaria and a Pale Tongue to re- specialize their characters do not really have this problem. Players can re- allocate unnecessary stat points into Faith using this technique in order to use this peculiar axe.


    9/10Best: Yhorm's Great Machete


    Overview of Yhorm 's Great Machete


    There is a reason why it is known as the "Great" machete. If the Ashen One speaks to Ludleth of Courland at Firelink Shrine, it can be transposed with his soul once it has been wielded by the Giant Lord of Cinder Yhorm. It is essentially a very tall axe with the longest range of this kind of weapon in the game , making it simple for the wielder to out- space opponents. Additionally, compared to the majority of other axes, it scales to higher levels.


    Great Machete Scaling, Damage Output, and Weapon Skill of Yhorm


    With a maximum upgrade of+ 5, this greataxe can reach A- tier scaling with Strength, and Yhorm 's Great Machete can use it to great effect with an enormous 338 physical attack. Players who use this enormous cleaver can fare better in most damage trades due to their large numbers and long reach. Use the Warcry weapon skill to increase the already enormous damage potential.


    Requirements for the Great Machete Stat by Yhorm


    Fortunately, learning 10 Dexterity is not a difficult skill to master, and many classes even begin with this level or higher, making this enormous machete an effective and simple weapon for pure Strength builds. TheGreatshield from Yhorm is a fantastic addition to the Great Machete if you are playing on New Game+ or higher.


    10/10Worst: Butcher Knife


    Overview of the butcher knife


    It hardly qualifies as an axe, really. It more closely resembles a cross- breed between two swords that no one wanted to use and were dumped in the sewer for several decades. This explains how Isabella the Mad, a special foe that the Ashen One can face on the Road of Sacrifices, came into possession of it. Maneater Mildred, a nasty foe who occasionally hurls dung pies at the player, has been replaced spiritually by this lunatic since the first Dark Souls. The Butcher Knife is a weapon that most people will pick up and then never look at again because, like its owner, it causes little harm.


    Scaling of butcher knives, damage output, and weaponry


    Even if players use their weapon skill, Sharpen, to increase it, the HP leeching effect of each successful hit is negligible and should never be relied upon. Even with this significant boost, the Butcher Knife still causes less damage than the majority of other axes, so do not be fooled by its A- tier Strength scaling. With its slow swings and maximum 190 physical attacks, it is not worth wasting a Titanite Slab to fully enhance, even though it may gain S- tier scaling at the+ 10 upgrade( can not be infused).


    Requirements for a Butcher Knife Stat


    It would be best to use this axe while playing with a Strength build character if you really want to. The best way to achieve the highest damage numbers is unquestionably to concentrate on increasing the potential of this one stat, so Pure Strength builds would be ideal.

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