Dark Souls 3: 18 Most Powerful Spells Ranked

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    Dark Souls 3: 18 Most Powerful Spells, Ranked

    18  Heavy Soul Arrow

    17  Toxic Mist

    16  Lifehunt Scythe

    15  Old Moonlight

    14  Lightning Arrow

    13  Rapport

    12  Boulder Heave

    11  Seething Chaos

    10  Sunlight Spear

    9  Dorhy's Gnawing

    8  Homing Crystal Soulmass

    7  Great Soul Dregs

    6  White Dragon Breath

    5  Crystal Soul Spear

    4  Great Chaos Fire Orb

    3  Chaos Bed Vestiges

    2  Wrath of the Gods

    1  Soul Stream

    Dark Souls 3: 18 Most Powerful Spells, Ranked

    Dark Souls 3: 18 Most Powerful Spells, Ranked 

    The use of magic in Dark Souls 3 can be a pretty polarizing issue. In case you want to make use of it, we ranked the most powerful spells.


    The use of magic in Dark Souls 3 can be a pretty polarizing issue. Some players forgo it entirely, choosing instead to focus solely on hacking and slashing their way through their quest for the Five Lords of Cinder--and it's completely viable to do so, of course. Many would even argue that it's the definitive Dark Souls experience. However, players that adhere strictly to the non-magic route end up missing out on the fine selection of useful, fun, and outrageously powerful spells that can be found in Dark Souls 3.

    Magic in Dark Souls 3 can be divided into three basic categories: sorceries, pyromancies, and, of course, miracles. Each branch has its own respective strengths and weaknesses, but whichever one the player picks, they can rest assured that there are a few overly potent spell selections that will lay waste to their foes. Some even have significant lore attached to them that adds to their intrigue. Whether one efficiently pierces enemies with blue light, immolates them with grand flames, or electrocutes them with divine bolts, there are sure to be spells that suit any playstyle that also boast excellent damage output as well as other beneficial effects. However, one should not get distracted by all the shiny scrolls full of whimsical destruction, for some pale in comparison to others. Which ones are the most suited to unleash annihilation upon foes? Well, just keep scrolling and check out the best spells to be found in Dark Souls 3 below.

    18  Heavy Soul Arrow

    Heavy Soul Arrow 

    · Stat Requirements: 13 Intelligence

    · FP Cost: 11

    Heavy Soul Arrow may not deal incredible damage at first, but it is the most cost-efficient spell in the game. It deals the most amount of damage for the amount of Focus it costs, which makes it an invaluable tool for sorcery builds as they can use it to take out the lesser enemies, preserving their focus for the more dangerous ones.

    It is also very useful towards the end of boss fights when the player may be running out of FP and just needs to deal a little bit more damage to get rid of that last bit of the boss' health bar.

    How to get the Heavy Soul Arrow Spell:

    · Buy it from Yoel of Londor or Orbeck of Vinheim for 2,000 Souls

    · Alternatively, simply pick the Sorcerer starting class

    17  Toxic Mist

    Toxic Mist 

    · Stat Requirements: 15 Faith

    · FP Cost: 24

    This dank cloud is a pyromancy that needs tight corners and narrow passages to be fully effective; otherwise, the target will simply roll out of harm's way. However, if enemies are trapped in the violent violet plume, they will acquire the Toxic status and lose about 1500 health over 90 seconds.

    This damage may be slow but can force the enemy to stop and heal or make any number of errors that the player can capitalize on. Since many players focus on offense instead of defense, this can allow Toxic Mist to have a quicker build-up on more people than one initially expects, though it still needs to be paired with other spells for a victory.

    How To Get The Toxic Mist Spell:

    · Start from the Demon Ruins Bonfire in the Catacombs of Carthus

    · Head down the stairs into the ruins proper

    · Keep heading down until reaching the wide bottom area with the flame orbs

    · Turn right, head to the corner of the open room, and down the hallway on the right

    · Turn right at the first corridor

    · Walk into an area with lots of tree roots

    · Walk straight up to the wall directly in front

    · Hit it, as it is an illusory wall

    · Walk straight and then turn left at the first chance to do so

    · Turn left again down some stairs to reach a room where the floor is lava

    · The first item in the lava will be the Toxic Mist spell

    16  Lifehunt Scythe

    Lifehunt Scythe 

    · Stat Requirements: 22 Faith

    · FP Cost: 20

    One of the most sinister miracles for both its use in combat and the lore behind its origin. Acquired by transposing the Soul of Aldrich, its description implies that the devourer of gods himself created this spell after dreaming about a young, pale girl while he was consuming Gwyndolin. This girl is likely Crossbreed Priscilla, the one who wielded a similar weapon in the first Dark Souls game.

    Much like when Aldrich uses this against the Ashen One, Lifehunt Scythe has a sweeping animation that creates a hitbox similar to a physical scythe. True to its name, it also heals the caster every time they slash their foe. Being able to hit through walls also makes this reaping sweep effective for harvesting the heads of foes in both PVE and PVP despite having quite a short range when compared to other spells.

    How To Get The Lifehunt Scythe Spell:

    · Transpose the Soul of Aldrich while paying 5,000 souls to Ludleth of Courland

    15  Old Moonlight

    Old Moonlight 

    · Stat Requirements: 25 Intelligence

    · FP Cost: 23

    This spell references the original blade of moonlight that existed before the one created by Seath the Scaleless in the first Dark Souls. The Moonlight Greatsword is originally from a far older FromSoftware game called King's Field. Though, it acts very similar to the Moonlight Greatsword everyone knows and loves--just in the form of a spell.

    The caster slashes horizontally with an apparition of the famous greatsword, sending out a swift wave of energy directly in front of them. Both the sword and the crescent-shaped wave emitted have their own hitbox, which does full damage if either makes contact with the target. Unfortunately, they do not stack, and the wave is hard to aim at long-range, which makes this sorcery less favorable than other long-range spells.

    How To Get The Old Moonlight Spell:

    · Transpose the Soul of Darkeater Midir by speaking with Ludleth of Courland

    14  Lightning Arrow

    Lightning Arrow 

    · Stat Requirements: 35 Faith

    · FP Cost: 19

    Although it does not do nearly as much damage as Sunlight Spear and other more commonly used miracles, it is far faster and costs less FP. If purely talking about the total amount of damage one can get from their entire FP bar, Lighting Arrow, thanks to its efficiency, will often yield the highest number of any offensive miracle.

    In protracted confrontations, it is arguably more useful than other methods of shocking foes, however, in shorter ones and at close range, it pales in comparison. This can make frustrated casters spam it by holding down the corresponding button, though this will just drain one's FP while the foe rolls around most of the small bolts.

    How To Get The Lightning Arrow Spell:

    · Start from the Shared Grave Bonfire in The Ringed City

    · Head through the hallway and up the hill leading to the bridge where the player knocks Midir into his boss arena

    · On the other side, go into the door on the left lit on either side by torches

    · Make a left into the hallway with the miracle-casting monk enemy

    · After defeating or running by the monk, there will be a corpse at the end of the hallway

    · Pick up the Lightning Arrow spell from the lonely corpse

    13  Rapport


    · Stat Requirements: 15 Intelligence

    · FP Cost: 30

    While Rapport deals no damage at all, it is one of the most useful spells in the entirety of Dark Souls 3. Rapport turns enemies into allies for 30 seconds, making them fight against other nearby enemies. This is extremely useful for general combat as it distracts the other enemies, deals damage to them, and means that the player has fewer enemies to worry about.

    Although certain enemies and all bosses are immune, Rapport is still an invaluable tool in a spell caster's arsenal as it can massively reduce the difficulties of most areas in the game. There is also no limit on the number of enemies that the player can control at once, meaning that for as long as they have FP, the player can puppet around as many enemies as they like.

    How To Get The Rapport Spell:

    · Gain the Quelana Pyromancy Tome from the Smouldering Lake

    · Give it to Karla

    · She will then sell Rapport for 7,000 Souls

    12  Boulder Heave

    Boulder Heave 

    · Stat Requirements: 8 Intelligence/ 12 Faith

    · FP Cost: 17

    Technically this is a pyromancy, though it is an odd one since it does not do fire damage nor any of the usual things that pyromancies can do, like emit poison or buff the user. It allows the caster to spew huge rocks at their adversaries, and, as this does physical damage, it is a great spell for pyromancers who are going up against fire-resistant enemies.

    The unleashed boulders, both the initial big one and the splash effect of smaller ones that follows the impact, do huge poise damage, which can easily stagger enemy players and human-sized AI adversaries alike. They also pack a gnarly punch to the target's stamina bar, which makes it incredibly effective against those using a shield. Worth noting as well is that this spell has unlimited vertical range, meaning that the projectile won't fade until it hits something, granting the Boulder Heave pyromancy the title of best spell to use while above one's adversary. Sadly, the health damage done is rather lackluster.

    How To Get The Boulder Heave Spell:

    · Transpose the Soul of a Stray Demon by speaking with Ludleth of Courland

    11  Seething Chaos

    Seething Chaos 

    · Stat Requirements: 18 Intelligence/ 18 Faith

    · FP Cost: 28

    Seething Chaos can be a little complicated to use. Though the initial projectile will do damage, it's best to cast it on the ground, where it will fester into a landmine of sorts that will do a tremendous amount of damage. The issue is getting opponents to actually set it off, especially in PVP encounters.

    If the player combines it with pyromancies that focus on baiting movement and area control, it's perfect. But its dependency on those spells in order to reach its full potential does hold it back a little bit. Otherwise, it is one of the most singularly damaging pyromancies in the game.

    How To Get The Seething Chaos Spell:

    · Transpose the Soul of the Demon Prince by speaking with Ludleth of Courland

    10  Sunlight Spear

    Sunlight Spear 

    · Stat Requirements: 40 Faith

    · FP Cost: 48

    Sunlight Spear is usually remembered as a miracle best used in PVE, which is no surprise given that it's been historically associated with the cooperative Warriors of Sunlight covenant. But since it performs pretty well as a solid ranged offensive miracle, its potential in PVP often gets overlooked.

    Sunlight Spear does a healthy chunk of extra damage when it hits something at point-blank range, making it a lethal surprise that opponents might not expect. Proper timing is crucial, but it could potentially be an invasion-ending move when used at the right moment.

    How To Get The Sunlight Spear Spell:

    · Transposed from the Soul of the Lords for 10,000 souls to Ludleth of Courland

    9  Dorhy's Gnawing

    Dorhy's Gnawing 

    · Stat Requirements: 25 Faith

    · FP Cost: 20

    Dorhy's Gnawing is a situational but ridiculously powerful miracle. It sends a pair of twisting swarms of insects that deal a decent amount of dark damage to the target and inflict the largest amount of bleed buildup in the game.

    This bleed buildup is enough to instantly inflict the bleeding status effect on most enemies. Even most bosses are affected after a second casting, making it a very effective boss-killing weapon, even against the toughest foes in the game. If players are struggling with enemies such as the Nameless King, they may want to give this horrifying spell a shot.

    How to get the Dorhy's Gnawing Spell:

    · Start at the Church of Yorksha Bonfire

    · Head out the main entrance down the stairs

    · Follow the path on the right until you reach an illusory railing

    · Continue through to see a screaming Evangelist below

    · Killing it will grant you Dorhy's Gnawing

    8  Homing Crystal Soulmass

    Homing Crystal Soulmass 

    · Stat Requirements: 30 Intelligence

    · FP Cost: 43

    This spell can be a little tricky in the application, but just a wee bit of practice with the associated micromanagement and timing will absolutely make this one of the most useful tools in any player's PVP arsenal.

    Firing the spell without locking on can cause the projectiles to float around the character, remaining until an opponent gets into range in front of them. It's a good deterrent that allows the player to control the range of the fight, and staggering the projectiles rather than letting them all loose makes them much harder to dodge. However, the opponent is likely to out-roll a few in the process.

    How To Get The Homing Crystal Soulmass Spell:

    · Gain the Crystal Scroll from the Crystal Sage in the Grand Archives

    · Give it to Orbeck of Vinheim

    · He will then sell Homing Crystal Soulmass for 10,000 Souls

    7  Great Soul Dregs

    Great Soul Dregs 

    · Stat Requirements: 40 Intelligence

    · FP Cost: 30

    Great Soul Dregs is the ultimate form of Deep Soul, and, as such, it's a whole bunch of bad news for whoever it is fired at. It tracks and homes in on targets remarkably well, and the projectile itself has a massive hitbox.

    It's great in PVP, as opponents will perform a furious series of panic rolls to get out of the way. Those less aware of the threat it poses will soon learn a harsh lesson. Outside of PVP, this dark sorcery spell is still one of the best for tough enemies and bosses, as Great Soul Dregs can deal absolutely brutal amounts of damage with the right build.

    How To Get The Great Soul Dregs Spell:

    · Start from The Dreg Heap Bonfire in The Ringed City

    · Head out the door and down until one reaches a ledge at the area with all the hollow caster enemies

    · Jump off the ledge and through the ceiling of a decrepit cathedral

    · Go out the left opening

    · Hang to the right and drop down onto a pile of ash

    · Hug the right wall and head down the ramp

    · Proceed straight through the opening ahead

    · Go through the room and exit through the door on the right just before where the Lothric knight enemies are located

    · Turn right, going uphill, and enter the building ahead

    · Proceed straight through the building until one reaches a wall with a corpse holding an item

    · Take the stairs on the left upward

    · Turn left at the top of the stairs and go straight through a room with hollow caster enemies

    · In the room beyond, past some furniture and surrounded by more hollow caster enemies, players will find the Great Soul Dregs spell on the ground

    6  White Dragon Breath

    White Dragon Breath 

    · Stat Requirements: 50 Intelligence

    · FP Cost: 25

    The first thing to be said for White Dragon Breath is that it looks radical, mimicking the behavior of Seath the Scaleless' breath. Fortunately, it's also incredibly powerful if the player can manage to land it. Casting it will produce a long, straight beam of jagged crystals directly in front of the caster that'll put anything in their path in significant pain.

    It's a bit of a rare sight, as when players are presented with a choice between this spell and the fan-favorite Moonlight Greatsword, they often choose the latter.

    How To Get The White Dragon Breath Spell

    · Transposed from the Soul of Consumed Oceiros by speaking with Ludleth of Courland

    5  Crystal Soul Spear

    Crystal Soul Spear 

    · Stat Requirements: 48 Intelligence

    · FP Cost: 46

    A tried and true classic. Think of the Soul Spear and Soul Arrow spells as the Dark Souls rendition of "magic missile." They're some of the most frequently encountered offensive spells in the Souls series, and with good reason. The weaker versions are reliable and cheap, but the Crystal Soul Spear is the strongest among them.

    There's very little to say for the spell itself, as it's very straightforward. It's a little less desirable in PVP as it can take a while to cast compared to weaker and similar spells, but landing it is entirely worth the effort because it's going to hurt a lot.

    How To Get The Crystal Soul Spear Spell

    · Gain the Crystal Scroll from the Crystal Sage in the Grand Archives

    · Give it to Orbeck of Vinheim

    · He will then sell Homing Crystal Soulmass for 15,000 Souls

    4  Great Chaos Fire Orb

    Great Chaos Fire Orb 

    · Stat Requirements: None

    · FP Cost: 32

    It does not get much more classic than hurling a fireball. The Great Chaos Fire Orb is the best possible form of the pyromancer's most basic and fundamental spell. Its FP and stamina costs are very reasonable, and it is capable of doing a great deal of damage. As an added bonus, it temporarily leaves behind a damaging pool of lava.

    However, the casting and projectile speeds leave a little to be desired, and in order to effectively use it in PVP, a lot of practice with aiming and leading target movements will help more than anything.

    How To Get The Great Chaos Fire Orb Spell

    · Gain the Izalith Pyromancy Tome near the demon statue in the room next to the Old King's Antechamber bonfire

    · Give it to Cornyx of the Great Swamp

    · Players will then be able to buy Great Chaos Fire Orb for 10,000 souls

    3  Chaos Bed Vestiges

    Chaos Bed Vestiges 

    · Stat Requirements: 20 Intelligence/ 10 Faith

    · FP Cost: 35

    Chaos Bed Vestiges is another fairly straightforward offering from the pyromancy department. It has a bit of a wind-up when it comes to casting time, but the power and speed of the projectile make it a frequently-witnessed favorite for PVP pyromancy builds.

    The velocity and AoE of the spell's projectile make it a breeze to aim, which makes it a little more difficult for opponents to dodge. This can make it very tempting to spam, but its associated cost will drain the FP bar very quickly.

    How To Get The Chaos Bed Vestiges Spell

    · Transposed from the Soul of the Old Demon King while paying 5,000 souls to Ludleth of Courland

    2  Wrath of the Gods

    Wrath of the Gods 

    · Stat Requirements: 30 Faith

    · FP Cost: 40

    Already infamous within the Dark Souls series around practically any area with an unsafe cliff, this miracle has been shoving people to their unceremonious deaths for quite some time. As it has been historically, Wrath of the Gods emits an AoE shockwave around the player character.

    Not only can it do great damage when boosted appropriately, but chances are that it is also going to knock over any opponent it touches, and, if not, it'll likely still stagger them. Just pair it with the Sunlight Talisman's weapon skill to reduce the chance of being interrupted, and it's an effective response to being teamed up against. It easily earns its place among the best miracles in Dark Souls 3.

    How To Get The Wrath Of The Gods Spell

    · Start from the Profaned Capital Bonfire in Irithyll Dungeon

    · Head down the ladder and out the back of the structure

    · Turn left around the structure and proceed straight until one sees a wooden bridge on the right

    · After dealing with the gargoyle enemy accordingly, cross the wooden bridge into the corridor beyond

    · Take the first left

    · Then right at the end of the hallway

    · Take the next right which leads back to the other side near a Titanite Lizard

    · Go left from here and then take a right at the end to get out of the small maze

    · From the wooden ledge, drop down into the poisonous swamp

    · Run forward and to the right to get up the ladder on a dry area of flat rocks

    · Travel around the roof and up to the very top, where there will be an opening that leads inside

    · Drop down onto the cubic platform below to find a corpse holding the Wrath of the Gods spell

    1  Soul Stream

    Soul Stream 

    · Stat Requirements: 45 Intelligence

    · FP Cost: 55

    Think of Soul Stream as a magical sniper rifle. Learning to effectively aim this spell at range can be tricky, if not outright frustrating, as it usually goes with free aiming. However, those that take the time to master it will be incredibly well rewarded for their efforts.

    The projectile for the deadly Soul Stream is incredibly fast and accurate, so much so that it can be utilized effectively over truly insane distances for impressive one-shot kills. It has multiple damage frames and thus the entirety of its impact can be easily avoided, but it is capable of absolutely demolishing practically anything's health bar--including bosses.

    How To Get The Soul Stream Spell

    · Start from the Grand Archives Bonfire in Lothric Castle

    · Head up the stairs into the archives and keep to the left while going up

    · Proceed through the area with the wax pool that one can dip their head into

    · After going through the door on the right, turn right again and head up the first set of stairs

    · Go right at the top of the stairs, into a section of the library

    · Take the stairs on the left up to a landing with a wax-headed caster enemy

    · Proceed across the landing, up some stairs by more enemies, and into a wide hallway lined with books

    · In the left corner, a brick wall by a bookshelf will turn out to be an illusory wall

    · Go through it to find a room with an Irithyll outrider knight

    · At the end of this room, on the right, will be a hallway with a corpse in a chair

    · This corpse will be holding the Soul Stream spell

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